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  1. FOCONO LED is a professional manufacturer of outdoor LED lighting & LED Billboards with 300+ projects all over the world. FOCONO believes in that focus on one thing will make different. FOCONO will be happy to offer solutions to your projects, just for your consideration.
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  2. They combined the LED displays with holographic projection, naked-eye 3D, VR and emerging technologies in the performance, which create an new unparalleled audiovisual feast for the audience!

  3. After long time technical innovation and development, transparent led screen had been widely accepted by the customers worldwide. With the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast installation, high transparency, high brightness and easy maintenance, transparent led screen could be used behind any shape of glass surface, and keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, that s the reason why its the best choice of glass led display advertising.

  4. The 15th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2019) was opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. For the “Industry’s First LED Display Exhibition” returning to Shenzhen, the LED display response of all parties is still very positive, and the exhibition site is full of popularity.

  5. In some KTV, bars, dance halls and other places will also use some different shapes of the stage led display design, these special-shaped LED large screen is often based on the overall structure of the environment, on the basis of large-screen transformation of the LED, they The specifications can be customized according to the actual situation, making the shape more volatile, so that the environment to improve the location of a new level, giving a dreamlike feeling.

  6. The Rental LED Display Screen complies with the CE-EMC CLASS A standard, realizes the module front maintenance, configures the NationalStar lamp, the Meanwell power supply, the Novastar control system, and the high refresh IC to ensure bright colors and vivid effects. In the activity, it can not only capturing exciting moments, can also achieve many tasks such as fancy lens playback, live and information broadcast,received more praise of the event organizers.

  7. This is the really good platform to advertise your upcoming events with Digital signage. We at synkomtech provides the complete solution from design to installation on various events and commercial meetings. Also we offer Annual Maintenance Contract for a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

  8. LEDSINO Full HD Pixel led display series breaks through the bottleneck of the previous small-pitch product protection, difficult transportation, anti-collision corners at the four corners of the box, 600 * 337.5mm standard size, compatible with P1.25, P1.56 , P1.667, P1.875 pixel display; with front maintenance, front installation, convenient disassembly and assembly, large viewing angle, high refresh, high gray level, high screen resolution, more detailed display effect, more natural and realistic picture.

  9. LED Stage Backdrop Screen have become popular at events around the world. Whether it is a conference, concert or festival gathering,LED displays on the stage transform every seat into a front row seat.These LED screens allow viewing of the action from multiple angles.When you work with high resolution LED display manufacturer,you can expect a superb video performance with vibrancy and clarity at your event.

  10. LED Display Control Software is mainly responsible forreceiving the picture and video from the computer serial port or DVI interface to display the information placed in the frame memory, led display screen can be identified by the serial display data generated partition drive to control the timing and scanning.then show the pictures and videos on the electronic led display.

  11. A place of worship is a cornerstone of the community, in modern worship environments,visual technology has become one of the most useful ways to engage congregations,and by fostering participation, display technology can build a stronger network among the membership.

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