Three Innovative Ways To Make Your School Bulletin Board More Useful

A school bulletin board is a wide, flat plank, the surface of which is usually covered in cork. School bulletin boards have evolved from mere class room ornaments and dust gatherers, to focal point on campus. They can be seen almost everywhere in class rooms, lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, along hallways, and even in gymnasiums, football fields, basketball courts, and locker rooms. Due to their versatility and multi-functionality, they are fast becoming favorites among teachers and students alike. Listed below are some of the more creative ways to utilize school bulletin boards:

(1)A school bulletin board can be used for posting announcements and reminders. Since its surface is made of cork, it is easy to affix various items such as paper, pamphlets, and flyers onto it. Colored tacks and holders are all that are needed to firmly fasten these items onto school bulletin boards. Students can use them to post varsity try-out schedules, organization meetings, or drama club rehearsal schedules. Teachers can use them to circulate exam schedules, lecture calendars, and other vital school-related information. Such relevant information can be effectively disseminated throughout campus because of the propensity of school bulletin boards to grab attention.

(2)A school bulletin board can be used as a graffiti wall. Sometimes, students need a healthy outlet for their angst and emotions. Instead of continuously berating them for graffiti on walls, doors and other school areas, why not create a school-initiated medium for them? School bulletin boards can be covered with manila paper or card board to afford students a free-hand in writing and drawing. Or, students could be encouraged to post things they would want to share onto these school bulletin boards. This way, a healthy atmosphere of openness is created within the campus. School authorities, however, should be extremely careful and stringent in imposing laws for the implementation of this system. It is not impossible for some students to abuse such liberties granted to them. Thus, close monitoring is advised.

(3)A school bulletin board can be used to display various works of art, poems, and prose. Students can showcase their talents and skills with the help of school bulletin boards. Teachers can encourage them to post such works onto school bulletin boards for everyone to see. This way, budding artists, poems, and writers can get their first experiences in opening their works to the admiration and critique of other. This system will allow students to further enhance and cultivate their talents, skills, and inclinations. Teachers will be given another opportunity to boost their students confidence and self-esteem. These school bulletin boards can be artistically decorated as to grab and retain other peoples attention.

Indeed, school bulletin boards are becoming more and more popular. They play vital roles not only in extra-curricular vents in students lives, but in their education and self-improvement as well. Teachers, on the other hand, find that they are efficient tools in helping make the teaching and learning processes more fun, interesting, amusing, and creative.

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