Global Futurist and Business Forecaster Jack Uldrich to Keynote Sixteen Events in October

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Following on the heels of successful keynote presentations at SingTel’s CIO Days in Hong Kong, Optus Vision 2013 in Sydney and the European Association of International Educators in Istanbul, popular keynote speaker, renowned global futurist and best-selling author, Jack Uldrich has been selected to deliver sixteen customized keynote presentations in the month of October to the following organizations:

October 1: Industrial Asset Mgmt Council (Salt Lake City)

October 3: BP (formerly British Petroleum) (Mpls, MN)

October 3: United Healthcare (Minneapolis, MN)

October 4: Council for Advancement and Support of Education (San Diego, CA)

October 9: United Healthcare (Dallas, TX)

October 9: Scottish Rite Hospital (Dallas, TX)

October 10: Arkansas Hospital Assoc. (Little Rock, AK)

October 14: IMEX America (Las Vegas, NV)

October 15: Invensys (Dallas, TX)

October 16: Applied Information Management Institute (Kearney, NE)

October 23: Atmos Energy (Dallas, TX)

October 24: Arizona Hospital Association (Phoenix, AZ)

October 25: Board of Trustees of Arizona Hospital Association (Phoenix, AZ)

October 27: The Electronic Component Industry Association (Chicago, IL)

October 28: Franklin Templeton (San Francisco, CA)

October 30: Eaton Corporation (Amelia Island, FL)

The titles of Uldrich’s presentations range from “Why Future Trends Demand Unlearning” and “The Big AHA: How to Future-Proof Your Business” to “Business as Unusual: 19 Ways Unconventional Ways to Succeed Tomorrow” and “The New Normal is Abnormal.” Much of the material for Uldrich’s keynote presentations will be drawn from his two latest books, “Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow” and “Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future,” as well as his forthcoming book, “Business as Unusual: 19 Unconventional Ways to Future-Proof Yourself and Your Company.”

Uldrich’s engaging, entertaining and educational presentations will cover trends in information and communication technologies, robotics, cloud computing, next generation mobile and social technologies, artificial intelligence, the “Internet of Things” and “Big Data,” and are designed to provide attendees a solid foundation upon which they can take action to create their own successful futures. A synopsis of some of Uldrich’s ideas on information technologies can be found in this article, 10 Future Mobile Trends for CIO’s to Consider Today.

In addition to covering future trends, Uldrich will also provide an overview of how technological change and enhanced mobility is rapidly changing customer expectations and behavior and, in the process, upending long-standing business models. Uldrich, who has been hailed as “America’s Chief Unlearning Officer,” will conclude his talks by reviewing the consequences of not embracing tomorrow’s changes. Throughout his presentations, Uldrich will use vivid analogies and memorable stories, drawn from a wide spectrum of industries, to ensure his message of change “sticks” with his audience. (A sample of his talk on “unlearning” can be viewed here: Futurist Jack Uldrich on Why Future Trends in Health Care Demand Unlearning.)

In the past year, Uldrich has addressed hundreds of business and trade groups from around the world, including delivering customized keynote presentations at ten McGladrey Emerging Technology Summits across the United States, Case IH, Emerson, the Women’s Food Forum, PepsiCo, United Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Southern Company, Cisco, IBM, WiPro, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and various YPO and WPO groups.

Parties interested in learning more about Jack Uldrich, his books, his daily blog or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website at: Media wishing to know more about the events or interviewing Jack Uldrich can contact him directly at 612-267-1212 or jack(at)schoolofunlearning(dot)com.

Uldrich is a renowned global futurist, technology forecaster, best-selling author, editor of the quarterly newsletter, The Exponential Executive, and host of the award-winning website, He is currently represented by a number of professional speakers’ bureaus, including Leading Authorities, Convention Connection, Gold Star Speakers Bureau and Executive Speakers Bureau.

Expanding your business with Digital signage

Nowadays when we walk into banks, airports or malls, we can see LCDs and plasma screens flashing important information or instruction and sometimes colorful advertisements of some products are also visible. These are basically digital signs which have replaced static signs seen previously. The advancement in technology has led to an increased use of digital signage for various purposes. They can be commonly seen and many industries are making use of them due to their appeal and functionality. With these signs, all businesses have reaped the benefits in the form of increasing customers and thus expanded considerably.

