New products Umbrella dryer Model

New products Umbrella dryer Model

Double model. Side operation. Includes electronic message board.
Welcome to visit Dandong Guangyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Wet Umbrella dispenser uses for wrapping wet umbrella and also can be used as advertising equipment. It is qualified product with CE, RoHS and China patent certificate. The bags used for wrapping are in accordance with European standard.
We are specialised in this industry for more than 10 years, has launched 20 different models and have been exported to over 30 countries.
Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Company Name: Dandong Guangyuan Science Technology Co., Ltd.
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Houston Barricade & Supply- Products

Houston Barricade & Supply- Products

Houston Barricade Rentals – Houston Construction Signs – Houston Traffic Control – Houston Arrow Boards – Houston Electronic Message Boards – Houston Hard Hats – Houston Safety Vests – Houston Caution Tape – Houston Road Work Ahead – Houston Signs – No Parking Signs – Handicap Signs – Street Signs – Stop Signs
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HOUSTON BARRICADES – Eagle Traffic, Signs, & Safety – Our Products

Eagle Products – Houston Barricade Rentals – Houston Construction Signs – Houston Traffic Control – Houston Arrow Boards – Houston Electronic Message Boards – Houston Hard Hats – Houston Safety Vests – Houston Caution Tape – Houston Road Work Ahead – Houston Signs – No Parking Signs – Handicap Signs – Street Signs – Stop Signs – And More!
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Adventrix Products

At Adventrix, providing you with the perfect signage solutions is always the priority. The company’s portfolio is very versatile, including safety signs, warning signs, but other digital signages as well like whiteboard animations, sign boards, and other outdoor signage that makes Adventrix one of the biggest signage companies in the UAE. Let’s take a more detailed look into the solutions, and even specific products they are providing for their customers.

Product types

– Adventrix is happy to provide various directional signs
– Creating and maintaining entrance signs
– Reception signs
– Various parking signs
– Safety signs
– Directory signs
– Lobby directories (for lifts)
– Level indicators for stairwells
– Internal walls and/or directional signs you can mount on ceilings
– Departmental signs
– Signs for room identification
– Table top signs

The company’s internal sign solutions are very famous within the industry, being one of the top reasons why Adventrix is one of the best digital signage developer company in Dubai. They naturally follow all guidelines during their work, while also using environmentally friendly materials wherever they can, which is coming from recycled or at least sustainable sources. At Adventrix, they focus on creating not only attractive and dependable digital signage solutions, but to create the right impression while doing it, towards the customers and the industry as well.

Those internal signage solutions that the company creates, will allow the customer to create their own, individual signs, signs that can come with various configurations and sizes as well. If the customer wants a highly customizable solution, they’ll get exactly that from Adventrix. The company is able to do that because they can create “themes” using various components during the developing process. This way, they can actually create an entire new system for you and your company, one that highlight yours or your business’ identity wherever they end up being displayed.

Bespoke Signage

Adventrix has developed a new light box technology which in itself is nothing new when it comes to digital signage solutions, but those light boxes come with a thinner design that is also less energy consuming. In addition, those products were also praised for their high functionality.

Shopfront Signage

Adventrix is also a leading force within the industry when it comes digital signage solutions and whiteboard animations regarding shop fronts. Those signs – just like the above mentioned light boxes – come with improved energy consumption, not to mention a longer life span, along with improved lighting.

Sleek Light Boxes

If you are after the ultimate light box experience, the sleek light boxes are the perfect solution for you, those extra thin sign boards are coming in a state of the art design with high functionality and of course improved capabilities, even compared to the company’s otherwise already highly efficient “regular” light boxes. Those thin designs will help you put your company over the top in any environment, people are guaranteed t pay attention to those signs thanks to their perfect lighting and crystal clear visuals.

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Popular products of Digital signage in Retail


Business always needs value marketing. Starting from flyers to billboards and pamphlets, different medium from the printing is used to convey the message to the consumer. There has been new addition to the world of advertisement technologically. These products are used to lay down the message, but completely in a new and interactive fashion. One of the widely popular medium is digital signage. Digital signage in retail is steaming at an incredibly fast rate towards future. Newer and improved technologies are contributing to the advancement. There are different players, software, new programming and others that are now put to use.


Since, advertising is integrating the newer medium for their benefit, the technologies has in fact been quite beneficial for the corporate. There are a lot of choices in terms of digital signage in retail. There are standalone, hard wired players and also WIFI. While standalone systems can be put to use for displaying posters that can be manually updated through an USB connector, the WIFI ones can upload the images from remote location. The traditional method is to put the information manually through an optic cable. So, according to the location and the budget, one can use different types of digital signage in retail.


For display, different types of modems and display screen can be used. There is high definition or HD resolution with 1080p. HDMI connectors, flat screen and flash supporting system can be brought. LED screens are also available. One can also improve the mode of communication through premium display support of up to 1280×1024 resolutions for video. It is necessary that the system would support MPEG 1, 2, 4 and also support other audio files like WMA, MP3, WAV, etc.


To attract the customer, an advertisement demands crystal clear image with supporting audio and visual. Side by side, it is also necessary that the system should be simple to use. Without training and proper knowledge about the systems, an ordinary user should be able to handle the files, up load the programs and use the software to make it operational within no time. There are some systems available in the market, which allows the user to feed the text and the images directly from the internet sources. It is just as television broadcasting. It is easy to handle these processes.


Multiple Display units are also available in the market. User can split the display into two separate sections. These two separate sections can be managed simultaneously yet independently from the zone of operation. Most of the times, such displays have separate playlists and also connections. This allows scheduling the two display areas separately. Everything can be handled smoothly.


