Your New Blue Customer Information

Your New Blue Customer Information

Image by cta web
Photo: Bus ops staff help direct people to shuttles at Logan Square.

The first of several weekend-long work events to improve tracks through Logan Square, Bucktown and Wicker Park happened over the weekend starting late on March 21, 2014. (Shuttle buses replaced train service between Western and Logan Square to allow construction to proceed.)

Like for other major work events that cause disruptions, we put together a lot of information to help people find their way.

For example, Customer Alerts were posted in every Blue Line station more than a week before work, to make sure info was up for the previous weekend (this way, weekend-only Blue Line would be able to see the alerts in advance). Then just a few days before the work, alerts were also posted on the top of station turnstiles for added visibility.

We also posted info online on our site and in social media, e-mailed it out in the weekly Weekend Service Changes message we send out to subscribers, alerted city officials, aldermen and the press, put info on digital signage and more.

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