Forest Square Shopping Center Chooses Formetcos LED Message Center to Promote Their Businesses

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

The Owner of Forest Square Shopping Center was looking for ways to enhance his shopping center’s presence in the marketplace and to appeal to customers in a very competitive shopping area in Atlanta, Georgia. In evaluating their marketing dollar expenditure, they realized that their main objectives were three fold. They needed to help their tenants attract more customers which would in turn increase revenue for them, they needed to attract new tenants to promote the available retail space and they needed to create more exposure for the retail space that is hidden from the main road. After evaluating these objectives, the Forest Square Shopping Center realized that the best advertising medium would be an LED Electronic Message Center. This would allow them to rotate multiple advertisements, showcase special promotions for the different businesses in the plaza, and create awareness by bringing attention from passing motorists. By teaming up with Whiteway Neon-AD and Formetco, Forest Square Shopping Center has a new look and extremely happy tenants.

“We are very pleased with our electronic message board that we purchased from Formetco. They have been great to work with and have surpassed our expectations from start to finish. Our tenants are now able to advertise their products without having to buy expensive Atlanta Media time. Also, this sign will support us in our leasing efforts as we solicit new tenants,” said Philip Sunshine, General Partner at Buford Clairmont Co., Ltd.

“We are elated that Whiteway and Buford Clairmont Co. decided to partner with Formetco on this project. This location is great for this type of advertising and offered Formetco the opportunity to help a key partner with their advertising needs,” said Jeff Frazier, Director of EMC Sales at Formetco. Visit for information regarding LED video displays.

Legal Tip Kiosks Offer Fresh Advertising Opportunities

York, PA (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

For lawyers, vast changes in advertising mediums make it difficult for them to effectively promote their services. Livewire Digital, in partnership with Blue Zebra Kiosks, is giving attorneys a new, powerful alternative—dedicated kiosks that offer legal tips to consumers.

Placed in areas where pedestrians congregate, these interactive kiosks allow users to confidentially inquire about legal situations where they might need the help of an attorney. By selecting a category, such as workers comp, medical malpractice, or wills, individuals can receive legal advice on the screen and view a recommended lawyer’s name for each area of specialty. The person can then choose how to receive the information.

“Our kiosks provide legal information and lawyer referrals to consumers,” says David Entin of Blue Zebra Kiosks. “These kiosks are located in high foot−traffic locations, such as shopping malls and medical facilities. Consumers can easily find information on a specific legal topic and instantly get a printout, text, or email with useful legal tips and referrals for attorneys and related services.”

Livewire Digital partnered with Blue Zebra Kiosks, providing multiple screens and graphics that attract consumers. The centerpiece of Livewire’s contribution is its unique eConcierge® platform and content management system, which allows the kiosk client to monitor activity and safeguard and update the information seamlessly from a remote site. Livewire also provided the easy-to-use interface, functional design spec, screen flow and design layout, along with the requirements for the kiosk hardware and necessary interfaces.

Livewire Digital’s CEO, David McCracken, says, “We know that information kiosks like Blue Zebra’s are becoming more and more necessary, providing instant information for all types of businesses. In this case, not only do we provide an inviting, user-friendly interface for this innovative marketing tool, our software allows the client to continually customize sponsorships differently for each kiosk, as sponsorship agreements change and new locations are added.”

Blue Zebra chose to introduce their kiosk in a select market where they felt these legal information kiosks could prove the value of their product. They continue to add more kiosks in the test market and plan to expand to other markets in the near future. The kiosks have a small footprint, are practically silent, use very little electricity, and do not share the host’s Internet connection. Attorneys pay to advertise on the kiosks, and host locations receive a monthly fee. To learn more, check out this video.

About Livewire Digital

Livewire is the Power to Connect, creating software solutions for kiosks, digital signage, and online and mobile applications, all managed from its eConcierge® Content Management System. Livewire’s many turnkey solutions increase revenue and productivity for its customers, while lowering overhead and providing seamless integration. Livewire provides cutting-edge software, hardware consulting, and system integration, bringing the necessary puzzle pieces together to increase customer engagement and create a better end-user experience.

Social Media Outperforms Wall Street at Predicting Earnings Surprises?

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Researchers from three prestigious schools – Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University, and City University of Hong Kong – have released what they believe is the first study proving the ability of social media to predict future stock returns and earnings surprises. Forthcoming in the April 2014 issue of The Review of Financial Studies, the study, “Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted through Social Media,” examines data from 2005-2012 available on social investing site Seeking Alpha and compares it to market data for that period.

