Is Your Sales Message Sending the Wrong Message?

“I will sell you anything.” Have you ever read that in the first couple of sentences of the receipt of an e-mail to a direct mail piece What were your thoughts? Maybe something like mine? “Of course, Right, another sales pitch in disguise.”

When is sales professionals will learn that potential clients to qualified potential customers can generally feel “something rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespeare) and strike the deletion or file circular in a snap? With all the help of Internet marketing and copy respected experts, why sales professionals to small business owners continue to engage in product based or poor based marketing education is . really beyond my gray matter

Today I just got a message from someone who wrote the following:

“How do you do? I know you probably get tons of offers on how to make money online. I do not sell you anything.

However, I have some useful information that can help you start a new business or improve your existing one. Whether you’re a pro or a novice season online, these free tools are sure to help you increase your online sales up to 300%.

Here are my areas of expertise:

InternetEnregistrement marketing of domainesSearch Engine MarketingNouveau starting a entrepriseConsultant in ligneEt much … “

First, contrary to what the person wrote, yes he or she sell me something because areas of expertise have been listed. Why the zone list if you do not try to sell me something.

Second, there many free online tools and to be honest a 300% increase is really not much given so with websites with online sales need a few strategies to improve conversion.

Third and most important, this individual is the idea of ​​the sale. In using a negative word whose brains do not know to understand the importance of relationships, all email did was confirm his sales skills necessary improvements Sales Coaching Tip. When the brain hears “” I do not sell “what the brain processes is the brain ignores the word” no. ”

“I sell you.”

Unfortunately, with all the hype on the Internet from marketing that can generate you bundles of money in less than 24 hours in those that may increase SEO rankings even if their websites have a Google Page rank 0-2, there are still many people who seek quick fix or what I call the magic blue rock. People like him who sent me email noted early prey on those who are misinformed.

Folk sale are also prey to this type of marketing as they want to increase sales. However, the only way to create sustainable growth is through lasting relationships. For companies still about relationships. As an experienced seller just told me “Make a friend before trying to sell something.”

Chicago Sales Coach Leanne Hoagland Smith helps with selling skills development management.

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