NEW Menu for Digital menu board in Subway by Innovative DMC

Innovative DMC специализируется на разработке ПО для автоматизации процессов управления аудио-видео контентом. Разработка контента и концепций эффективной эксплуатации/монетизации систем Digital Signage
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Retire your old Banners, Menu Boards, Pricing Boards and upgrade to New Tech Contracting Digital Signage Solutions. Use your business to inform and promote others local business to create a network of ads that can enhance your front store, Window displays or waiting area with High Quality Signage that can help you generate costumer engagement. For more info visit our page at
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Design and Development of Remote Notice Board USING GSM

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4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Digital Menu Board

So you’ve made the plunge and decided to switch to a digital menu board in your drive-through, fast food restaurant, or coffee shop. What can you do to make sure that you’re using it to its greatest potential?
During your opening phases for preparation to implement digital menu boards, make sure to think about the full scope of your design and it should fit in seamlessly with your brand’s current design features and brand messaging. Don’t forget who you’re targeting!
1. Focus on pre-bundled combos or meals. Customers, whether in a drive-through or in line indoors, tend to get nervous when asked what they want to order. Devoting enough space to combo meals helps the customer make a decision fast, and can help you to up-sell products.
2. Make it readable. Customers often report that either menu boards are too high up, or the writing on them is too small. Nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to see the menu when you’re hungry-except maybe spending money on digital signage only to have nobody read it. Place your menu board in a visible location, and make your font large enough to read, even for someone who just walked in without their glasses.
3. Be smart with pictures. Our eyes are drawn to pictures, so make them count. Especially in food service, it’s important to have images of your products available-particularly the products you want to be selling more of. Want to sell more desserts? Combos? Drinks? Devote more pictures to them. Consumers will take notice.
4. Change it up. With the rise of digital signage, menu boards are now more dynamic than ever before. Changes on electronic boards can be made much more quickly and at a lower cost than they can with traditional boards-take advantage of this opportunity, and devote some space to changeable options! Don’t change your whole display regularly or people will get confused, but leave some space to make use of your dynamic menu board: use it to showcase specials, promotions, or seasonal messages. (Know your Audience) Think about the placement of your digital menu board. Are visitors walking by quickly, on a staircase or waiting in a workplace? How will this affect your skill to promoting to them? Keep in mind what the most suitable font size will be for the conditions provided along with how quickly the text and items should move or scroll.
Many customers stop to look at the menu each time they come in. Putting time and thought into how your restaurant or drive-through menu board is organized really can make a difference!

With several years of experience implementing indoor menu boards, drive-thru and digital boards under our belt, we have learned to handle almost all situations with fluidity and professionalism. Beyond our product line, it is our services that truly set us apart. We don’t just sell you menu boards, we provide solutions that meet your specific needs, budget, expectations and DEADLINES! To know more about Origin Displays Group’s products and services, visit or call 888-235-2579 today.

Electronic Display Board Can Help Display Messages and Provide Fruitful Information

There are various reasons behind the growing popularity of LED boards, which are gaining worldwide popularity nowadays. The companies, which are dealing with the zone of electronic boards, are also going to focus towards the positive notions of other products, which fall under the same category. Some of those products, which deserve special mention, are production monitoring services, digital clocks, moving displays, display boards of the LED values, multi line display boards, token display boards, scrolling message boards, parking guidance system and also the some of LED destination boards.

Manufacturing as per the choice
While manufacturing the boards, there are various options for you to focus at, in order to get and produce the best boards for your use. There are various options, which you need to deal with and those are mostly segmented under different shapes and sizes. On the other hand, when you are planning to manufacture your own boards, then half of your work is done. You can easily enjoy the best and unique color combinations of LED lights as per your required use. However, if you are a novice in this field, make sure to take help of none other than professionals who are associated with this genre for quite some time now.

More about the parking guidance
When the main aim is related with the zone of Electronic Display Board in the parking guidance area, then the boards are mostly used to provide the best parking information to the drivers and vehicle owners. These boards are mostly used in order to provide the latest parking information and can also help in directing the drivers in order to get free parking space.Moreover, these signs are also used as a guide for the shortest route, which the driver needs to take while parking the vehicle.

The destination boards made out to Led lights
Apart from the guidance system, which you need to focus at, you can also try and deal with the major aspects of Led Display, which is used as destination boards. These boards are mostly placed at the front of a big vehicle, like bus, ad these signs are used to show some valid information about the buses. From the number of the bus to the route it will take, all the valid information is going to be shown through these boards with LED lights. You can avail the signs in different shapes for the betterment of your use. You can also try and deal with the professional companies, in order to get the best options of the lot.

Choosing the right company
It is always vital to choose the right companies for LED products as these items are no doubt expensive in nature. Moreover, you can also try and focus towards the special notion of the company’s credentials in order to get in touch with nothing but the best. However, for that, you have to go through the reviews of the companies, which are posted on their official websites by the previous clientele base. You can even ask your family members and friends for some valid information about the right company, to take help of. With just a click of a mouse button you can get all kind of information regarding these display boards & signs.

This article is written by Parshant Hadala on behalf of Delight Display. His knowledge in led displays industry has seen him contribute to and write several articles on topics like electronic display boards india, Led Display, Moving Display Board, Led Display Signs and Video LED+ Display.

Digital Menu Board

Khazina digital menu boards
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Discussion About Led Arrow Board, Traffic Light Lamp Used in Traffic Management System

The arrow boards are roadside traffic control and signaling devices. These items along with message boards, LED message boards, arrow sticks, LED controllers, traffic light controllers, LED traffic advisors to play an important role in traffic management system. These items are available online and interested customers can visit relevant websites to find out more about these items prior investing on them.

The different e-stores, e-commerce portals selling the traffic led lamps, highlight the product in detail, along with images, prices, product features. Some businesses offer their customers free delivery options. E-stores often have payment gateways attached to them that facilitate the online purchase of the led-arrow boards and traffic light lamps.

Many retailers sell energy saving traffic light lamp to their customers. These items are easy to install and upon installation, they help inefficient traffic management. With the increase in population, there has been a significant increase in the traffic. Effective traffic management is important to prevent the occurrence of accidents. The modern traffic management system incorporates the functionalities of the traffic controllers, the different traffic controlling devices, traffic light controllers, and the CCTV cameras. All these help modern traffic management to have a better understanding of the traffic situation of the respective cities and this subsequently prevents unnecessary accidents from taking place.

Another important aspect of traffic management is that the individuals need to be cautious when they cross the roads or walk down the streets. It is important for the people to adhere to traffic safety norms to avert accidents or any type of untoward incidents. Each road crossing has traffic LED controllers, traffic control and signaling systems which guide the people passing there. It is always recommended on the part of the people to use zebra crossing to cross the street when the signal turns red.

Among the traffic lights which are quite popular in the city streets are the LED traffic lights, raceway lights, amber LED traffic lights, pedestrian traffic LED lights, LED traffic signal lights, LED traffic blinker lights, traffic signal lights.

With respect to the various LED traffic lighting systems, it can be said that they require constant reliability. The lighting systems used for different outdoor uses have high durability. They are energy efficient and at the same time are quite cost effective. There are available a range of electronic products (LED signal & traffic lights) and each of which has product specifications, mentioned in relevant websites available online.

BBM Technology Company Limited was founded in August 2005 in Shenzhen, China. It is a high-tech enterprise devoted to developing, manufacturing and marketing. Which is professional with Related LED arrow boards modules/cores and traffic light lamps, traffic lights Display and related Led Segments.