Digital Signage Display Manufacturer : FORBIX SEMICON

Digital Signage Display Manufacturer

We are the digital signage display manufacturer for various different dynamically varying content advertising. Digital Signage primarily involves, in strategically broadcast advertising contents on high definition screens. This method gets a quick attention of products from potential customers in public places. This emerging technology of digital signage is used more and more because no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic and varying content, with so much of online control.

Benefits of our digital signage system:

Cost effective solution
Extremely easy to use and control
Clear HD quality advertising
User need not be computer savy
Scalable system
We made the digital signage solution system so simple and easy to use, that even a individual shop retailer can operate, change contents on hourly / daily basis without much knowledge of computer. We have brought down the prices, from traditional signage solutions and made it so affordable for almost any retail outlet owner to put it in his/her store.

The backend system is based on cost-optimized, full HD, multimedia applications processor. Low Power ARM1176 Applications Processor with Dual Core Multimedia Co-Processor. 1080p30 Full HD HP H.264 Video Encode/Decode and advanced Image Sensor Pipeline (ISP) for up to 20-megapixel cameras operating at up to 220 megapixels per second, GPU. 1 Gigapixel per second fill rate. High performance display outputs. Simultaneous high resolution LCD and HDMI with HDCP at 1080p60. It works on Linux based operating system.

The image contents can be loaded using a USB pen drive. The pen drive can be plugged in at any time in between the ongoing displays. Once the contents are downloaded from the pen drive to the local memory of the machine, the USB stick is no longer in use and can be removed (if needed).

The digital signage solution that you will get from us, will be a sure shot way to gain profit and to attract customers by changing advertising contents dynamically. Other applications include daily price menu for restaurants, today’s special offer, discounts, sales, promotional products etc. This can also be installed in various public places like bus stops, railway platforms, airports, tourist attractions etc. to display local advertisement or important information for people.

As a digital signage display manufacturer we provide standard sizes of displays (maximum up to 21 inches). But our back end solution allows customers to connect to their existing TV or LCD or LED screen. We have designed a retrofit machine that can cohesively be attached to any signage solutions, which are already available.