I’m Back

I’m Back
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Day 268 of 365 (Year Two)

Back in December we made the switch to Verizon FIOS. There were several reasons for the switch including cost, customer service and a general dissatisfaction with Comcast. Verizon FIOS claimed that not only could they save me money, but that their internet was faster and their customer service was top notch.

Here it is, eight months later, and I’m back to Comcast. A guy showed up at my door with an offer I couldn’t refuse. My internet is faster. I could tell the difference the minute the guy hooked me back up. With Verizon we had been noticing a distinct skip in the picture, typically at the start of shows, but that is gone now that we are back with Comcast.

The main two reasons I switched back, however, are the fact that my Verizon bill turned out to be more than what they had told me it was going to be. I am not paying about 40 less a month for the same service that Verizon promised me would be cheaper. My bill also seemed to go up over the past few months, not to mention the installation fees that they charged me when I had it hooked up that were a bit higher than I had been led to believe.

The other reason I switched was that I wasn’t at all impressed with Verizon’s customer service. Getting the free TV alone was about a five month painful process. Then, back when I was working, I tried to contact Verizon about getting DSL or FIOS at the office and was given the run around. They have an endless voice prompted menu that is absolutely useless.

Comcast also agreed to pay my early termination fee with Verizon.

When FIOS first hit the market here people left Comcast in droves. They took a really big hit. Apparently this was a wake up call for them. I now have a personal contact who makes sure that I’m taken care of (he even called twice today to make sure the installation went smoothly) and the price can’t be beat. I’m going to have to have my cell phone switched back to it’s own account and start paying for it separate, but even with that added cost I’m still paying less than I was when everything was bundled with Verizon.

The only thing I will miss is the DVR interface that Verizon had. I have to admit that it is superior to what Comcast offers, but the Comcast DVR interface is serviceable.

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