The digital signs are displayed on LCD, plasma screens, electronic billboards, projectors and LEDs. These signs not only contain texts but can also include images, pictures, animations, music and recordings to make the message more intriguing and attractive. Before understanding the procedure of digital signage, it is vital to comprehend the reasons for its use. Using digital signs can serve a lot of purposes. General information regarding health and safety can be displayed at different public locations. For instance, screens are used in railway stations for showing information about trains etc. The second main purpose of using digital signs is to advertise. This is one of the best forms of advertising as it can rivet people.

Often businesses use digital screen for building brand loyalty amongst people. It is a very effective way of ensuring brand awareness by installing the screens in the right places. Sometimes, these signs can also be installed to enhance the environment. They can display information and advertisement alongside and add to the environment of a particular place. The first thing people need to do for digital signage is to decide suitable locations where they can put the signs. It is essential to select the areas and places where they will reach the targeted customers. People can hire expert firms which can provide specialists services or undertake the task on their own.

People need to connect the display screens to the main computer from which the program is run. Programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Flash Players, Keynote etc are some of the necessary tools which are needed to come up with the content which has to be displayed in the advertisement. The content in digital signage can make a huge difference as the right message has to be conveyed. Technical support is also a prerequisite when putting up digital screens. Other applications can also be added to make the advertisement more strong.

There are numerous advantages of using digital signs over traditional signs. Digital signs are more advanced and therefore updating all of them is not hassling. With the computer, people can easily update and change the content or any other aspect. This is time saving and ensures that the correct information is available at the right time. It is also an effective method of getting more and more customers. Furthermore, it is cost effective to install and maintain these systems in the long run. In case of any problems, people can hire professionals for digital signage services and thus improve their business.


Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

Blue Frog Books of Howell, MI Wins “Best New Retail Business in Livingston County” in the People’s Choice Awards Held by the Livingston County Press and Argus

Howell, MI (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

The newly opened independent bookstore has made a name for itself by offering different types of events featuring local authors, musicians, poets and photographers. On any given weekend you will be sure to find something to attend at Blue Frog Books. They also offer Story Time for the kids, Writing Workshops for budding authors, thousands of titles in-stock, millions of titles available to special order, and a level of service that is hard for larger retailers to compete with.

Blue Frog Books also offers photographic services including scanning of images from pictures, film, or slides, photo restoration, digital corrective artwork, creative project help, custom design of cards, invitations, collages, and signage, large format printing on canvas, art paper, photo paper and adhesive backed material. Blue Frog gives its customers a place to take their precious images when quality and accountability matter. Another thing the big box stores have forgotten about.

The idea is simple, try to make a place where the customers matter and are a growing part of the equation. Whether it be curating the book selections or bringing in a new sideline or photo service. Owner Penny Coleman has been quoted saying, “It’s a conversation, not just a transaction,” offering a real idea of what you can expect when you walk through the door of the “Best New Retail Business” in Livingston County.    

To see the whole story, please visit this link.

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Led Message Boards Are Very Useful For Your Business

LED message boards with neon effect is flamboyant, glamorous and an absolute catcher of eyeballs.

Best of all, LED message boards are practical versus neon. Instead of replacing a sign, you can simply update your message. For an added visual affect you can even add animation. Your LED sign can change as often as you do. With this practicality, LED signs pay for themselves time and time again compared to a single neon sign. Neon signs also can take up 3-5 times the space than an LED sign does. Forget about neon, LED signs are obviously the best choice for advertising. LED is affordable because of it is low maintenance and your low power bills.

Business companies always prefer standard neon signs because they’re terribly inexpensive and reasonable. The intense colors draw the awareness of folk. Today’s businesses promote their goods and services with the support of conventional “true” neon signs and also with the attention-grabbing multicolored electronic message boards. The message boards display the organization’s name in giant blinding colors. If you’d like to get noticed after nightfall then a custom neon sign will be the correct choice.

LED message boards come in different styles, looks, shapes, sizes, and design and it is also important to note down that the message on these boards can be changes very easily and whenever required. Before buying this board, one should analyze whether the board will work and help for their business. The first important thing to consider and planned is the good place to place board and the right message to display. The board should be placed little higher on the wall and the final important thing is to decide on the colors. The chosen colors should offer greater readability and it is better to avoid multicolor. Few other considerations are one has to decide whether they want the board permanently or movable. The permanent boards should be chosen with the right size with good power supply.

