People Looking at Wall of Honor

People Looking at Wall of Honor

Image by camknows
And there it is. Here is a better view of it, but this picture shows some people standing around looking at it. The signage will be updated and changed every month with new pictures and information. Should be there for years to come. Proud to have been a part of this project to give back to my own community at Msft.

Are You Looking For Message Boards or Trade Show Display

Bulletin board ideas are great ways of communicating news, ideas and goals to employees. These help employees and the managers to share information regarding the upcoming policies, events and procedures of the company, besides encouraging employees to attain goals. Justick Business bulletin boards are useful in displaying the goals for a week, month or a year and the greatest advantage is it need not be stuck using any glue. The board is of immense use as the manager can change it according to the activity of the team. This can also include a graph to show the team growth and measures of achieving the goal with the inclusion of the teams name and date of goal completion.

With umpteen numbers of offices going green reducing carbon footprints is rightly done by using Justick boards. In this way, you can save the environment and can save paper and printing. Justick is a patented and unique adhesion technology that its functionality is effective and innovative to display attachment methods. The Justick boards follow the basic theory of force and this is seen as photons exchange that is like ripples appearing in the electromagnetic field. The electron comes as an electric field and creates a magnetic field. The Justick has a smooth surface, non-tacky, polymer based and engineered to be integrated and manufactured as one of the major consumer products. Its visual applications are limitless facilitating a series of innovative applications.

Justick meets quality control standards and high regulatory in global markets and is certified safe for office, home and commercial use. Message boards are useful to keep your house members informed of some sudden visit taking you out of your home or these message boards are useful within the house for your children to remind them of their chores. It is also of immense use when you are going out for some personal work and you can inform your family members by stating it on the message boards.

Trade show display is such that it has to be put on public places so that it comes to notice. Any trade show gives an opportunity to get noticed by outsiders. However, the employees of your office also come to know about the trade show when you put it on your Justick boards informing about the trade show. This is essential to keep everyone informed of the show to be scheduled in a week or a month so that everything is kept ready.

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