Columbus First Assembly of God in Columbus, Indiana Goes Digital With an LED Sign

Columbus, IN (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

The old building where The First Assembly of God in Columbus, Indiana sits is solid. Established. Some might even say old-fashioned. It’s natural stone exterior is a comfortable symbol of America’s glory years, a building that hearkens back to the golden days of President Eisenhower and huge, bubble shaped gas-guzzlers from Detroit a few hundred miles to the north. Nestled in old trees and an established residential neighborhood, the place of worship is a well-worn landmark.

It’s here you will find Pastor Rick standing at the podium every Sunday, leading his members in prayer and thanksgiving. He preaches a vibrant, contemporary message to the listeners about faith in modern times. About the stability of God in the era of cell phones, tablets, and 10-second soundbites. He’s seen the church demographic get more and more tech-savvy, and he’s able to relate to that mindset. He speaks their language, and they love him for it.

Sure, the church had a couple of facelifts over the years, but they were mainly in the back of the property. The side of the church facing the busy highway remains unchanged and virtually ignored in the scenery.

Pastor Rick had to pass by the fading changeable letter marquee sign out front each time he drove into the church parking lot. Paint, long flaked off, winked at him through the rust and corrosion underneath. The yellowing letters mocked him; they weren’t saying outside what he was saying inside. The albatross gave the impression to everyone who passed it that the church was outdated and out of touch.

Well, the times they are a-changin’. Pastor Rick just installed an electronic LED sign.

Where the anemic marquee once whispered, a vibrant and radically different digital, fully programmable LED church sign now proclaims service times, inspirational or funny messages, Bible verses, sermon topics…whatever. The entire digital world is available to the church through the LED sign, because its content can change any time the church wants it to. From a computer, laptop, tablet, even a cell phone.

Gone are the days of dragging the heavy box of plastic letters to the antiquated old board in the unpredictable weather of central Indiana because the sermon topic needs to be updated. Drivers passing the church no longer feel that the church is so traditional and unrelenting. They see a Twenty-first Century community on the move with something relevant to offer. They see a welcoming beacon that calls out to everyone to come and see what’s fresh and progressive inside.

How is the community reacting to the new church signage?

“Well,” he says, chuckling a bit. “They tease me because the sign is so bright they fear they might go blind…we have to dim it a little. But the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive from both inside and outside of the church.”

It’s too soon to actually point to the LED sign as the impetus that started a movement, but Pastor Rick is hopeful. He’s confident in his message of hope in modern times, and now he has a modern media tool to back him up.

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