McDonalds ~ 2 of 3 photos

McDonalds ~ 2 of 3 photos
TV Menu
Image by Urban Woodswalker
Mr Speedee still hangin’ happy on the sign of the Number ONE FIRST Ray Kroc McDonalds in the entire world.

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As a child in kindergarten and 1st grade, my mom would take me here for after school treats…a milk shake or french fries…..or maybe even a 15 cent hamburger. There were fewer choices back then…we were happy with with the menu…..cheese or plain burgers, milk shakes in 3 flavors, and French fries….YES! ! !

I loved this place…..Mr Speedee was on the paper hats of the friendly counter help, and on all the napkins, cups, and wrappings. I always wanted to take all the stuff home…I remember the helpers giving me the paper hats…wish I had those now! I remember just how brightly lit it was in there….after spending the day in school, the bright shiny interior was so uplifting…I never wanted to go home.

The year was 1960 and I remember it like yesterday. We went every week….if I was bad…no McDonalds! Back then we did not have TV (in our home)…so things like toys and or McDonalds were the only things to be taken away.

Recently I paid a visit to my old town…Central School , this McDonalds (not open to the public but you can still view it outside an iron fence) , and another favorite old time diner…the Choo Choo (with the train delivering your meal!) …are all still here in Des Plaines…. like it was still 1961. It seems I am the only one who has changed. I plan on returning….its been 50 years since I have explored.

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Tips on How to Display Your Best Family Photos

A family most likely has a lot of great memories that they will want to cherish, however it is not easy to always have to print out digital images and make scrapbooks whenever great memories are made. Luckily there are many easy ways that you can easily display those great favorite family memories.

Special photo boxes are a great way to store pics without the headache of putting all the pictures in albums or making scrapbooks. Pics put in keepsake photo boxes will not need to conform to special photo dimensions and the great thing about memory boxes is that you can include keepsakes, such as ticket stubs or cocktail napkins, with your memorable pictures!

With special keepsake boxes you also don’t have to make a photo box for each occasion. You may dedicate one photo box for the entire year and collect all of your favorite pics of the year in its own keepsake box. Other family members can contribute to the keepsake box and add their favorites memories too. Having a memory box symbolizing an entire year may also permit it to be much easier if you end up really wanting to make a photo scrapbook or album down the road. You may have all you need in one easy-to-find place!

Another easy option to keep your favorite photos fresh is to keep a special bulletin board or French board up in the kitchen or family room. Family photographs can easily be shown-off and taken down without all the extra hassle of rearranging a photo album. A special board provides you a dedicated space to show off special photos and keepsakes. Many people also decide to show their most favorite recent pictures on their fridge using cool magnets. No matter what, using a spot where you can enjoy your best family pictures each day is so much better than having the memories hidden away and forgotten in an album.

Digital picture frames could be the newest and easiest way to to rotate and display recent family photos. Just about all digital photo frames simply require that you insert a thumb drive of pictures into the photo frame and it will start up a rotating slideshow with the simple simple flip of a switch! Lots of digital frames can hold up to several hundred photos, so you will not be seeing the same photos repeatedly.

The family pictures could be adjusted to match the occasion too. If it is a special event, such as Christmas time, perhaps you can insert a memory stick that includes exclusively photographs from past Christmas holidays. The great thing about digital picture displays is that you and your family don’t need to develop hundreds of pictures, instead you only need to download all your favorite photos that you want onto a USB drive and let the photo frame do the work!

An alternate way to electronically display your most loved images is to set your computer screensaver to display your most favorite pics when it goes to sleep. If you have a laptop that is hooked up to your TV set, then this could be a easy way to show off your best family images easily. With a few clicks, you’ll have your favorite photos up and changing every time your laptop sleeps, it does not get much easier than that.

Displaying your most memorable family images is a wonderful way to keep the fun memories fresh. Most of these ideas can also be make great gifts for extended members of the family who might not live nearby. The grandparents may appreciate a keepsake box with a year’s worth of photographs gifted to them every holiday season. You could simply need to make extra copies when developing your most favorite photographs.

Digital photo frames uploaded with great memories may also make wonderful wedding anniversary gifts for your husband or wife. If you are stumped on when to give such a gift, then consider checking out wedding anniversary gifts by year to see which year would be appropriate to present a digital frame or wooden photo box of memories.

Motivation Derived From Photos on Canvas Prints

Using images to conjure up emotion is common. Enlarging images and then transferring those images to photos on canvas prints can be a creative way for an individual to stay focused daily.

Photo on canvas service providers can transfer any image onto canvas. Custom software applications are capable of enhancing every pixel in the image in a fascinating manner, revealing detail and color that is truly amazing. Prints on canvas can be enlarged to over 40″ x 60″ or can be customized for a “larger than life” appeal.

Most everyone has seen the pictures hanging on the walls of offices that promote an ideal principle. A popular image shows a mountain climber, with a magnificent mountain backdrop, clinging perilously to the face of a rock with his legs dangling beneath him. Below the image is a caption which reads: “Perseverance- What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Regardless of the objective, the concept is still the same; use images to motivate behavior. Due to a number of ongoing improvements to digital imagery and photo editing, photography (and the end results of taking pictures) has made significant advancements in the last few years. With these improvements comes the improvement of transferring a photo to canvas prints, resulting in the ability of any image to be converted to a magnificent photo on canvas for a motivational boost to anyone in need.

Some boxers use pictures of their opponents to motivate themselves while training for their next match. Sports teams often post images and quotes on their bulletin boards in order to be mindful of their next game.

The phase “out of sight, out of mind” can be traced back to the 13th century to John Heywood’s: “Woorkes. A dialogue containing pruebes and epigrammes.” The premise is simple: anything that is not in direct view can easily be forgotten, regardless of its importance. Experts say that this is often the reason that many office workers have cluttered desks. Many workers will leave entire folders (many inches thick) stacked upon their desk as a reminder that there is a task that they need to accomplish; again, using images to remind them of something important.

Many weight loss experts believe that using images on a refrigerator can guide overweight people with reminders; there are arguments over which approach works better: a positive reinforcement of a negative reinforcement. Salespeople are often encouraged by their sales managers to identify an item that they would like to purchase, such as a boat, new car, or a vacation. The sales people are then told to find a picture that will remind them of the potential future purchase and place it in a conspicuous place that the salesperson will view every day. In doing so the sales manager wants the image to encourage the sales person to do “whatever it takes” to make that dream a reality.

Trustworthy companies in the photos to canvas business usually have a multitude of images available to lend insight into what your images may look like after the transformation. A quick search on the internet can provide an ample list of qualified service providers. Customers simply upload images to a website and complete the entire transaction online without ever printing the image at all.

Converting photo prints to canvas has become very affordable; entry level packages start out around $ 60. Most canvases can arrive in as little as 3-4 business days. Transferring a picture onto a canvas can be one of the most important motivational tools ever invested in by anyone looking to make a significant change in their life. With over 5,000 satisfied clients, Canvas On Demand has been featured on E! Entertainment Television and ABC Television’s The View morning talk show. They are located in Raleigh, NC and specialize in custom services that transfer images to canvas prints.

Are you looking to create Canvas Photo from your photos? As featured in the Wall Street Journal and Better Homes and Garden, Canvas On Demand can help you create a beautiful, personalized Photos on Canvas. With over five thousand satisfied customers worldwide, you are sure to be satisfied.