State to Use Digital Billboards Indicating Traffic Deaths

State to Use Digital Billboards Indicating Traffic Deaths
Ebony Baker says plans to use digital message boards across the state about traffic deaths is a good idea. "Just like the incident that happened with Tyree they need to raise more awareness." A roadside memorial for Baker's son 13-year-old Tyree King …
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Group supporting Boehner draws ire of conservatives
Another radio, mail and digital ad campaign in June encouraged undecided Republicans to support the fast-track trade bill, a priority for Boehner, by portraying it as a conservative vote that would project American strength in the world. But it was an …
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Deadly statistics warn drivers traveling July 4 weekend
"Lately, we've seen a lot of Life Flight accidents, and we have had talks with the kids about behavior in the car, too, and how we should behave and drive," said Jill Lesiw. Digital message boards will display these messages all weekend long, plus from …
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Exterior Bank Signage | Bank Entry | Pylon Sign | Message Board | Heritage Bank

Exterior Bank Signage | Bank Entry | Pylon Sign | Message Board | Heritage Bank

Image by I-5 Design & Manufacture
The exterior signage for this Heritage Bank included a pylon sign and an electronic message center, which added excitement and provided practical information about the services the bank offered. Click here to see more examples of bank design.

Library News

Library News
OverDrive Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks: access to thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks to check out and download through the OverDrive catalog online. Available for …. Ongoing Children's Book Sale: is in front of the Children's Room bulletin board.
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Your newspaper's future is in good hands
He will now also serve as the Enterprise's digital editor, overseeing its prize-winning website, and social media. With Hale-Spencer, he will manage the paper's day-to-day operations; and … We'll continue, too, to serve as a community bulletin board …
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Livermore Library Honors Volunteers of the Year
… the Rincon and Springtown branch libraries. Gail is instrumental in creating and posting the artwork for the children's room bulletin boards. …. If you'd like to get full access, just sign-up for our free digital edition. Otherwise, enjoy 10 …
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Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

  • 1,000+ Customizable Templates for Digital Menu Boards, Product Promotion, Events and Schedules, Slideshows and LIVE Weather (Current Conditions, Short Term and Weekly Forecast)
  • Remotely Manage TV Screen Content using any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android)
  • No Monthly / Annual Fees – Display Templates, Weather, Images, Video, Web sites and Scrolling Banner (Custom Messages and RSS Feeds)
  • The Media Player is easy to setup and can be operational within minutes
  • Runs Full Auto – Displays stored content, even if internet connection drops off

Remote Management Manage content, playlist and screen settings remotely through, using any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) with any system (Windows, Mac, Android). – Add / Edit / Delete content – Check screen update status – View content display proof of play 1,000+ Customizable Templates Create content from a selection of 1,000+ Customizable Templates, by personalizing with your pictures and text. Templates available for: – Digital Menu Boards – Product Promotion – Events and S

List Price: $ 399.00


Sprite Media Brings Digital Signage to Radio

Sprite Media Brings Digital Signage to Radio
Sprite Media launched back in January with the primary focus of bringing digital signage to the world of radio. Digital signs have made their presence felt as of late and Schick believes that digital signage can “push the radio station into the future …
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Videotel's VP70 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player Goes on the Road
"We were impressed with the simplicity of the VP70 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player from Videotel as it enabled us to digitally send out updates over e-mail to be loaded onto the USB key provided with plug and play ability," Triple E …
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Top customer experience tech honored at ICXSummit15
The ICX Association earlier this week handed out its 2015 Excellence Awards to 14 winners in the categories of digital signage, kiosk and self-service, and mobile, as applied across many vertical markets. The awards, judged by a panel of 24 industry …
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AvaLAN Wireless Celebrates IoT Day with Remote Solar Power Solutions

Madison, AL (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

AvaLAN Wireless, leaders in secure, fail-proof wireless connectivity, today announced the availability of their new remote solar power kits. These Remote Power Kits are designed for applications where power is needed but unavailable.

“The AvaLAN Wireless Remote Power Kits are a great way to power and connect our long range wireless solutions,” said Matt Nelson, CEO of AvaLAN Wireless.

The solar panel kits are complete systems that include the electronics and solar panels and mounting accessories. The Powder Coated Aluminum NEMA 4X-IP65 rated, lockable enclosure has space inside for batteries, cables and controls, and plenty of extra space for electronic equipment.