LED signs are different than neon signs. Neon signs use a gas to create the lighting effects. LED boards operate by electroluminescence. This can be easily described as an optical and electrical phenomenon that occurs when material emits light as a response the electrical current passing through it. LED message boards are more powerful than neon lights, more durable, and last longer than neon signs. You have probably seen LED Signs in use around town, such as store signage, traffic advisories, and display boards.

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in business signs articles. If you need more about Advertising signs and LED Message Board method, please reference

Whitlock Announces the Acquisition of Certain Business Operations of Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV)

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) July 14, 2014

Whitlock is pleased to announce the acquisition of certain business operations of Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV) from Global Imaging Systems (GIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox.

While XAV had built a strong audiovisual business with increased emphasis on enterprise and government customers, after strategic review, GIS decided that XAV did not align with the rest of its extensive business services portfolio.

“Whitlock has a strong commitment to culture and a long history of organic growth, but this opportunity with XAV matched perfectly with our core business principles and values,” states Doug Hall, Whitlock’s CEO.

In deciding to transition out of the business, GIS sought a company that could ensure its audiovisual customers would continue to enjoy excellent service and its employees could continue to develop and grow their careers. Whitlock is able to offer great benefits to both, including a proven track record, financial stability and an expanded footprint for improved service and support nationally and globally.

A number of XAV operational employees will become Whitlock employees, with customer relationships and existing contracts being assigned to Whitlock. XAV business operations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania will further strengthen Whitlock’s national service delivery to enterprise customers.

“Whitlock’s mission is to retain, acquire and develop mutually rewarding customer partnerships and the most respected workforce in the industry,” Doug explains. “The XAV addition has provided an opportunity for Whitlock to acquire some exceptional employee talent and customer relationships which are complementary to our existing business.”

“The more we met with XAV leadership, mutual respect grew into excitement about our common cultures and strategic direction,” adds Roger Patrick, Whitlock’s COO. “We were more aligned than we could have imagined, and the merging of our teams will allow Whitlock to quickly scale in key markets and offer the talented XAV workforce a place to develop their career paths, contribute to best practices and continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences.”

As of today, Whitlock has 20 U.S. locations and more than 700 employees.

About Whitlock

Whitlock is a Global Audiovisual (AV) and Unified Communications (UC) Solutions Provider, specializing in collaborative technology design, integration and managed services. The company helps customers meet goals, drive action and improve efficiency by streamlining interactive technologies and standards. Areas of expertise include enterprise videoconferencing, unified communications, digital media, digital signage, video walls and projection technologies. Whitlock also offers follow-the-sun 24×7 service level agreements as well as onsite and remote AV/NOC support. Whitlock serves customers from 20 U.S. locations, plus a worldwide delivery partner network through the Global Presence Alliance.

About Xerox Audio Visual Solutions

Since 1981, Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV) has been a premier provider of Audio Visual and Digital Communication Technology. XAV has offered a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration solutions, changing dramatically the way education, commercial, military and government communicate and share ideas. XAV was a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Imaging Systems, a Xerox Corporation company.

ITX Design Poised to Launch Coppermine Hosting Options in the United States for Small Business Owners Beginning in October 2013

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 07, 2013

ITX Design CEO Doug Davis made a statement late Friday afternoon announcing plans to include Coppermine hosting beginning in early October of 2013. This move comes on the heels of ITX Design’s recent flurry of new products and services geared towards expanding the companies capability to serve small business owners.

With Coppermine hosting packages from ITX Design, customers can request script, extensions and template installation as well as on-demand Coppermine upgrades and backup restoration. Inexpensive Coppermine Hosting at ITX Design is now a reality by way of the latest technology and extremely efficient systems in place. ITX Design management believes these savings in costs should be passed on directly to the customer, and the result is low cost Coppermine image gallery hosting.

Coppermine with ITX Design is a multi-purpose fully integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick as the image library with a MySQL platform. Coppermine photo gallery has interfaces with a multitude of extremely popular software packages, including e107, Invision Power Board, Joomla!, Mambo, phpBB, PostNuke, Simple Machines Forum, vBulletin plus many more. ITX Design will be offering starting packages for as little as $ 4.95 a month.

