Uncharted Territory: Balancing Personalization and Consumer Privacy in a Mobile World

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Networld Media Group announced today that Nikki Baird, managing partner with Retail Systems Research (RSR), has joined the speaker roster for its 2014 CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, which will convene on August 18–20 this year in Chicago.

“In the area of consumer privacy,” says Baird, “technology has moved faster than policy and ethics. The ability to track customers, from online to in-store, has opened up a world of possibilities. But with great power comes great responsibility. Consumers decide daily how much information to share in return for benefits from retailers. But there are plenty of instances where the consumer is not even aware they are being tracked.

“These are uncharted waters that must be navigated carefully to benefit both retail organizations and customers while avoiding backlash and irreparable harm to brands.”

Baird’s session, “Privacy: Shifting Attitudes, Unintended Consequences,” will explore how retailers and restaurants can best navigate the challenging space between consumers’ demands for relevance and personalization and their fears around privacy.

Baird is one of the most recognized analysts covering the retail industry and has written research and articles on topics ranging from in-store marketing and technology, store performance management, supply chain and multi-channel fulfillment, retailer-manufacturer collaboration, merchandising and loyalty & promotions management. She has been quoted as a subject matter expert in The Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and National Public Radio. Prior to becoming an analyst, Baird has been a retailer, software provider and consultant in the retail space.

“The focus of Nikki Baird’s session could not be more top of mind among retail and restaurant executives at this time,” says Networld Media Group’s Senior VP of Events David Drain. “We are excited to be convening so many brand thought leaders in one place at one time, so that huge issues such as consumer privacy versus behavioral tracking and analysis can be explored and debated thoroughly for the benefit of all.”

Both seats and sponsorships for the Summit are limited, Drain says. Early bird registration is now open.


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RentSeeker.ca Announces Agreement with PropertyVista.com

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

RentSeeker.ca, Canada’s renowned online apartment finder and real estate marketing firm, has announced a partnership with PropertyVista Software, Inc., a leader in online property management solutions. The agreement offers quick and easy online payment options – among a slew of other perks – to Canada’s rental housing industry, providing convenience for property managers and renters alike.

“This partnership allows us to offer property management companies a value-packed option that offers much more than paperless rental payments,” says Chaim Rivlin, President and CEO of RentSeeker.ca. “Working with PropertyVista means clients will have access to an integrated system that brings with it online applications and approvals, digital lease signing, and timelier processing of rent payments, resulting in more efficient customer service.”

Leonard Drimmer, PropertyVista’s CEO adds: “RentSeeker.ca is the multi-residential industry’s go-to apartment finder and real estate marketing firm, so we are thrilled to team up with them to offer our services to their clients. Paperless payments are just the tip of the iceberg. PropertyVista’s range of tools fills an untapped niche in the industry, which is the need for a full-service resident portal that closes the entire circle from application to tenancy.”

Greenwin Inc., one of Canada’s largest real estate management firms, has already incorporated this innovative online solution. “Greenwin loves the ease of PropertyVista’s online payment module,” said Sarah Stewart, Greenwin’s Manager of Marketing & Leasing. “The myCOMMUNITY online portal, which allows renters to open maintenance requests and track progress, is another unique feature that enables us to actively reach our customer service goals. It helps our residents and property managers feel even more connected to each other.”

Additional advantages available to property managers through PropertyVista include:

    Increased Resident Satisfaction: The myCOMMUNITY portal allows renters to update their information, review their payment statements, and access services and deals—whenever and wherever it is convenient.

    Efficient Maintenance Requests: Traditionally, renters have had to place a maintenance call with the property manager during office hours in order to report non-urgent repair needs. With PropertyVista, requests can be made through myCOMMUNITY, where all parties, including the property manager and the maintenance contractor, can read them. It streamlines operations and improves the speed of service calls.

    Resident-Pleasing Perks: The myCOMMUNITY portal offers great discounts, deals and rewards from local merchants and companies. Property managers can benefit as these great membership perks help differentiate their properties.

About RentSeeker Inc.

