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hot Shares under 5.00

There are not many listing requirements to trade on the OTCBB. Counter Netherlands is a stock market or a stock exchange. Therefore, to become listed or remain listed requirements are minimal. If a company does not meet the minimum requirements, they move from the penny stocks rose leaves. OTCBB companies must file with the SEC in order to remain in good standing and must continue to file on time or they will be moved to the PINKSHEETS. Companies that can not stay current become delinquent. The symbol “E” is added to the delinquent commercial symbols companies. There is a grace period of 60 days where the company can regain its status as a reporting company and have the “E” symbol removed. After this period, the company is delisted.

“pump and dump” schemes are often hired on the OTCBB exchange. This system is to buy cheap over the counter stocks, the current share price for no reason, then the sale of such shares to unsuspecting investors. There are many methods used to raise the price of a OTCBB stock. The most common method is forums. There are many penny stocks forum where traders meet to discuss stocks. The OTCBB stocks are sold everywhere from 5.00 to less than a penny, with some as low as.0001 trading, these stocks can run up to hundreds of thousands of percent in one day. These large sets are not uncommon and forums are full of traders waiting for an action to perform. The criminal element and then purchases a large amount of shares at a low price and the stock starts to push through the forums driving up its price. At a time when companies are also involved and pay for “promotions” of their businesses so they can sell their shares at a higher price. hot Shares under 5.00

Not only micro cap trader have to worry about companies profiling their stock for gain, hot stock picks forum that push the price, but they also have to worry about internal fraud. The best way to trade OTCBB stock is knowledge, to take the time to read the documents from the SEC by calling the transfer agent to learn more about the structure of the action, and to contact the service companies in relationships with investors. Even when you complete all these steps and feel comfortable about the company, you look at the chart and buy what you feel is a good price, you can still be the victim of fraud.

Several times insiders control attic shares in companies they issue press releases touting how their business is and what a great future they have. The company has a solid share structure but behind the scenes, insiders are diluting shares while planning on filing or filing later wrongly. While prices soar, they “throw” the shares on the market. Nobody understands what happened, but all investors are left with nothing. This happens very often when OTCBB stock trading. If fraudsters are not caught, they will apply for consolidation, elimination of most or all of the shares they just dumped on the market while creating a beautiful structure of action seeking the society. Then they file a name change and symbol when planning to commit fraud again. These are not small-time crimes, some of these scams rake in millions of dollars.

Stocks OTCBB consist of penny stocks, gray leaves, rose leaves, micro cap, nano cap stocks, small caps etc … you can make money trading these shares on the counter you just need to be careful and do your homework! hot Shares under 5.00

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