Reduce & Reuse This Holiday Season, Green Is Not Just a Color Anymore

Mansfield, MA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Since 1940, Miller Recycling has been dedicated to waste reduction, recycling and solving material handling problems for its many diverse customers. Miller Recycling has become a leading provider of environmental technologies based on innovation, quality and most important satisfied customers.

The holiday season means an increase in trash; the more you shop, the more you throw away. This holiday Miller Recycling would like to share a few simple recycling tips.


Consider gifts that keep on giving as a battery charger, a perpetual calendar or an erasable message board. Gift certificates for movies, theaters or restaurant are also “waste-free” gifts.
Use reusable shopping bags and minimize the amount of petroleum used to make plastic bags. If you do get plastic bags you can always bring them to your local grocery store. (contact them first)
Create a family legacy by buying durable toys made from wood or metal. Metal and wooden gifts can be passed from generation to generation, becoming family heirlooms. The Antique roadshow is proof of that!
Considering gifting electronics, remember to properly recycle your old ones. Contact your local recycling center to see what they take in.
Give two gifts in one by using baskets, fabric bags, scarves or pillowcases to wrap gifts. Sunday comics make colorful gift wrap for children’s packages and adults too.

New Years:

Start the New Year off with a bang by making waste reduction your number one New Year’s resolution. Waste reduction and recycling is not just for the holidays. It’s easier than working out; you can make that your #2.
Score big when watching the Super Bowl by eliminating disposable plates and cups from your “tail-gate” party. Use cloth napkins to add fun to your meals as you cheer for your favorite team.

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About Miller Recycling Corporation

Operating since 1940, Miller Recycling is a third generation company with the experience required to assist with all electronics, paper, plastics, and metals recycling requirements. Northeast Data Destruction, our NAID “AAA” Certified confidential shredding division, will securely process all your sensitive documents, files, media, hard drives, tapes, CD’s, off spec products and storage components.

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