ITX Design has over a decade of experience in providing excellent hosting support for their thousands of happy customers. Whatever budget the customer has to work with, Coppermine Gallery Hosting with ITX Design means the most reliable hosting available in the marketplace. ITX Design uptime rates (99.9% guaranteed!) are one of the highest rated in hosting industry, and that’s with the vast majority of our competitors charging you far more than we do.

Coppermine hosting with ITX Design also means super simple hosting. With their vast selection of easily installed scripts from Fantastico directly in the Control Panel, there really could not be an easier and more affordable way to get a Coppermine website online, and up and running.

ITX Design has provided tens of thousands of satisfied customers over the years with the most reliable and affordable hosting solutions, and Coppermine makes a fine addition to the growing arsenal of digital products and services offered by ITX Design.

ITX Design management completely understands that small business owners demand high levels of reliable and competent support to get the most out of their website, and the staff at ITX Design are proud to be considered one of the top rated hosting companies in the business.

ITX Design is an established web hosting and domain registration provider based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia providing dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including server hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting and much more.

For more information or to speak with a qualified customer support representative, simply call 1-866-577-1442, or visit ITX Design today.

Churches Beat Atheists | Petition Targets HECO | Help for Small Business

Churches Beat Atheists | Petition Targets HECO | Help for Small Business
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Electronic sign at crash-prone I-5/Oregon 217 flyover ramp will urge drivers
… a large electronic sign to urge motorists to slow down. Don Hamilton, an ODOT spokesman, said the message board flashing “35 mph” in bright orange lights is only a temporary fix as crews continue to inspect the ramp for problems. The flyover ramp …
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PennDOT guards against electronic road sign hackers
(Harrisburg) — Electronic road signs can be pretty easy to hack, and across the country, message boards have warned of impending doom from raptors and zombies, instead of slick roads. PennDOT says it has a two-step system in place to keep pranksters …
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Mind Your Manners: Business Rules Get a 21st Century Update

Mind Your Manners: Business Rules Get a 21st Century Update
"Unless you would feel comfortable posting it on a bulletin board in your town or screaming it to everybody that you know, don't do it," Post said. Hugs and Kisses "I'm always surprised at how much there is of this when I'm doing business. I'm getting …
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Medina Native Credited with Creation of Emoticons
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Kings to build new NBA arena
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Electronic Message Boards For Your Business

Electronic message boards work for all types of businesses, with retail stores, banks, travel agencies, and restaurants finding a particular benefit from the ability to update the sign at a moment’s notice.

How many times have you driven past your local bank to check the time and temperature on their sign? Electronic message boards are found on businesses throughout every community. They work wonderfully for many businesses because they can be updated easily, without the need to brave the elements and hassle with magnetic letters. If you are a business owner, consider whether or not these versatile tools could benefit your company and customers.

Retail Establishments Retail establishments benefit greatly from electronic message boards. The flashing lights of these signs allow a store to showcase a special or a loss leader to get customers to stop on their way by and enter the store to make a purchase. If two similar stores sit near each other in an area, one of these signs could entice a customer to stop at Store A rather than Store B.

Banks Banks are one of the most common businesses to use electronic message boards. It’s almost become part of our culture in America to see the time and temperature on the bank’s sign, but that’s not the only use these signs offer. Banks can display current rates for savings accounts, mortgage specials, and even customer incentive programs on their signs to draw in new and existing customers. They can also be used to present good wishes to the community, such as to offer congratulations to a winning local basketball team, and thus build a better rapport between the bank and the local people.

Travel Agency Travel agents can use these signs to display current specials and tempt potential travelers with descriptions of exotic destinations.

They can also remind customers about upcoming travel times, urging them to get in on the best deals before the rush. Because these signs can be updated at a moments notice, the travel agent can change them to reflect sudden discounts or new airline specials being offered.

Restaurants Did your restaurant just introduce a new dish? Electronic message boards allow you to easily and affordably display this information to the world. You can display congratulations to groups having parties at your location, announce special prices, or inform customers about your daily special dish or soup choices.

What makes these signs work so well for business owners is their versatility. When something changes at your business location, you can quickly and easily type it into the display and let your customers know. Electronic message boards market your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But most importantly, theses signs draw attention from passersby, and that attention can translate into increased traffic into your establishment, which in turn translates into better sales, making a sign a great investment for your future success.

Electronic message boards can light up the night with your business’s advertisement. Find out more today at