Is There Really a Place For Print Media in This Digital Age?

Well in short, yes. But don’t leave yet! We’re going to tell you how the right Print Design can put your business at the top of the Calgary business totem poll! You know you want to keep reading. And we’ll answer the arguments you likely began compiling when we first said “yes.” Yes… we’re sneaky like that.

Argument 1: I have a snazzy new website. I send weekly newsletters and special announcements to clients. Therefore I am on the cutting edge of the 21st century. Do I really need print design here in Calgary?

Brilliant answer 1: You are doing many things right, but just as you have begun to take advantages of the unlimited opportunities afforded by the internet, why would you limit yourself by relying on the internet alone for your marketing needs?

A strategic and current print campaign can ensure your company is entrenched in the minds of all who might be interested in your services.

Argument 2: I can send Facebook updates and events. I don’t need to send a calendar or reminder card or any other print design for events.

Brilliant answer 2: As mainstream as Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become, not everyone has one. But everyone has an address. So send them a card to make sure. And you have a potential to target a new population all around and outside of Calgary if, say, a calendar, poster, or event reminder card makes it onto the bulletin board of another company. Don’t forget, the refrigerator was the original “like it”.

Argument 3: This article was found on an internet solutions website. Why are you arguing for print media?

Brilliant answer 3: We fully support and advocate the importance of internet site development. E-mails are great and immediate. Websites, e-newsletters and the like allow promotions to reach the desks of your longtime customers and curious prospects alike. But we know it would be foolish to over look the marketing power of a well designed brochure, poster or even event reminder card on a bulletin of an office. In a bustling city like Calgary, print media can be very effective in catching a busy customer’s eye and help them to remember you.

Dedicate your resources to what you do best. Focus on your business. Calgary is a big city. We might pride ourselves on the ability to multi task, but Calgary also has a lot of resources. Calgary IT support can be fast, reliable, and let you do what is important to you while IT support works behind the scene to make sure nothing interferes with your business.

Cost: With a full IT support company, they put the money into training and technology to create an effective presence in the IT support industry. The cost to them is then met with the benefit of being able to serve many different customers around Calgary. You can benefit from this; by hiring a Calgary IT support company will end up spending much less money for the benefit of at lot more technology. So it follows that for far less than the cost of hiring one in house IT staff, you can hire a team of experts with access to first class technology who will be available around the clock to serve your technological needs.

Commerx is a Calgary web design company. Regardless if you need a small “brochure” site, an e-commerce storefront or a complex database driven site with a content management system, Commerx designers can build it for you. Our calgary website development team will work closely with you to ensure that your website will function as it needs to, while still being unique and aesthetically-pleasing.

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