Citing the study’s conclusion that peer opinions published online reliably predict positive or negative stock returns anywhere from one month to three years in advance, Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Yu Jeffrey Hu, states, “Traditionally the domain of professional forecasters, financial analysis is increasingly being performed and broadcast by investors themselves.”

The study’s researchers performed textual analysis of more than seven years’ worth of material posted to the web site Seeking Alpha. Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced investing site that allows contributors to publish research and ideas, which the community of users then peer-reviews.

The data included more than 97,000 articles and 459,679 comments. Articles were written by 6,500 authors and covered over 7,000 stocks. When compared to market data and articles from Dow Jones, analysis showed:

●    Articles on stock investing and community comments on the Seeking Alpha site predict stock returns over every time-frame examined: three months, six months, one year and three years.

●    This was not true of previous studies of the predictive value of short chatter messages posted on Internet message boards, which demonstrated no predictive value.

●    Unlike previous sell-side research showing that financial analyst opinions are quickly incorporated into the market price, this study finds that the value relevant information on Seeking Alpha site affects the market price at a slower pace.

●    The Seeking Alpha user community successfully identified the predictive value of authors in real time.

     ●     When the community disagreed with authors, their opinions had predictive value

     ●     Authors who were historically accurate met with less or no community disagreement.

●    Community sentiment – either positive or negative – was more accurate in predicting future stock prices and earnings surprises than Seeking Alpha articles alone, sell-side analysis, or similar content from Dow Jones.

●    Previewing the results, the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Seeking Alpha predicted stock returns and earnings surprises above and beyond Wall Street analyst reports and financial news articles.”

Hu and his fellow researchers concluded, “The predictability holds even after controlling for the effect of traditional advice sources, such as financial analysts and newspaper articles. Together, our findings point to the usefulness of peer-based advice in financial markets.”

“Social media outlets are unique in the sense that they enable direct and immediate interactions among users. These interactions, combined with the seeming intelligence of the ‘crowd,’ may be one of the primary reasons social media platforms are able to produce value-relevant content that is incremental to that revealed through traditional news channels,” said Hu.

Professor Hu worked on this independent study with Hailiang Chen of City University of Hong Kong, Prabuddha De and Byoung-Hyoun Hwang of Purdue University. The study was conducted independently from Seeking Alpha.

About Yu Jeffrey Hu

Yu Jeffrey Hu is an Associate Professor at the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an expert on big data, business analytics, electronic commerce, Internet retailing, social media, consumer behavior, and online advertising.

He has also written papers on pricing models in online advertising and mechanisms to protect online consumers’ privacy. His research has been discussed and cited by media outlets such as New York Times, TIME Magazine, Wired Magazine, National Public Radio, InformationWeek, INC. Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Channel 2 (WSBTV). His papers have been adopted for classroom use by many top universities around the world.

Dr. Hu received his Ph.D. in Management Science and Information Technology from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Prior to joining Georgia Institute of Technology, he worked for Purdue University as a tenured associate professor. He also worked for MIT’s Center for Digital Business as a research associate. He received a B.S. degree in Finance with the honor of Outstanding Graduating Student from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and received a M.S. degree in Economics with honor from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted through Social Media

The Review of Financial Studies

About Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is disrupting traditional equity research by giving serious investors direct access to the investment ideas of financial professionals and industry insiders.

Seeking Alpha delivers:

●    Breadth: Seeking Alpha authors published ideas on 6,351 unique stocks in 2013, including more than 3,000 small- and mid-cap stocks.

●    Depth: With over 8,500 contributing authors, 3 million registered users, more than 1 million comments, and 24-hr moderation, insight and discussion are informed and sophisticated.

●    Influence: Seeking Alpha articles frequently move stocks due to its large and influential readership. Seeking Alpha articles and comments have predictive value that widely outperforms traditional equity research and other social-media platforms.