RentSeeker.ca is a privately owned and award-winning apartment finder and real estate marketing company servicing the real estate sector, which includes clients in the multi-residential, commercial, retail, seniors and hospitality industries. A leading Toronto-based tech firm and internet listing service, its extensive range of digital marketing services include listings and syndication, property video production and marketing, website design, search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, 3-D floor plans, social media marketing, custom QR codes, story boards, property signage and more. For more information, visit http://www.RentSeeker.ca.

About PropertyVista Software Inc.

PropertyVista provides cloud-based, property management software. Unlike other property management solutions, PropertyVista’s software provides unmatched CRM capabilities at a fraction of the cost, helping landlords, including REITs, rental- and condo-management firms, streamline their operations. PropertyVista removes many of the daily hassles of property management; improves customer service, while making operations more efficient. Partners and suppliers include world-class financial processing leaders, such as Equifax Canada. For more information, visit http://www.propertyvista.com.

ForexMinute Publishes the Latest Bitcoin News about BOTs Recent Warning

London, UK (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

ForexMinute, one of the leading forex news portals, is also known to publish the very latest Bitcoin news. Today it published yet another news article that discussed the Bank of Thailand’s sudden take on Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Reported by ForexMinute’s long-term Bitcoin expert Mr. Deepak Tiwari, the new news-article reveled the antipathy of BOT towards Bitcoin. As per the report, the national bank said that Bitcoin is not a currency and its use comes with inherent risks, while also mentioning that the Bitcoin’s status in Thailand has been extensively improved since last year, when it was on the brink of being banned.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tiwari’s representation of the facts also suggested the BOT’s perceptions towards Bitcoin, explaining how the organization thinks that Bitcoin is electronic data and is far from being called a “currency” in the first place. The bank also pointed out the lack of proper regulations over Bitcoin that has made it so volatile, a sentiment that was once shared by Deutsche Bundesbank board member Carl Ludwig Thiele.

“Although the latest warning on the behalf of the Bank of Thailand is a concern for the supporters of the digital currency, silver line in the entire episode is that the message can be interpreted that there is no ban on Bitcoin,” wrote Mr. Tiwari. “Earlier in July 2013, Thai-based Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin Co Ltd had to shut its operations due to lack of legality.”

The ForexMinute founder and a renowned finance expert Jonathan Millet too presented his view on the news, saying that a warning cannot be considered as an outright ban. It depends on the choices of people whether are they are willing to take investment risks in Bitcoin or not. Bank of Thailand has simply done its job.

About ForexMinute

ForexMinute, the world’s leading Forex news and views portal, also helps the Bitcoin brokers and traders for having a high-end user-friendly trading experience with an array of resources e.g. financial news by the minute, fundamental and technical analysis, etc.

For more information, visit ForexMinute.com or call +1 800 758 5780.

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China Digital Signage Software Supplier Digital-Signage-China.com Offers Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions at Attractive Prices

(PRWEB) April 04, 2014

The digital media player is a comprehensive content management system, and it provides a platform for any integrated digital signage system, so that people can schedule and alter the content quickly. Today, China digital signage software supplier Digital-Signage-China.com announces a comprehensive digital signage solution sale for April 2014.

Now, all the digital signage softwares and players from Digital-Signage-China.com are offered at attractive prices. With these players of high performance, users can control the advertising content (video, images, web pages, RSS Feeds and more) conveniently.

Digital-Signage-China.com is a popular company of high-quality digital signage softwares and products that are custom-made in China. In comparison, many customers are impressed with the quality of Digital-Signage-China.com’s digital signage systems. It is said there are some real differences between Digital-Signage-China.com products and other top suppliers’.

The CEO of the company says, “Network media players are most common among all kinds of digital signage advertising players. We are doing more and more businesses in the world, and we hope we can become a global leader in the industry.”

Digital-Signage-China.com is developing fast to be a one-stop digital signage supplier. The company has invested much money in the technologies of digital signage which enables them to operate its business in some new markets and meet various requirements from different customers.

About Digital-Signage-China.com

Digital-Signage-China.com has over 8 years of experience in digital signage, allowing displaying rich content quicker, easier, and more effectively than ever before. The company specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale of high-end and middle-end digital signage players, enabling many companies worldwide across all business sectors to benefit from the power of digital media communication. For more details, please view:http://www.digital-signage-china.com.