Point7West Generates Renewable Marketing Power for Solar Energy Company

La Quinta, CA (PRWEB) March 6, 2013

First accredited solar renew the nation’s society, solar Renova has launched a strategic product Point7West Video marketing campaign, challenge audiences ranging from the US Congress for high school students. Composed of five capsules 60 seconds video information, the campaign simplifies messaging on the complex process of renewable energy through dynamic graphics in motion. animated marketing videos were implemented in advertisements broadcast multi-platform strategy, digital presentations, and on the web, including social media marketing.

“Using full-motion graphics allows visual to convey concisely vital information in a limited time. Viewers are engaged with graphics easy to understand, which makes it understandable marketing message strong,” said Brian Grantham, CEO Point7West. Animation videos allow solar Renova to address audiences with different needs, legislative presentations to homeowners who seek self-sufficiency energy options.

As a branding tool, videos can be concluded the company as a recognized leader in the industry, establishing their expertise. “This video marketing campaign has extended our reach behind the walls of hundreds of well kept gated community owners,” said Vincent Battaglia, CEO and President of Solar Renova. Battaglia other credits of the campaign as an effective marketing mechanism, “What used to take me over an hour to describe how electrons can be created, guided converted and used by everyone is now articulated demonstrate in a few minutes. ”

Founded in 2006, Renova Solar is a Southern California based company installing full-service solar panel, and is the first in its industry to be accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. The company recently partnered with Wells Fargo Bank, facilitating easier access to financing for home improvement for the installation of solar panels. In addition, the company offers an educational component through its Renova Energy Academy, a program of hands on training manpower specialized areas of renewable energy.


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