Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North Installs Event Module with FlyteBoard for Guest Information

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) November 5, 2014

The Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North is adjacent to ATL, the busiest airport in the world. To make “also invited gracious travel experience possible, the typed Flyte Systems its module to add the event to FlyteBoard real-time display of the hotel flight times for ads cost-effective and tourist information property on a single screen. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost-effective Travel information Airport displayed and digital signage content “nofollow” for the hospitality, digital signage, and convention center industries and related activities. Click here request information on airport travel and information services of Flyte Systems customers.

“About 80 percent of our customers come through the Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. The best service we can provide is to simplify their travel experience and make their stay more comfortable with us,” said Shawna Smalling , Sales Manager for 174 rooms Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North. “Real-time flight information Flyte Systems is precious and we now have property events, meeting schedules, and signage on handset display. All the information a client needs to businesses and to confirm their travel plans in one place. “Combined event display and FlyteBoard establishing national Doppler radar also shows and is used by meeting planners to host VIPs and members.

“Flyte Systems Custom sizes FlyteBoard our special fonts for meeting announcements Event module and positioned where we weather graphics on the screen,” said Smalling. “The event management portal makes it easy for me to publish our events, update meeting room assignments, and groups welcome. The training of Flyte Systems was excellent.” FlyteBoard is the only solution flight information display full service that provides real-time information on flight departure subscription.

DDG Valera Franklin said, “We often see customers to check flights on the Atlanta FlyteBoard. They love it because they do not have to use their computer or mobile application to check if their flight is on time. Moreover, it is not uncommon to have clients from extending their stay if they see their flight is canceled. “

Scott Triphahn, Flyte Systems vice president said: “A lot of properties with FlyteBoard displays add our event module to combine proprietary customer services and travel. Our online event management portal, it is very easy to update the information and the display is more attractive than a standard card reader. We use property photos and rotation settings to make interesting and informative display. “

Flyte Systems provides real-time flight information

Flyte Systems offers a range of products that serve the traveling public: FlyteBoard, FlytePass, FlyteChannel, FlyteTouch, Pocket FlytePad information on the mobile company and event module. The latest innovation of the company is InfoBoard that combines aerial flight information so the total property survey, weather, traffic, area attractions, and more.

FlyteBoard is a wall, floor or ceiling high definition, flat panel screen for lobbies, restaurants, bars and other public areas, displaying flight information for one or more airports .
FlytePass FlyteTouch combines with print access, secure boarding pass. It is available as a standalone unit or carefully packaged in a kiosk is all wood kiosk or integrated metal to match your decor.
FlyteChannel enables customers to visualize the airport flight information easily and comfortably live their TV in the bedroom.
FlyteTouch allows individual customers to search flight information using an interactive touch screen that displays flight arrivals and departures in real time to one or more airports.
FlytePad mobile service is a loan that provides air information in real time via the iPad, enabling hotel staff to provide information anywhere and anytime airline.
Module Flyte meetings and event displays user-configurable events on split screens with flight information or on its own dedicated screen.
InfoBoard is a cost effective touch screen that saves labor, provides greater customer service and generates income with flight information and more.

Many hotels and resort centers also use Flyte applications increase revenue systems with marketing innovative approaches for distressed travelers. For tips on how to generate revenue by providing guests with Flyte Systems airline information, please log on to the Flyte Systems website at http://www.flytesystems.com .

About Flyte Systems

Division of Industrial Television Services Flyte Systems (ITS), based in Chicago, Illinois, is the leading provider of environmentally responsible airport flight information subscription displays for the hospitality, convention center and digital signage industries and related businesses. It provides up-to-date accurate and instant flight information airport centered – not only provided FAA departure times that are based on schedule only and do not update when there is a delay on the ground. Properties are able to differentiate their products and increase customer loyalty and repeat business with “view-and-go ‘essence of the day of a traveler. Product suite Flyte Systems is based on the 50-year history of ITS as the main direct flight information provider to airports, airlines, government agencies, port authorities, and other enterprises on Basic travel. Flyte Systems was founded in 2007 to provide new technologies and products Travel Web lines. In addition to using Energy Star compliant digital displays, Flyte products help significantly reduce energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary trips to the airport. Customers include Marriott, Hyatt, Westin, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Hilton, Doubletree, Hotel Sofitel, Adam’s Mark, Renaissance and Crowne Plaza hotels, independent properties, convention centers and transportation centers.

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