Consequences about using LED

Due to the growth of science and technology, the lifespan of a 21st century human being becomes splendour as compared to ancient times. The contemporary innovation of modern technology is employing “LED” in our day-today life. “LED” is an abbreviation for “light emitting diode”. An LED display is a flat panel display (thin and flat video display used in laptops), which operates on emission of light emitting diodes. The invention of electric bulb is the greatest did by the homo-sapiens. As the time goes on, the usage of electric bulb ranges from lighting to navigating aircrafts. Owing to the intensification of technology, something highly adequate and also profitable came into the market i.e. LEDs. Technically it is nothing but a source of multi color lights due to the motion of electron inside a semiconductor.

Basically LED panel is the smaller part of the LED display. LED panel can be differentiated into

*Conventional panel ( an equipment which has individual mounted LEDs)

*Surface-mounted device panel (a method which produces electronic circuits in which the components like resistor, capacitor, inductor etc. are mounted onto PCBs (printed circuit board).

Operation of LEDs in human race:

Now-a-days there are many requirements of LEDs for human welfare. The important features regarding the uses of displaying devices are

*Using of LED in Electronic Message Centre, which is much more effective than normal TVs or video in case of displaying important information. The sign displaying message can be reached to every person of that locality.

*Due to rapid growth of techniques, new texts are used in diodes, sensors which are more fruitful in communication field i.e. infrared LEDs are used in televisions, remote controlled devices, DVD players, other indigenous appliances.

*In electronic communication sector, LEDs play a crucial role such as seven-segment-display (it is an electronic device which exhibits decimal numbers in an alternative manner i.e. dotted form e.g. in digital clock), also it is reliable for accessing internet named as LI-FI.

*It is also accountable for planning, controlling and recording of airlines journeying from one place to another.

*It is most commonly used in traffic signal to avoid accident of vehicles now-a-days. For stop signaling, different color codes (universal code i.e. red, orange/amber and green) are used for human comprehension.

*Lights are used more often when a vehicle moves forward; it gets automatically on during night condition & turns of when day comes.

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There are some important attributes regarding the importance of LED in our daily life. Let’s try to have an experience in using LED for our domestic, industrial, commercial purposes.

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