Digital Menu Board Software Suite- MenuatGo

Digital Menu Board Software Suite- MenuatGo

Digital Menu Board Software Suite- MenuatGo

  • Streamline menu content and daily specials for maximum profitability
  • Engage customers with searchable mobile menus
  • Real-time updates across all platforms
  • Keeps your menu updated with Menuat’s cloud-based software
  • *internet connection required (wired or wireless)

Digital menu board software from Menuat, the flexible menu creator! Menuat offers a fully editable digital menu system. We will create and configure your menu for you, and then put you in control. After your digital menu has been created and approved by you, we will send you your preloaded media player. Once the media player is plugged in to any tv monitor, you will be able to log on via any computer, and edit your menu as needed for 30 days. After the initial 30 days, menu updates are made on a

List Price: $ 615.00


One thought on “Digital Menu Board Software Suite- MenuatGo

  1. If you buy out-of-the-box software, you will get the kind of problems you get with general software: it won’t be made specifically for your business or needs. Spend a few extra dollars for a system that is created with your restaurant or business in mind. Signera ( is one that I’m aware of, but there are several others on up the chain from this option. imho

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