Turn & Burn: The Future of Digital Signage

In this episode of Turn & Burn, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we are diving into digital signage with Cineplex. Nick Prigioniero, President at Cineplex Digital Networks, joins us to discuss some of the advancements that are out there for restaurants — LCD technologies like digital interactive tabletop games, for example; the future of mobile technology in relation to redemption and loyalty; and key products that Prigioniero foresees will take us into the future of the restaurant space.
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Drive-thru menu boards accelerating into the digital future

Drive-thru menu boards accelerating into the digital future
Digital displays will recognize that a vehicle has entered the property and identify if the customer needs to view a menu board or if the order was already placed using a mobile app. The display will direct the vehicle to an order point, holding area …
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Week in Review: Article backs rejection of ETE-Williams merger
Vacie Deal, after ordering breakfast at a McDonald's restaurant in Tulsa at about 11 a.m. The company selected Tulsa for a six-month test of a larger breakfast menu. … Goddard, CEO and chief investment officer at Capital Advisors Inc., takes readers …
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Starbucks opens first 'express' store at Union Station
In a sneak peek, the new 400-square-foot, open-concept digs won't have seating but instead features digital menu boards with the coffee behemoth's most popular products such as brewed coffee, signature espresso and chilled beverages, sandwiches and …
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Apple Reveals Future Smart Apple Watch Band that could Act as a Messaging Display

Apple Reveals Future Smart Apple Watch Band that could Act as a Messaging Display
The disclosed embodiments incorporate light pipe fibers into woven fabric, such as a tether or wrist band, used with an electronic device. The light pipes receive light from LED's in the electronic device at the point of connection of the fabric to the …
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Scoreboards Being Installed At US Bank Stadium
The new stadium will feature high definition LED boards that rank in the top-10 in size among NFL stadiums. And they've been manufactured by Minnesota workers. The company that makes the boards, Daktronics, has scoreboard displays in most NFL, NBA, …
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Social Media's Troubling Terrorist Infestation
Chat rooms, forums, message boards and other forms of online communication are prime methods for engaging in illicit communications, in part because they are easy to access yet difficult to monitor. "We don't know all the ways that [ISIS] communicates …
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A Greener Future for Outdoor Digital Signage

There are many advantages to using outdoor digital signage: Its engaging, flexible, versatile and dynamic allowing advertisements to be scheduled for key times and even multiple adverts displayed on a single space.

But despite these advantages are there are drawbacks to using outdoor screens for promotion and advertising, especially when it concerns the environment.

There is always an environmental cost with outdoor advertising; even static signs that have to be erected and replaced by technicians, who drive around in vans, have a carbon outlay.

Going Green

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the need to be a little more eco-friendly but there are good economical reasons for it too as well as environmental ones.

Saving energy often goes hand in hand with saving money so any outdoor digital signage that saves energy is more cost effective than a less green and more power hungry system.

The biggest power usage with an outdoor digital display is the backlight. Backlighting is used by LCD TVs to ensure brightness of the image – the brighter the backlight then the brighter the image; however, its not just outdoor digital signage that is reliant on backlighting as static signs used in outdoor locations are often back-lit too, to allow them to be seen at night.

LED Back-lit LCD TVs

Saving on backlighting is therefore one method of reducing the carbon footprint of an outdoor digital signage campaign.

There has been a growing trend of using LCD TVs that are back-lit by LEDs. These save a dramatic amount of power in comparison to the standard incandescent back light while providing just as much brightness – essential for outdoor digital signage applications.

But there is another method of ensuring the green credentials of your outdoor digital signage campaign and ensuring you save money too.

Screen life

Too frequent replacements of LCD displays also have environmental impacts. Not only are you burdening the world with an LCD device that has to be thrown away but the energy and resources that go into making a new TV adds to the environmental impact.

Ensuring the screen runs as long as possible is therefore not only a sure fire way of saving money but will ensure the green credentials of your campaign.

Ensuring the outdoor digital signage display is in a good quality LCD enclosure that not only protects from the elements but also ensures the optimum conditions inside the enclosure is one method of ensuring the maximum longevity of an LCD TV.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

AEG Network LIVE to Broadcast Future Live Concert Events in MAXD HD Based on Success of the Global Citizen Festival

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

AEG Network Live and Max Sound (MAXD) joined forces to distribute the audio broadcast for the 2012 Global Citizen Festival which aired on September 29, 2012 in Central Park, New York City becoming the largest syndication of a live music charity webcast and broadcast in history.

With the audio being broadcast flawlessly in MAXD HD, fans around the globe were able to access a constant stream of live content powered by AEG Digital Media’s Online Broadcasting Center to ensure a flawless viewing and listening experience.

“Anyone who heard the concert event from a live stream was able to close their eyes and think they were at the actual show. We were truly able to take audio streaming to a new level of excellence,“ said John Blaisure CEO of Max Sound Corporation.

MAXD is a the audio processing technology of Max Sound Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MAXD) the HD Audio Company that is bringing life back to concerts, music, movies, video games, television and mobile devices.

“I am thrilled that AEG Live implemented Max Sound’s HD Audio process for this history making event and I look forward to future events to provide the best sounding output to audiences everywhere,” said John Rubey, President, AEG Network LIVE.