Press Contacts:

Sean Lough

Director of Marketing

Seeking Alpha

+1 (212) 497-1168



Fred Bracken

Press Support


+1 (646) 371-3428


Seeking Alpha and the Seeking Alpha logo are trademarks of Seeking Alpha Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


Roland DGA Enters the Dynamic Digital Signage Market

Roland DGA Enters the Dynamic Digital Signage Market
Digital printing company Roland DGA Corp. has entered the dynamic digital signage market with its new Roland DisplayStudio digital sign system, a complete solution that allows traditional sign shops to increase profits by adding digital signage to …
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Limited Space Introduces Digital Showcase Media
According to the company, DSM features the latest in digital screen technology and multi-zonal sound. The screens measure 165 inches and utilize NEC's ultra HD cinema-screen quality images as part of a fully rounded, interactive brand platform.
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QSR, retail partnerships highlight Q1 for ComQi digital signage
The partnership with Milwaukee-based Everbrite leverages that firm's more than 80 years of experience building signs and visual identification plans for retailers. The ComQi EnGage digital signage platform, and supporting services, is now embedded into …
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DirectTrust Surpasses ONCs Secure HIE Specs, Earns Renewal

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

DirectTrust, a non-profit trade alliance that advances secure, health information exchange via the Direct Protocol, announced today that its Cooperative Agreement with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT has been renewed for a second full year. The renewal came after DirectTrust not only met, but exceeded the goals of the ONC’s Exemplar HIE Governance Program.

“This is a time when identity theft and privacy concerns are prevalent, so securing patients’ personal health information in Direct messages – and trusting the identity between senders – is a must,” DirectTrust President and CEO David C. Kibbe, MD, said. “In a remarkably short period of time, our members have created a national network for secure and trusted health data exchange over the Internet. EHR users in hospitals, medical practices, and other health care facilities, as well as their patients, will all benefit from the ability to move data securely across organizational and IT boundaries via Direct. The work has been done on time, and on target.”

DirectTrust sets policies and standards for secure health information exchange and operates a voluntary, accreditation program for Health Information Services Providers (HISPs) in partnership with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). Accredited HISPs provide trusted, low-cost message exchanges from within EHRs, web portals, and other applications for the purposes of health care coordination and patient engagement.

To qualify for renewal, DirectTrust had to meet a number of deadlines and milestones for growth of its trust community. One of those involved their Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC)-DirectTrust program. Accredited HISPs share digital certificates with one another, making it transparent and efficient for Direct relying parties to know who to trust, without having to engage in one-off contracts or single-use connections.

In all to date, DirectTrust has enrolled 49 organizations – including leading EHR companies, connectivity vendors, and state HIEs – in more than 80 accreditation and audit programs encompassing privacy, security, and trust-in-identity controls. That far exceeded the goal of 50 programs set for the first year of the Cooperative Agreement.

“Over the past year, DirectTrust worked hard to promote good governance practices and enable the exchange of health information,” said Kory Mertz, the Challenge Grant Director at the ONC. “We expect that in the second year of the contract, DirectTrust will continue this success and help to enable HISP-to-HISP interoperability among their participants.”

According to John Blair, MD, Chair of the DirectTrust Board of Directors and CEO of MedAllies, an accredited HISP, “The country has placed a high priority on digitizing providers throughout the health care industry. For the last several years, significant money and effort has gone into moving providers from paper to EHRs. Direct exchange is our greatest hope to create interoperability between these disparate EHR systems for transitions of care and care coordination. The partnership between DirectTrust and ONC has been a very productive collaboration between the private sector and government, something we don’t see every day.”

Details on the benefits of HIPAA-compliant messaging and EHNAC-DirectTrust accreditation can be found at

About DirectTrust

DirectTrust is a nonprofit, competitively neutral, self-regulatory entity created by and for participants in the Direct community – including health information service providers (HISPs), certificate authorities, registration authorities, doctors, patients, and vendors. It supports both provider-to-provider, as well as patient-to-provider Direct exchange. The goal of DirectTrust is to develop, promote and, as necessary, help enforce the rules and best practices needed to maintain security and trust within the Direct network, consistent with the HITECH Act and the governance rules for the NwHIN established by the ONC. DirectTrust is committed to fostering widespread public confidence in the Direct exchange of health information. To learn more, please visit

About the ONC Exemplar HIE Governance Program

The Exemplar Health Information Exchange Governance Program funds cooperative agreements that advance the efforts of existing governance entities that benefit consumers and healthcare providers by allowing health information to flow securely between unaffiliated healthcare organizations. Ultimately, this aligns interoperability requirements and business practices with national priorities; overcomes interoperability challenges; reduces implementation costs; and assures the privacy and security of health information exchange.

