Reopening of 72 St on B, C lines

Reopening of 72 St on B, C lines

Image by MTAPhotos
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) reopened the 72 St station on the B, C lines following extensive work to repair deteriorating infrastructure and modernize the station environment with improvements such as digital signage for real-time service information, enhanced wayfinding and station entrances, energy-efficient lighting and updated security equipment.

In mezzanine and platform areas where wall tiles were in need of replacement, MTA Arts & Design installed a new ceramic mosaic titled “SKY” by Yoko Ono. “SKY” comprises six separate mosaics spanning both station platforms and mezzanine. The mosaics altogether measure 973 square feet and show a blue, cloud-filled sky embedded with written messages of hope. As riders move through the subterranean subway station, the messages of hope appear in the clouds as the perspective shifts in each mosaic. The transformation of photographs into mosaic sky paintings with subtle gradations in color and tone has created a visually striking station environment. Two mosaics are above the mezzanine stairs leading to the southbound platform where two more pieces are featured, and one mosaic each is installed on the northbound platform and in the main turnstile area on the mezzanine level.

Photos: Patrick J. Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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