MAXD is to audio what HD (High Definition) is to video. The MAXD™ Audio Process makes everything sound better and can convert any audio file to high definition quality while significantly reducing the file size. Visit us http://www.maxsound.com

Max Sound® and MAXD™ are registered trademarks and Patent Pending technologies wholly owned by Max Sound Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About AEG Network Live

Network LIVE is the industry‘s largest provider of live, digital and 3D entertainment, offering fans unparalleled access to the artists they want—when and how they want it—via broadband, TV, radio, wireless, theatrical and retail. AEG Network LIVE has completed successful tour and album launch campaigns for AEG Live clients including Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Prince, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and many others. More information on AEG Network Live can be found at http://www.networklive.com.


The Global Citizen Festival was a free concert with the sole purpose to generate global awareness and help put an end extreme poverty. This historic event was a part of the ongoing effort of the Global Citizen Campaign, who’s goal was to bring together the top leading non-profit organizations, musicians and 60,000 change makers to raise awareness for this cause worldwide. Performances included; Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, Band of Horses and K’Naan. The event was Hosted by Katie Couric, Jeffrey Sachs, Jack Dorsey, Olivia Wilde, Minka Kelly, Sophia Bush, Selena Gomez and Katharine McPhee.

PR Contact for AEG Network LIVE

Axis Entertainment, Inc

Sarah Miller, smiller(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com

Thao Le, thao(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com


Max Sound Corporation

John Blaisure Phone: 888-777-1987

Email: john(at)maxsound(dot)com

Audio Spotlight’s Sound Beam Turns Heads At The Smithsonian Future Is Here Festival in Washington, D.C.

Watertown, MA (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

Holosonics‘ Audio Spotlight speakers sound like the stuff of science fiction: they produce a narrow beam of sound with the same precision as a flashlight. At any point inside the beam sound is clear and present, literally surrounding the listener’s head, while just a single step or two outside the narrow coverage area sonic bleed is nearly inaudible. Harnessing the miniature wavelengths of an ultrasonic carrier, and relying on entirely different physics than traditional loudspeakers, Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight system is literally capable of providing sound where you want it, and preserving the quiet where you don’t.™

The Audio Spotlight technology was a perfect fit for the spirit of The Smithsonian’s Future Is Here Festival, an annual celebration and exploration of science, technology, culture and the arts gathered around the exciting, elastic theme of future technology. Focused on motivating young people in science, guest speakers Deborah Berebichez of Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science and Kari Byron of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters used the Audio Spotlight speaker to pan the audience, giving those in attendance a truly unique listening experience.

As Berebichez explains, “We discussed the physics of sound and demonstrated the futuristic effect of Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight speaker by beaming the popular Pharrell Williams song ‘Happy’ to the audience. Having never experienced anything similar before, people laughed and applauded as the beam of music passed by their heads, and the excitement could be felt in the room.”

To help relate the benefits of Holosonics’ directional speakers, Byron and Berebichez referenced Hollywood’s science fiction blockbuster ‘Minority Report,’ which included scenes where actor Tom Cruise was singularly targeted on a public sidewalk with personalized retail advertising announcements. The futuristic concept was based directly on Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight technology, and adding controlled sound to digital signage or in-store product displays are already two of the more popular applications for their directional speakers.

Kari and Debbie discussed other practical applications where controlled sound is of particular benefit, such as museums, galleries, and trade show exhibits, kiosks, waiting rooms, offices, and healthcare facilities, and even assisted listening for the hard of hearing. As the technology continues to mature and evolve, they expect Holosonics’ speakers could one day be found in every household, allowing families to split-screen TV’s and listen to different programming from opposite sides of the same couch, or to help a slumbering partner sleep more comfortably in peace while their spouse watches TV beside them in bed.

Kari shares, “The Holosonic speaker is a perfect example of how today’s innovations can impact our daily lives for years to come. It was great to demonstrate the power of the Audio Spotlight technology to a science-minded audience.”

About Holosonic Research Labs, Inc.

Holosonic Research Labs, Inc., a pioneer in directional acoustics, develops and manufactures the Audio Spotlight® directional sound system. Founded in 1999 by MIT graduate Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, Holosonics’ Audio Spotlight technology is used in a wide variety of applications including museums, libraries, offices, reception areas, retail displays, trade shows and retail kiosks. The world’s top organizations and companies use the Audio Spotlight directional sound system to beam sound to their listeners… and preserve the quiet.™

Future of A1A: fewer trees, more concrete

Future of A1A: fewer trees, more concrete
Board member Jeanne Scott supports electronic signs and frequent message flipping, calling digital displays the wave of the future. “I'm not for bungee cord strapping, that would not be pleasing to the eye,” said Scott. “Pleasing to the eye is signs …
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Lake Saint Louis considers options for possible texting while driving ban
Lake Saint Louis officials are getting mixed messages on a bill that would ban adult drivers from texting and sending electronic messages while driving a motor vehicle in the city. One message … The board took no final action on the bill at their May …
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Mohammed at Arab Media Forum on Day 2
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid was briefed by the Director-General of the Government of Dubai Media Office, Mona Ghanem Al Marri, on ways to use the devices and advanced electronic screens by media personnel and journalists. Al Marri said that the hall is …
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