Software and application that is required to handle this unit are available with the systems as a package. One need not download the software and install them separately. It is also not necessary that someone would buy the software separately. One can handle the whole set-up in a synchronized fashion. It is possible to update the messages from time to time.


Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the digital signage market place.

Should I Only Use My Message on Hold to Promote My Products?

If you are creating an on hold message for your business than its tempting to use it purely as an infomercial about your products and services.  On hold messages are a great way to educate your callers about your product line and the benefits they can bring, but you can also use this time to help your callers in other ways.

An on hold message first serves to let your caller know that they haven’t been disconnected or abandoned.  If left with just silence, a caller will be unsure whether their call is being directed to the correct person or has been forgotten about.  Use the message to thank your caller for making the call and that you appreciate their business and assistance is only moments away.

Also use your message on hold to inform your callers about your business opening and closing times – and if these are affected by any holiday periods.  Include your full business location and directions as to how to find you.  If your customer service team have any frequently asked questions that can easily be included within your on hold script than this could save them time and increase their efficiency.

Why not notify your callers if your company has any employment opportunities.  Satisfied customers could potentially be an excellent addition to your work force. If you’re able to fill your vacancies through your on hold message then this could save your company recruitment and advertising costs.

Why not use this opportunity to show your company as the leader in its field.  Tell your callers about any industry awards and recognitions.  Publicize your credentials and mention any professional associations and memberships that you belong too.  Mention how long you have been working in the industry, tell callers about your experience you have gathered from your years in the business. 

You could also offer your callers expert hints and tips – share your knowledge and suggest they sign up to a newsletter for weekly/monthly updates.  Giving professional advice and tips will show your callers that you know your business and have the experience that will inspire your customers with confidence.

Use your on hold message to educate and inform your callers.  Your callers will appreciate it and so will your bottom line!

Alison Pitman
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UIEvolution Names Neil Fishman As Vice President of Connected Products Engineering

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

UIEvolution, Inc., a global leader in highly scalable connected device software solutions for Enterprise companies in the Hospitality, Cruise and Automotive industries, announced today the appointment of Neil Fishman as Vice President of Connected Products Engineering. A 22-year veteran of Microsoft, Neil will be responsible for all engineering and development functions for the company’s Connected Products Team, focused specifically on efforts in the Hospitality, Cruise and Retail verticals.

Mr. Fishman is uniquely suited to lead UIEvolution’s Connected Products engineering efforts, having previously worked on key product portfolios at Microsoft. He recently managed multiple teams of developers in the Xbox Live and Windows Marketplace organization. He also spent more than a decade in the Windows Server Organization helping build multiple editions of Windows Server that have been successful in the market. Neil has extensive experience designing and implementing engineering processes that allow teams to quickly develop code while ensuring that it meets product code and industry standards.

“UIEvolution continues to grow at a fast pace,” said Chris Ruff, Chief Executive Officer and president of UIEvolution. “Neil’s experience and technical background truly reinforces the UIEvolution leadership team, validating our mission and opportunity to build great software for Enterprise companies. He has a deep passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries in engineering, and we’re happy that he chose to join our team at UIEvolution.”

In his new role, Neil will oversee all aspects of the company’s Connected Products team, including key stakeholder engagement activities for UIEvolution. His arrival is timed parallel with the company’s recent announcement of UIE ExperienceManager™ 2.0, an industry-leading platform for creating next-generation experiences on digital displays. Providing a unified solution for In-Room Entertainment, Digital Signage, Personalized Mobile Applications and Complete Business Management Tools, UIE ExperienceManager™ 2.0 provides opportunities for Enterprise customers to increase their brand identity and revenue opportunities.

“I look forward to the opportunity of working with the great talent at UIEvolution and continuing their mission of delivering innovative products for Enterprise companies at a rapid pace,” said Neil Fishman, VP of Connected Products Engineering at UIEvolution. “Having been in the tech space for decades, I truly understand UIEvolution’s focus on both delivering a positive impact for the end-user and staying on the cusp of change. And I look forward to helping the company remain on the bleeding edge of technology, furthering their engineering discipline for great success.”

Neil received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his S.M. degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Harvard University.

Headquartered in Seattle with offices in Tokyo and Detroit, UIEvolution has a proven track record with clients like Toyota, Lexus, Carnival Cruise Lines, Samsung, AT&T, Microsoft, Disney, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Learn more about UIEvolution by exploring this video or visiting our website at

About UIEvolution

UIEvolution is a vertical cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider specializing in highly scalable connected device software and solutions across a broad range of markets, including Automotive, Cruise, Hotel, Retail and more. We believe that technology and connectivity should enhance and never distract from life experiences. From our inception in 2000, we have said – The User’s Experience Matters. And, now for nearly 15 years we have made software and provided services that deliver this vision. Headquartered in Seattle with offices in Tokyo and Detroit, UIEvolution has a proven track record with clients like Toyota, Lexus, Carnival Cruise Lines, Samsung, AT&T, Microsoft, Disney, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

Christie Products Help Promote Michigan State Basketball

Christie Products Help Promote Michigan State Basketball
"Coach Izzo and his staff are well known and respected, and the school wanted a digital display system to highlight that and the successful history of the program. They wanted to show off what Michigan State does and can do for potential recruits." The …
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BroadSign digital signage keeps rolling, lands UK's Eye Airports deal
U.K. airport advertising company Eye Airports has selected BroadSign International LLC's cloud-based digital signage software platform to power its network of screens across 28 airports in the U.K., according to an announcement from BrightSign.
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Infinitus Launches Outdoor Product Line
The line, which consists of 12 all-in-one freestanding and wall-mount digital signs, is intended for direct sun exposed public areas within temperature range of -25 and 40 degrees Celsius (77 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit), the company said. According to …
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