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NoviSign Android Digital Signage broadcast solution. NoviSign is a cloud-based software platform that enables users to create, manage and broadcast rich, engaging digital content — as easy as drag and drop— at affordable prices. NoviSign special in the Android digital signage player software with easy to use studio to build up content. Using NoviSign social display software turns any screen into a real-time fun display for your social media feeds, local weather, menu, and more.see our unique advanced studio forbuilding a rich digital campaign and try our Best on the marketAndroid Player App. We happy to present you with a solution to create digital signage on any Android device – Tablets, TV Boxes, smartphones and smartTV’s not only that you can still play it on a PC if you like. The clip will try to explain in one minute what we are up to see the text: Good for you! You’re really in to this Social thing! You’ve got thousands of followers on FB and Twitter; your Instagram is looking great! Hey, you even have a YouTube Channel; so sorry, why doesn’t your store look more social? That’s the best you can do? NoviSign lets you create beautiful, dynamic, interactive screens in your place of business; Using screens you already have, with zero installation, NoviSign lets you build in-store campaigns and promotions easily using videos, images, social streams, reviews, and more. Our studio lets you become an artist with easy to use drag and drop components; Create playlists of content and NoviSign automatically updates them for you and keeps them streaming throughout the day; Create polls, trivia, offers and games, to engage customers, keep them around longer and get them to buy more! Create brand awareness and customer loyalty in any type of business; and the best part? You can control NoviSign wherever you are! And now you can enjoy a fully social store and increase your sales; NoviSign – Start Broadcasting today!

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