Convey messages and information with Reader Boards

Reader boards (also known as LED message signs) are the most efficient and cost effective way to send your message to thousands of people. They allow you to share real time messages to potential customers 24/7. Reader boards are used in just about any business situation, including commercial hubs, stand-alone businesses, multiplexes, shopping complexes, restaurants, airports, metro stations and many other places.

A good advertising strategy is one of most important aspects of a business plan and can be the difference between a business failing or succeeding. Reader boards are one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. With one reader board strategically placed in or in front of your business, your company will be noticed and your message viewed by thousands of people.

Reader boards are extremely eye catching. The electronic messages are shown with bright LEDs and multiple colors and animations that catch the attention of potential customers that pass by your business.

Reader boards are an important tool to make potential customers aware of your products, services, promotions and any other message you want to disseminate. Reader boards can be used by anything from a startup company that needs to be noticed and get top of mind awareness to an established company that needs to keep their products and services in the mind of their customers.

Reader boards have a proven track record of being effective advertising tools. They help you to make your business stand out among your competitors and add value to your brand by constantly reminding people who and where you are and what products and services you offer them.

Whether your business is new or established and you are searching for effective ways to advertise it, consider electronic reader boards. Signtronix sign company offers a wide range of reader boards. A specialist can help you to choose the best reader board to meet the needs of your advertising program. If you are still not sure about the impact that a reader board can have on your business, a Signtronix signs dealer can show you case studies and tips on how they are used by other businesses.

Reader boards and LED displays are becoming popular methods of advertising. Besides being great marketing tools, they are easy to install and maintain. Reader boards have effectively helped many businesses from virtually all industries. Reader boards and LED displays are excellent ways to promote a business and help it to grow by attracting potential customers.

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Watch the world go by using reader boards

Reader boards or electronic message signs are illuminated, electronic advertising media tools that allow you to display messages in real time. Reader boards are used both indoors and outdoors with many purposes within different kinds of businesses.

Reader boards, which are LED based, are the most efficient and cost effective way to spread your message to thousands of people without any personal interaction on your part. The sign is your “voice on the street”. You just have to program the message on the sign and your ideas, promotions, or any other type of messages will be displayed to everyone that passes by. Reader boards are extremely eye catching which means your message will definitely be viewed by many potential customers.

Reader board signs are a great way to show messages and ideas that range from community information to business promotions and sales. The messages are usually shown in large fonts and with a variety of animations and colors so that it’s almost impossible not to notice when walking by the reader board sign.

The history of the reader board dates back to the late 1920’s when they were officially known as motographs, a news bulletin service. It was also called a zipper but no one really knows why. Reader boards were first used in the New York Times building and the first message announced results of the Hoover vs. Smith presidential election.

Reader boards became popular very quickly and people would go to the New York Times building just to see the messages displayed on the reader boards. After a while many other businesses started using reader boards: gas stations used them to show the time or temperature; retail stores promoted products, etc.

Nowadays, reader boards are used in just about every city in the USA. In indoors environments, reader boards are used in schools, churches, hospitals, office directories, markets, arenas, and movie theaters.

The first reader boards allowed only small messages to be displayed. Nowadays, it is possible to write messages on many lines and on varying sizes of electronic sign. You can also change the real time message any time you want. New technologies also allow it to display graphics and videos.

But it’s important to keep in mind some simple tips to best use a reader board:
– Keep it easy to read
– Use punctuation
– Avoid abbreviations
– Avoid long sentences

Signtronix offers many types of lighted signs to accomplish your goals, from traditional lighted outdoor signs to the latest LED signs. For more information visit signtronix, signtronix.

Choosing Your New Digital Reader

There are so many ebook readers available now that choosing the right model can be confusing for anyone. Would it be easier if you could buy a pattern and be done with it? However, we all have wants and needs so that it is difficult or impossible for a single digital player to meet the needs of everyone. This is why when you are looking to buy a digital reader that you should take your time with your selection.

To help you here are some things you need to think before you buy:

Screen Size – screen size normal for most of the models is 6 inches. Many of us find that size well, but some of us and especially the elderly who can not see as well as they used to need greater impression when reading normal books so they need or feel more comfortable with a larger screen. There are some available up to 11 inches in size. Obviously a larger screen means that the digital player is more expensive, so if you are working on a budget you may have to compromise.

The battery life – like any other rechargeable gadget you want a model with regular use will last for days rather than hours. As e-book readers are designed for you to be able to have easy access to books while on the go do not need to buy the one that gets easily drained, especially when you’re out and about and not able to charge a up.Battery life should be measured in days so it’s a good idea to go for the one that gives you the most juice on a single charge if you know you will need the juice.

capacity – most of us have just read a book once, but that was before this useful gadget was invented. Today you can have hundreds of books available to read without speaking only one or two paper copies. How many books you can have depends entirely on the ability of the digital player of your choice. It’s really a matter of the most the most capacity you can store books. But beware, as with screen size, an e-book reader higher capacity will be more expensive than one with a lower capacity.

Other features – a digital reader is primarily intended to be for reading books, but it is very convenient to get one that allows you to do other tasks as well. For example, you can get models that connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi so you can still navigate or do work while traveling. Answering emails could be a simple task but being able to do it while out and about is very convenient for many people.

Written by Patricia Jones

If you found this article useful, you can learn more about choosing a digital player, if you click the link. You can even find details of some of the available ebooks and of course the excellent wireless reading device Kindle.