15 thoughts on “Digital signage in Sony Vegas 8 software

  1. all right yes it´s pretty good but ! if I got let´s say 5 minutes movie and
    only for 10 second I need to make it what about rest movie ?..:D it´s gonna
    be all changed ?.. or I can change only for that part where I need it ?..

  2. This can be done also in vegas 7 by cliking on the event pan crop, and just
    rotating a video that you have recorded @90 degrees

  3. Its actually $549, my friend has Sony Vegas and I was checking the prices
    for those programs and it said that the awesome one was that much. I am
    planning on getting Sony, but it wont be this to much money for a 15 year
    old like me to save up for, but its totally awesome!

  4. Your comments make it fairly obvious you have zero experience in this
    subject. We build digital signs quite regularly for clients, and no…there
    are no black bars on the sides, and yes, it is real time if one has a
    reasonably fast computer, and no…most NLE’s can’t easily do this.
    Realtime? Get the DVD, you can see that transitions, FX, etc are all
    realtime, with full-frame playback. Shooting horizontal and then crop is a
    reduction of rez by 88%. You’re really OK with doing that in HD???

  5. whats to terrible if someone steals software? I mean, why would u care so
    much? I myself have a stolen one 😛

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