Digital Poster And Digital Menu Board

Commercial building owners have noticed how powerful a digital poster is, so let us check out how an lcd advertising display is utilized by property managers. Digital menu boards were very first used to replace static printed posters, but now these are growing in desire as fast as the digital signage industry itself.

The digital poster can exhibit the leisure opportunities available from theatre shows, to live comedians on stage, to dinner bookings at exclusive restaurants. These posters can be residing in the guest services division that way all information is displayed in bright neon writing. For instance, a reservation for 4 at an exclusive eatery can be posted on one section while another section can be displayed to show the various kinds of menu specials. That way you are able to divide the board into sections and market all the amenities your hotel offers.

Technology is driving digital signage into new and broader areas. In this tough economy spending thousands of dollars on advertising is just not realistic, so not all companies are in a position to advertise which is how their business eventually ends up crumbling. The two options above can provide the same end results with minimal investment of time and money, so now everyone from car repair shops to lawyers to retail shops, can now have these amazing marketing signs without losing any money doing so. They can be placed in their reception or customer waiting areas.

Digital message signs and displays were particularly designed for the reception and waiting areas, so they can inform and entertain customers when they are waiting for their meeting or their car. Now we see these in hair salons, dentists, coffee houses, restaurants and small mom and pop shops.

Selecting a LED message board is the entry level for any digital signage solution, as well as being the most affordable it is also the easiest to set up and configure. No software to set up or just a simple idea and the ability to transpose it on the board is all you need, once you do that turn the power switch and let the board do the rest. Screen sizes, range from 10inches and go up to 35 inches, can be mounted in either portrait or landscape position and be hung or supported by a custom easel.
Digital menu board.

As the name suggests, these were initially designed for displaying eye catching digital menus in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), and are now evolving from every type of business out there. One of the huge benefits with the LED board is it displays a more impressive content, and creates a WOW factor. When you are looking for a new advertising method, choose the best and let the LED Board boost your sales and get your business the recognition it deserves.

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