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Digital Menu Boards in QSR

Digital menu boards in QSR or electronic menu boards as they are sometimes refer too, used in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) , the latest in technology to display eye catching adverts promoting your restaurant menu items, usually in a QSR environment. Digital menu boards can be updated simply with a few clicks and specials can be added in seconds, maximizing the profit for the restaurant.

Why use digital menu boards in QSR?

These digital menu boards in QSR are available in many sizes, they can be mounted in landscape or portrait, but the most impressive part of using these displays is that the content can be changed with a few clicks of a mouse! No having to reprint menus due to printing errors or proof reading for hours!

Season specials can be offered and changed as and when the stock runs out. These electronic menu boards can also be programmed to display several menus throughout the day, this is called day parting. also

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Digital Menu Boards in QSR
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