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Critics Claim Racial Bias in Georgetown Digital Crime Prevention

Critics Claim Racial Bias in Georgetown Digital Crime Prevention
MPD Officer Antonial Atkins spearheaded the effort on the police side, glad to replace an endless stream of text messages from merchants and Georgetown citizens with a single, centralized messaging app. Yet Atkins — MPD Officer of the Year in 2013 …
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How doxing went from a cheap hacker trick to a presidential campaign tactic
Alas for Trump, he's not exactly a pioneer here: Small-time hackers, message-board flamers and other low-life internet bullies have made exactly this sort of grand "statement" for more than 20 years. In Internet parlance, it's called doxing: the …

Marquee Benedum
Unionized stagehands at Pittsburgh's Benedum Center for the Performing Arts are waxing nostalgic for the old marquee whose guts soon are to enter the digital age. But in attempting to make their argument for preserving, in toto, the historic message …
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