Randhurst hopes new signs draws more shoppers to center's interior

Randhurst hopes new signs draws more shoppers to center's interior
It will feature 11 tenant panels and an electronic message center. "It would be just for the stores that are within the Main Street area, as well as a video board on the right that would display images of basically the types of restaurants, the …
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Dennis-Yarmouth message board lights up
Shortly after noon on Friday, March 28, the Daktronics Galaxy electronic message board in front of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School lit up for the first time with a series of messages thanking the donors that made the $ 50,000 project possible.
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Increased IT usage by GP practices
This has taken added time. Now — using the new system — following a patient visit, consultation notes are written up, those notes appear on the electronic referral message to the hospital under the new system, and letters are no longer required …
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Christie is Front and Center at NAB 2014 with the Authoritative Visual Display Technology Line-Up

NAB/Las Vegas (PRWEB) April 05, 2014

Christie® continues its leadership in the visual display technology market at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas April 5-10. The exhibits open April 7, showcasing two connecting Christie booths featuring the latest 4K solutions including laser projection. The benefits of Christie Q Series, Christie Brio, large format LCD displays, 1-chip DLP® and 3-chip DLP® projectors, and more will be featured.

Laser Projection Summit Kicks off NAB

Don Shaw, Ph.D. and senior director of product management, Entertainment Solutions, Christie, will participate in the ‘Technology Summit’ on Cinema at 5:00 p.m. April 5 as part of the ‘Laser Illuminated Projectors’ panel discussion. The presentation will show how 3D light levels, color fidelity, image uniformity, viewing comfort, and a sense of immersion can be vastly improved using a 6P laser projection system, especially when combined with advanced color separation technology like Dolby 3D®, versus the conventional 3D systems found in cinemas today.

6P Laser Presentation at Christie Innovation Theater

The Christie Innovation Theater will demonstrate a 4K Christie Solaria 6P laser system using the world’s most efficient 3D technology and the industry-preferred image quality that doesn’t require a silver screen. Sure to be a show highlight, the 6P laser presentation provides a glimpse into the future of projection technology. Utilizing six specific primary colors, Christie laser projection technology brings dramatically improved 3D efficiency to projection systems and is ideal for any 3D display system.

The demonstration will use Dolby® 3D glasses specifically engineered to match the six primary laser light wavelengths and viewers will experience 3D Cinema as it was meant to be seen.

4K Solutions, Large Format LCD Display, New HD Christie Q Series and More

The Christie D4K2560 3-chip DLP® projector with the Christie TrueLife™ 4K platform will be showcased. When uncompromising image fidelity, brightness and resolution are needed in cinematic settings, amusement parks, casinos, or 3D visualization systems, the Christie D4K2560 is the clear choice; providing four times the resolution of 2K along with 60Hz.

A Christie broadcast set complete with Christie® MicroTiles® and content driven by the Christie Spyder X20 video processor will also be featured along with the North American debut of the Christie FHD651-T intuitive touch flat panels. With up to four simultaneous touches, the Christie FHD651-T provides superior touchscreen performance in a fully integrated package for meeting and classrooms, corporate spaces, museums, education, hospitality and retail, and more.

The Christie FHD551-W outdoor flat panel and the Christie FHD551-XG complete the large format LCD display solutions.

NAB also marks the North American debut of Christie Q Series, including the new Christie DHD951-Q HD that complements the existing, highly successful line. Similar to the rest of Christie Q Series, the HD version introduces 3G-SDI and includes eClarity™ advanced image processing that significantly enhances images by providing greater control over image sharpness, gloss and shading. With its sleek overall style and high-performance features, the Christie DHD951-Q provides superior image processing, versatility and affordability.

Also debuting in North America is the Christie DHD600-G. Part of the upgraded Christie G Series, it is suitable for demanding environments such as signage and museums delivering multi-projector blends onto curved surfaces seamlessly for a perfect image every time.

Christie Brio Share More, Accomplish More

The Christie FHD651-T flat panel seamlessly combines with the Christie Brio multi-site presentation and collaboration solution. Christie Brio featured in separate meeting rooms at the booth allows users to virtually meet, share information and collaborate effortlessly, overcome geographical distances, and eliminate the challenge of single and multi-site workplace meetings.

On the second floor of the Christie booth, the advantages of the 3-chip DLP® Christie Roadster HD20K-J and Christie HD14K-M projectors will be presented. Rugged and ideal for rental staging, both provide significantly higher return on investment and provide superior image quality compared to others in their class.