Electronic equipment inside enclosures includes a DIN rail with breakers, terminal blocks (for easy termination of cables & power/output accessories), cables, and an advanced or MPPT charge controller to protect against overcharging or over discharging batteries.

Features include:

Turnkey power solution – simply mount to pole and connect battery
24 hours of continuous power and 7 days of stored backup power
Weatherproof, UV Resistant powder coated aluminum and steel enclosures
Remote power series
Pole and wall mounts
Overcharge/discharge control

AvaLAN is offering three kits – the AWSK300W, AWSK600W and AWSK900W. For pricing information, please see our website for more information. AvaLAN Wireless remote solar power kits are available at

About AvaLAN Wireless

AvaLAN Wireless provides high reliability wireless connectivity solutions. AvaLAN’s products solve difficult wireless challenges for installations that require extreme range, superior reliability with uncompromising data security. AvaLAN is a trusted industrial supplier of robust and reliable solutions for the video surveillance, smart-grid, digital signage, access control and industrial automation markets. Specializing in the unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands, AvaLAN offers a family of wireless products with the ideal combination of range, security and reliability. AvaLAN Wireless is quality certified [ISO 9001] and has been in business for over ten years.

Display Technology For Digital Signage

The term digital signage refers to a type of electronic display for all variety of information, such as advertising for businesses. It is made up of different technologies that are used in place of the traditional retail signs, e.g. billboards, posters, and other traditional methods. Digital signage, on the other hand, displays information in an interactive manner that makes the messages more targeted and attention-grabbing. This type of advertising draws the attention of the targeted audience and improves awareness. As a result, people will become more responsive to the advertisements displayed.

Digital signage technology has experienced an explosion of popularity within the past few years. Both business people and employers use the technology to communicate with their customers and employees respectively. There are strong indications that digital signage still has a brighter future and more growth is expected in the coming years.

The business community reaps many benefits by investing in display technology for digital signage. Both small and large businesses can take advantage of dynamic content in a variety of ways, particularly in advertising.

Digital signage makes it possible to deliver content in a wide variety of ways including slide shows, split screen presentations, full-screen displays, live television, and videos. The information may be displayed as projected images or in such displays as plasma, LED, and LCD.

The equipment necessary to employ this method of communication is relatively simple and inexpensive. A media player is required to play the content, which is managed at a content server. Depending on location and the advertisement campaign scale, one or more screens are needed to display the content to the targeted audience. Modern technology has made it possible to combine all three aspects in one device.

Among the latest trends in the industry is the use of wireless technology, which has made it possible to update content at a distance. This enables the use of the technology in areas that were previously inaccessible, as the display can easily be detached from the server while maintaining communication. There is also the use of Bluetooth technology and SMS that make the technology even more interactive. Additionally, businesses can feel confident when placing their screens outdoors, as they often come equipped with waterproof LCD enclosures.

There are different advantages to using dynamic content as opposed to static displays. It is more cost effective in the long run, as changing information will be relatively easy. You do not have to pull down a billboard to put another one with different details in place. This makes digital signage especially perfect for advertising limited-time events or announcing the availability of new products. It is also relatively easy to integrate different types of contents, such as texts, images, and videos. Any changes are displayed in real time, so clients and associates alike can be easily kept up to date.

Display technology for digital signage is also friendly to the environment. First, it reduces the need of paper significantly, thereby placing less demand for resources. There will also be no pollution created by disposing of outdated posters.

AVS Installations Robert Leggio has been an officer with several major audio visual companies since 1985. Having extensive audio equipment knowledge, Robert brings AVSI to an elite level with high standards. Co-Sponsored By: Mitsubishi, Tandberg, and AMX Corp.

Madison School Board OKs ban on student attire with Indian mascots, logos

Madison School Board OKs ban on student attire with Indian mascots, logos
“The existence of these mascots destroys our self-esteem,” Saiz, a member of the Native American Student Association, told Madison School Board members on May 18. “They show us how people really think of us. You don't think of us as people who have a …

Henrietta ethics board passes on Moore matter
If the supervisor is the subject of the complaint, the handbook says the person filing the complaint should "notify the directory of finance/human resources or the town supervisor directly." "We wish the committee had had the guts and fortitude to do …
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Son of Scott Walker's former campaign chairman appointed to UW Board of
Michael M. Grebe, son of Michael W. Grebe, president and chief executive of the Bradley Foundation, was appointed Friday to the Board of Regents. Michael W. Grebe served as Walker's campaign chairman for the 2010 and 2014 elections as well as the …