Digital Poster Used In Business Reception Locations

When ever architect designs an office block or company head office, the most important thing they want to do from the very beginning is to make a good impression, this can run from the sociable receptionist and now digital menu boards are being used.

In this digital age, a digital poster can be used as “an all day merchant”, the ads that is uploaded can consist of information on the corporation, its history and its product range then when anyone from a touring sales executive to a potential client is waiting in the greeting area they can see what your company are all about.

These LCD advertising screens differ is size and based on your finances anything up to an 80″ LCD monitor is probable, these are an all in one solution and providing you have your media created on a PC and saved on to a memory card, the solution is ready to go as soon as you take delivery of the box, all you need to do is unpack the digital poster, pop in the storage card and plug the screen into a power socket and then run through the onscreen menu, to set it up how you want.. Using even the most fundamental of digital posters you will have features such as rolling text, displaying video, images in a slideshow presentation or PowerPoint presentation with sound.

To refresh the ads all you need to do once you have created other media is save it to a flash drive and then go to the digital poster and insert the Flash drive into the internal media player and refresh the media.

With digital signage growing in reputation most organisations are seeking at investing in some category of dynamic advertising for the future and if one company knows it’s rivals are investing in dynamic signage they make investments too as they don’t want their rivals to have an unfair benefit.

Graham is the the leading manufacturer of a range of monitor enclosure, these are supplied along with their outdoor LCD enclosure to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster.