Monarch Skyline Hotel Enhances High-Quality Brand Image with CAYIN Digital Signage Solution

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) 8 January 2009

Monarch Skyline Hotel, one of the best five star hotels in Taoyuan Taiwan, adopts the digital signage solution CAYIN Technology to replace traditional static billboards in the halls, banquet halls and corridors. The new communication platform can convey instant and multimedia information to hotel guests. It not only improves the work efficiency, but also establishes a modern image and high quality hotel.

Monarch Skyline Hotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan, was considered one of the best five star hotels in the local area. To raise the quality of the atmosphere and service, and build a corporate image, Monarch decided to replace traditional bulletin boards and information signs with complete digital signage solutions CAYIN technology.

This project includes sixteen Signage media players and two content management servers installed outside the ballrooms on the 3rd floor, B1 floor and other public areas such as hallways and lobby. The deployment of players and integrated digital signage servers with high-definition displays enables diversified information to be presented through a platform of high-quality public communication offering customers new experiences visual markers.

Generally applicable on different occasions

When a ballroom is reserved for a wedding, the display can show the door wedding photos, the title of this event, or other related information. When it is reserved for a seminar, the display can show information such as the agenda or main themes of this meeting so that participants can find the room more easily and quickly.

To align with the various applications of the ballroom, Monarch Skyline Hotel selected multimedia digital signage player on the Web, SMP-WEBPLUS. Users can freely design the web layout to create unique and vivid multimedia images such as HTML / Flash / JPG, HD (High Definition) video playback and video streaming, etc. combining with landscape and portrait display of the presentations, SMP-WEBPLUS can certainly respond to requests for different occasions.

announcement of public information easy to use

For displays set in hallways and lobby, Skyline chose the player-type digital signage media area, SMP-PRO3, which supports real-time video, slideshow playback images, ticker text, video, clock and date in maximum six zones. SMP-PRO3 provides the most user-friendly platform for Skyline to convey the hotel’s image, introduction of hotel facilities, and instant information. In addition, users can adjust the size and location of each zone by using the handy tool, Skin Editor, with drag-and-drop, intuitive interface.

The Web-based user interface: easy management via Internet

Compared to general product software on PCs, media players CAYIN digital display with a user interface based on the Web are more advantageous due to the fact that users can manage players everywhere and every time soon Internet to change settings or contents of the update display.

In addition to digital media signage players, Monarch Skyline Hotel also purchased Content Management Server, CMS-Mini, to efficiently control all players in the hotel. Therefore, Skyline can achieve its goal of improving efficiency and lowering personnel costs through central scheduling, streaming, updates and content servers.

About CAYIN Technology:

CAYIN Technology offers a complete range of digital signage solutions based devices, including media players, servers, and software, for various commercial applications, such as education, transportation, retail , hospitality, corporate use, and financial and public institutions. CAYIN is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set benchmarks for the application at the international level. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the company also provides tailored services to meet market demand for almost limitless growing applications.


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Pittsfield Community Television Enhances Cable Network Operation with Tightrope Media Systems

Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

Tightrope Media Systems is helping Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV) in Massachusetts more efficiently automate content across three cable channels using the company’s range of Cablecast automation and video server solutions.

PCTV, serving the Pittsfield, Dalton and Richmond communities, produces and broadcasts programming for three distinct channels: Access Pittsfield, a public access channel; Pittsfield ETV, showing educational programming; and government programming channel Citylink. Each station offers interactive bulletin boards, video-on-demand and live web streaming — all enabled through Tightrope Media solutions.

A longtime Cablecast customer, PCTV added Tightrope Media’s new Cablecast SX2HD platform to incorporate high-definition programming. The Cablecast SX2HD video server supports three channels (one in, two out), multi-format SD/HD encoding and decoding, and built-in content storage (16TB). PCTV has also established file-based workflows using Cablecast SX2HD, allowing the facility to work more efficiently by moving away from tape-based studio operations.

In addition to program scheduling and playout, Cablecast SX2HD incorporates Tightrope Media’s Carousel digital signage application to manage program graphics, channel logo insertion and bulletin board content created both in-house and from the community.

“Cablecast SX2HD is the central heart-pumping system for everything that runs through here,” said Shawn Serre, chief engineer, Pittsfield Community Television. “That seamless integration means we’re not dealing with a lot of different components and vendors that don’t work together. It makes the entire operation very reliable.”

The Cablecast SX2HD video server supports native playout of many different file formats, including MPEG2 I-Frame only (up to 100Mbps) and DVCPro HD and SD. This helps PCTV retain video quality and eliminate cumbersome content transcoding processes that many facilities experience upon migration to file-based workflows.

Serre adds that the efficiencies extend well beyond internal processes and onto the greater community through the interactive capabilities of Carousel.

“The built-in Carousel Framework allows viewers, as well as educational and government users, to create and submit messages for broadcast on the bulletin boards,” said Serre. “These are displayed to 20,000 households along with community info, weather data, RSS feeds and other content. Carousel also informs viewers about upcoming programs and schedules. It’s very vital to the workflow.”

Serre notes that Tightrope Media Systems has grown along with PCTV as it moves away from being strictly appointment television. Cablecast SX2HD’s automated operation extends to Cablecast video-on-demand (Cablecast ProVOD) and live streaming (Cablecast SX Live) solutions to help viewers consume content in new ways.

“The rise of new media means that people are hungry to consume content in non-traditional ways, so being able to provide television in different manners gives our viewers more options,” said Serre. “People are more likely to think of us a forward-thinking organization, which is important in community television. Tightrope has made it very efficient for us to automate channels and bulletin boards while moving to HD and file-based workflows.”

About Tightrope Media Systems

Founded in 1997, Tightrope Media Systems is the pioneer of web-centric digital signage and broadcast automation systems. It provides station automation, video servers, internet video on demand, live streaming, the Carousel Digital Signage system, and ZEPLAY, a multi-channel instant replay machine for stadiums, arenas and Outside Broadcast vehicles. Tightrope’s award winning systems are used throughout the world. You can reach Tightrope Media Systems at (866) 866-4118 or visit them on the web at