The benefits of Christie Entero HB 70-inch HD cubes will also featured along with a Christie® Phoenix™. With HD resolution and built on proven LED technology for long life, reliability and low cost of ownership, the front access design of the Entero cubes allows them to be positioned against a wall without compromising space limitations, performance or image quality in 24/7 control room environments.

Christie Solutions throughout NAB 2014

Christie is pleased to collaborate with several vendors. Quantel is using a Christie D4K2560 while AutoDesk will be using a Christie Mirage 4K25. At the Red Digital Cinema Camera booth, a Christie Mirage 4K35 will be featured. In addition, Vizrt is pleased to use the Christie 84-inch Quad HD at its booth and Ross Video is featuring 50 Christie MicroTiles. Finally, Da-Lite will display its solutions with a Christie D4K2560.

About Christie®

Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. is a global visual technologies company and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ushio, Inc., Japan. Consistently setting the standards by being the first to market some of the world’s most advanced projectors and complete system displays, Christie is recognized as one of the most innovative visual technology companies in the world. From retail displays to Hollywood, mission critical command centers to classrooms and training simulators, Christie display solutions and projectors capture the attention of audiences around the world with dynamic and stunning images. Visit


For more information contact:

John Berkovich, Christie

(519) 741-3829

john (dot) berkovich (at) christiedigital (dot) com

Mario Almonte

Herman & Almonte PR

(212) 616-1190, ext. 267

malmonte (at) herman-almontepr (dot) com

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“Christie” is a trademark of Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc., registered in the United States of America and certain other countries.

Christie® MicroTiles® is a registered trademark of Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.

Christie® TruLife™ is a trademark of Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.

DLP® is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments

Dolby® is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories

Retail Customer Experience Releases Consumer Survey Results on Mobile Retail Apps

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Pity the poor retailer: Just when they adapt to one disruptive technology, another comes forward to make them rethink their tactics yet again.

The most recent paradigm-shifter is the mobile application, and many retail executives still struggle to understand how to incorporate them into their user experience—or whether they should even bother.

The questions are worth asking. According to information technology research firm Gartner, mobile apps will have been downloaded 268 billion times by 2017. They will have generated $ 77 billion in revenue for their deployers. And users will be providing streams of personalized data to more than 100 apps and services a day — whether they know they are doing so or not.

Hoping to help retailers survive and thrive in the mobile app world, Retail Customer Experience and sister site Mobile Payments Today have published “Mobile Retail Apps and the Engaged Consumer.”

The 59-page report includes sections on best practices, commentaries by some of the leading minds in mobile retail applications, a directory of providers from multiple countries and of special interest, a survey of 1,000 consumers about their habits, preferences and recommendations when it comes to mobile apps in the retail space.

“Some of the results were really surprising to me,” said report author Joseph Grove, a veteran B2B journalist and former senior vice president and executive editor for the publisher of Retail Customer Experience. “For example, I didn’t expect to be the case that men were more likely than women to be heavy users of mobile retail apps, or that pharmacies would show up so strongly as a popular app category.”

The report includes data on mobile wallet and Passbook adoption, consumer concerns regarding mobile app data security, used and desired functionalities, and frustrations. The download of the report includes jpegs of many of the almost 70 charts and graphs, which readers have permission to share with co-workers or apply in presentations.

Commentaries include:

Mike Wittenstein, founder, Storyminers. ”The Push for Sophistication Must Drive Value, Function”
Chris McClain, executive vice president, Americas Strategic Industries, SAP. “Unlocking the Power of Mobile in Retail”
Jason Goldberg, vice president, Razorfish. “Mobile Apps Can Pay Off Big”
Jack Philbin, founder/CEO, Vibes. ”How to Ensure a Symbiotic Mobile Marketing Strategy.”

“Some of most common questions and popular stories are about retail mobile applications and how our readers can be successful with them. This report goes a long way to providing answers,” said James Bickers, senior editor of Retail Customer Experience.

More information is available here.

ABOUT RETAIL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is a website devoted to helping retailers differentiate on experience, rather than on price. It is founded on the understanding that retail today is fundamentally different than any other time in its history, and staying competitive requires a new, holistic understanding of customers and how they want to shop.


Founded in 2000, Networld Media Group is a leading business-to-business (B2B) media communications company specializing in digital media, associations and events in the mobile, self-service, digital signage, retail, food service and financial services industries. Online properties include,,,,,,,, and The company produces executive summits in the fast casual, retail, ATM and mobile payments industries. Its custom media division develops premium content and marketing services for associations such as the ATM Industry Association.


