Subliminal Message How To Reduce Computer Eye Strain With Blink Subliminal Software

A lot of people nowadays suffer from eye strain due to the prevalent use of computers. If you are one of the millions of people who spend the whole day working in front of a computer, then you may not notice it but your eyes are suffering most of the brunt. When you keep your eyes focused on your computer screen for an extended period of time, the number of blinks significantly reduce. The electronic lighting of the screen is also a bit harsh on the eyes. So now, almost 91% of people experience computer eye strain.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

You will know you suffer from eye strain when you feel the following symptoms:

Eye dryness
Redness of the eyes
Sensitivity to light
Pain around the eyes or the temples
Blurred vision
Double vision

Although eye strain is not a serious medical condition and can easily be relieved, it can keep you from performing to the best of your abilities and can hinder you from finishing your tasks.

If you want to perform your work continuously, comfortably, and without endangering your body, make sure you take steps to avoid eye strain.

Reduce Computer Strain with Blink Subliminal Software

One of the most effective solutions to the problem is to reduce computer eye strain with Blink subliminal software. This is a software used to send subliminal messages to your subconscious mind while you are working intently on your computer. The purpose of the program is to send subliminal commands to make you blink more regularly, which refreshes the eyes and keeps it from too much strain.

The program is accompanied by a device that looks like a webcam that you simply attach to the top portion of your computer monitor.

Why Blink?

The subliminal message sent by the program commands you to blink unconsciously. This way, you can continue your work but be assured that you wont suffer from eye strain. Since the messages are sent subliminally, your conscious mind wont resist the command.

Blinking is the most effective way to maintain the freshness of your eyes, and yet it is also the most overlooked as you focus intently on the computer screen. But try blinking every 5 seconds continuously for two minutes. This short and simple eye exercise can do wonders for your peepers. So check out and invest on this subliminal messaging software now so you can start working nonstop minus the strain. This way, your productivity and chance for success also increase.

If you want to increase your employees productivity and ensure their well-being as they work for you, also as a way to improve their motivation, you should invest in the Blink subliminal software. This software is inexpensive and yet promises invaluable benefits for both your employees and your business.

This is just one of the many possible benefits you can get from subliminal messages and one example of the high tech subliminal software programs that can now be purchased.

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Bellaire Museum of Computer History Opens

Bellaire, TX (PRWEB) June 14, 2007

Bellaire, TX, has a new museum with displays of historical computer components. The history of electronic digital computers goes back to 1941, and that of microcomputers to 1975. Now, students and enthusiasts in the Houston area have a resource featuring many of the machines and systems which made their marks in the early days of the computer business.

“We’re very pleased to make these systems available in our display cases, and for discussion. One of my favorites is the Compaq luggable. It was one of the first PC clones, and really put Houston on the map in the computer industry,” said Mike Angwin, the founder of the museum and its principal benefactor.

The museum is located at 5302 Bellaire Blvd., in Bellaire, just outside the West Loop 610. It is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. For small parties of up to six people, it is free. For large groups of seven or more, please make special arrangements.

Featured in the museum are the modem from an early Texas bulletin board system, 1986; one of the first Compaq portables from 1982; a Radio Shack TRS-80 with eight inch floppy disk drive, 1981; an old IBM disk drive from circa 1973; a Super Elf microcomputer from Quest, 1978. The museum also has one of the early acoustically coupled modems from the 1970s rated for 100 baud.

“We’ve already received several pieces of donated equipment in addition to our original showcase items. We’d be delighted to hear from people with older model microcomputers who don’t want to throw away their memories. Please call first, though, as we have limited display space,” museum manager Jay Hall commented.

Additional information on the museum is available at the store, or by calling 713-664-0002. Ask for Mike or Jay.


Server-Grade Mobile Computer Puts Vehicles Under Close Surveillance

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

NEXCOM has released the in-vehicle computer VTC 7200 series to keep vehicles under close watch. Featuring server-grade functionality, the VTC 7200 series have broad applications including real-time remote video streaming, license-plate recognition, fleet telematics, and in-vehicle infotainment. The VTC 7200 series is ideal for use in public transits, law enforcement, and handling and transportation of dangerous and valuable items.

The VTC 7200 series encompasses three powerful hardware platforms based on the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors—VTC 7200-BK, VTC 7210-BK and VTC 7220-BK. Packed with high computing performance and superb graphics capabilities, the VTC 7200 series can decode multiple video streams to help a driver monitor vehicle’s surroundings and interior from multiple angles; it can read license plates to help police identify a vehicle of interest; it can also be used as bus signage to keep passengers informed and entertained.

Designed for vehicle applications, the in-vehicle computer series is outfitted with GPS, G sensor, digital inputs and outputs, and CAN 2.0B with optional OBD II support. In addition to tracking vehicle location and movement, the VTC 7200 series can harness a wide variety of dynamic vehicle information, including vehicle health status, a truck’s payload capacity, and tank temperature. The VTC 7200 series can help exam a vehicle from the inside out to improve fuel efficiency, to reduce vehicle wear and tear, and to enhance driving safety.

Furthermore, the videos and information can be stored locally and shared with a remote center. The in-vehicle computer series can connect to up to four networks with a combination of 3.5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi for high-speed transmission of large volumes of data, allowing a dispatcher to remotely monitor a vehicle, to talk to a driver if necessary and better still, to wake the in-vehicle computer with SMS if it is turned off. As for local storage, the VTC 7200 series, ranked the highest for vibration durability among all VTC models, can provide large storage capacity with two swappable HDDs, slashing storage cost for users.

The VTC 7200 series is available with a choice of 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4650U, i5-4300U, and i3-4010U processors. Two PoE switches, the 4-port VES S30-4S and 8-port VES S30-8S, are available as companion devices to simplify the connection of peripherals.

About NEXCOM: Founded in Taiwan in 1992, NEXCOM’s mission is to be an innovative supplier in vertical application markets. NEXCOM gains a stronghold in vertical markets with its industry leading products across five business units, including industrial computers, in-vehicle computers, multimedia, network and communication, and intelligent digital security. NEXCOM serves its customers worldwide through its subsidiaries in seven major industrial countries.