TouchSystems Upgrades V32 Touch Screen with LED Edge-Lit Display

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

TouchSystems continues to improve its V Series, a line of entry-level, large-screen touch displays, with an updated 32-inch model. The new model features LED edge-lighting and other improvements that increase energy conservation and decrease the total cost of ownership.

“The 32-inch multi-touch screen adds to our already robust line of entry-level touch displays,” says Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems. “The updated model is not only budget friendly but also a good, long-term investment. With its updated components and several connectivity options, including an OPS-compliant slot, the screen won’t need to be replaced for a number of years.”

The V3280I-U3, based on the NEC V323, is integrated with an infrared touch technology that offers multiple (six) touch points, meaning that multiple viewers can use the screen at the same time or that a single viewer can swipe, gesture, pinch, and zoom. The screen’s other components, notably LED edge-lighting and the advanced thermal capabilities and cooling system, result in a touch screen ideally suited for public environments such as restaurants and retail stores. The screen also boasts an OPS-compliant slot and other connections, all of which ease installation and maintenance.

TouchSystems was established in 1996. The company is a pioneer in the touch technology industry. TouchSystems works with its customers to create innovative touch solutions, such as desktop touch monitors, interactive digital signage, all-in-one systems, kiosks, and industrial controls and peripherals. TouchSystems is based in Hutto, Texas and is a certified woman- and minority-owned small business. For more information, call (512) 846-2424 or visit TouchSystems also can be followed on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Digital Signage Toronto

MyMedia Inc. is a Toronto based technology Integrator Company specialized in digital signage. Digital signage is a form of electronic display software that displays information, advertising and various other messages. Digital Signage is mostly used in a network of digital network that are controlled from one central server. It enhances the businesses the power to communicate with their employees and customers through a private network.

Digital Signage displays may be plasma display panels, liquid crystal displays, televisions, computer monitors, Touch Screen Kiosks and off recent large LED Displays.

They are used to improve traditional methods and replace it to modern.
The rapidly dropping prices of LCD screens and computer monitor have led to a growing increase of digital signage installations. Another cost related benefit that is allowing the growth of digital signage is the increasing availability of newer liquid crystal displays and plasma display panels brands in the market. Digital signage services are a new form of advertising and content display. This system can turn business or your place into a turnkey based that produces high income. So informing your clients will be an easy task and save time of typical ways of printing services and it will also be a revenue generating system that can be highly profitable. Your business or your building will be more innovative and stylish with this technology. The appealing thing of digital signage is the low maintenance and operational cost.

Digital signage services reduce implementation problems, simple installations, and maximize the efficiency of your display system by improving your operations, business and support and departments extensive experience in the public display industry, working with the major hardware manufacturers.

Our Toronto digital signage team assists many clients in the successful implementation and planning of their display networks. Digital Signage Solution is to give information fast and easy to use for everyone. It has an easy to use interface and multi dimensional. The network capability of a digital signage solution is to allow the update of information to anywhere in the world quickly. Users can manage the content and each can be customized. My media has developed a complete suite of digital signage solution that allows you to easily develop and deploy solution for advertising.

Digital Signage is a powerful tool to enhance your revenues and decrease the costs by giving importance on high scope items, promoting products at any point of purchase, ability to send messages faster, more simply and less expensively as compared with printed signage. In addition to the revenue increase, Digital Signage provides an amazing solution with the latest technologies. A digital Signage solution enhances the customer experience also. Digital signage will prove invaluable in providing up-to-date about the business and its offerings. Regardless of your target audience, one thing is assured Digital Signage will transform the way your business communicates and advertises its products. The most important part of any business is getting the attention of the customers and with digital signage customers will not only notice your dynamic sign but also receive the message.

MyMedia will manage your network, create interactive updatable kiosks, change the schedule of content, deploy customized content to any location within minutes and deliver employee training programs any time before or after store hours. The Scala software solution is simple to understand, stable and reliable. It gives a solution for scheduling and authoring. It can be used anywhere when there is a need to communicate to your clients. Wherever there is fixed signage; there it is possible to replace it with digital signage. Digital signage installations are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business and helping many companies and organizations communicate key information to their customers at the correct place and time.

For more information on MyMedia’s services,Toronto Digital Signage please contact sales or Toll-Free at 1 866-636-0636 or 905-232-7677 ext: 224