Digital signage engages with customers in retail environment

At the Digital Trends Showcase in Toronto, the next generation in digital signage is about more than just displaying images – it seeks to be interactive and engaging. Adidas and its golf line of sports wear serves as the example in this showcase, and LG’s displays are used by the various solution providers.

Invoxia Wireless Speaker for Most Apple Devices – Retail Packaging – Blue

Invoxia Wireless Speaker for Most Apple Devices – Retail Packaging – Blue

Invoxia Wireless Speaker for Most Apple Devices - Retail Packaging - Blue

  • Triby connects the whole Family with One shared, portable, kid-friendly, hands-free speaker and digital message board.
  • Make free Internet calls between Triby and your Family smartphones through the Triby companion app, and regular Phone calls with Bluetooth. Talk on the Phone from 15 FT away while you cook.
  • Stream music with fantastic sound. Quickly program your favorite Internet radio stations and Spotify playlists for one-button access. Play any music through your Phone over Bluetooth.
  • Draw and share doodles and texts from your smartphone to triby’s always-on display. Triby’s magnetized back sticks to your fridge, and its battery lasts up to One month before needing a recharge.
  • The Triby companion app is required to set up your Triby. The app is currently available for Ios8 and above. It will be available for Android in 2016.

Tribe is a shared connection point for the entire family. It’s both a wireless music system and a communication Hub: a new generation of portable connected speaker made for the kitchen, where family life happens. Triby is for busy families who want to stay connected throughout the day with easy hands-free phone calls. Bright and Luminous Blue for a pop addition to your kitchen.

List Price: $ 209.00


About Digital Signage in Retail Marketing Campaign

In today’s world of hustle bustle, getting the attention of your potential customer is not an easy task. You need to be highly creative and sensitive about your target audience’s taste. If you are using outdated technologies, all you are doing is wasting your advertising capital. Especially when it comes to retail business, you may stay away from investing in anything but advertising. Retail is an industry where reaching out to people and conquering their interest is the only way you can see profit. There are so many competitors vying with you in this industry, so you need to be equally competent, if not significantly more. Cheap obsolete advertising ideas will definitely not find you a place!

Digital signage is one of the techniques that can help your products have a better reach. Even if you are a big brand in the retail industry, with a digital signage in retail marketing campaign, you can get more people into your customer pool and increase the existing customers’ interest in your new products.

Digital signage marketing campaign is advantageous and effective for more than one reason. Without spending much, you can update your product messages, ads, and information in real time. This mode of advertising can be more visually appealing than the conventional billboards, posters, etc. Also posters are for fixed content. But if you want your advertisements to get more interactive and creative, digital signage marketing has more ideas.

Digital signage in retail mode of marketing has some standard methods which ease your advertisement complexities. If you want to update the message content, you can get it done regardless of the distance of your location from the company. Thus digital signage is a cost-effective way of marketing your products and services.

You can find a number of notable providers of digital signage products and services. The deliverables of high tech companies are of high quality. They ensure that all the above mentioned advantages of digital signage are made available to you. They employ highly qualified technicians to provide you with convincing marketing solutions and gripping digital signage boards for your products. They operate as a team of capable IT technicians, skilled AV designers and expert installation handlers.

Designing a successful advertisement or marketing campaign for a concern in the retail industry is quite a challenging task as the industry is bloated with competition. Professionals and technicians operate by understanding your product and needs thoroughly. This ensures that in the end, you get more than what you wanted. What is more striking is that the technicians employed by these digital signage in retail companies are so skillful that they design effective digital signage boards for you within your own budget limits.

Right from preparing the marketing content, designing the digital signage to installing it, the digital signage in retail companies take care of everything. They also provide you with any extra guidance regarding the placement of your ad or the timing of your ads. However, their services don’t end there. They also make sure that they are always there for you to provide technical support. By choosing to go for the services of such companies you can relax on the advertisement and marketing front and concentrate on the business. Why should someone be bothered when everything right from design to maintenance is comprehensively taken care of?



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

Popular products of Digital signage in Retail


Business always needs value marketing. Starting from flyers to billboards and pamphlets, different medium from the printing is used to convey the message to the consumer. There has been new addition to the world of advertisement technologically. These products are used to lay down the message, but completely in a new and interactive fashion. One of the widely popular medium is digital signage. Digital signage in retail is steaming at an incredibly fast rate towards future. Newer and improved technologies are contributing to the advancement. There are different players, software, new programming and others that are now put to use.


Since, advertising is integrating the newer medium for their benefit, the technologies has in fact been quite beneficial for the corporate. There are a lot of choices in terms of digital signage in retail. There are standalone, hard wired players and also WIFI. While standalone systems can be put to use for displaying posters that can be manually updated through an USB connector, the WIFI ones can upload the images from remote location. The traditional method is to put the information manually through an optic cable. So, according to the location and the budget, one can use different types of digital signage in retail.


For display, different types of modems and display screen can be used. There is high definition or HD resolution with 1080p. HDMI connectors, flat screen and flash supporting system can be brought. LED screens are also available. One can also improve the mode of communication through premium display support of up to 1280×1024 resolutions for video. It is necessary that the system would support MPEG 1, 2, 4 and also support other audio files like WMA, MP3, WAV, etc.


To attract the customer, an advertisement demands crystal clear image with supporting audio and visual. Side by side, it is also necessary that the system should be simple to use. Without training and proper knowledge about the systems, an ordinary user should be able to handle the files, up load the programs and use the software to make it operational within no time. There are some systems available in the market, which allows the user to feed the text and the images directly from the internet sources. It is just as television broadcasting. It is easy to handle these processes.


Multiple Display units are also available in the market. User can split the display into two separate sections. These two separate sections can be managed simultaneously yet independently from the zone of operation. Most of the times, such displays have separate playlists and also connections. This allows scheduling the two display areas separately. Everything can be handled smoothly.


Software and application that is required to handle this unit are available with the systems as a package. One need not download the software and install them separately. It is also not necessary that someone would buy the software separately. One can handle the whole set-up in a synchronized fashion. It is possible to update the messages from time to time.


Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the digital signage market place.

TReasons to pick Digital signage in Retail

Digital signage in retail is continuing to grow at a fast pace and is keeping by and large a huge effect on the consumer. There are many reasons for which this medium has become so popular and preferred by most of the businesses around. In fact, digital signage in retail is the future of marketing and advertising of products. It is now an industry that is thriving on the various aspects of the industry of retailing. The largest use of the digital signs is outside for the retail sector in terms of advertising their product.


The reasons why digital signage in retail has come up as such an important aspect of most of the businesses is because there are different benefits of the types of signage that are present –


Promotion: Earlier the services and products of a company were promoted through the poster, static signs and the flyers. However, this is no longer an effective medium. Consumers are more prone and also adjusted to the interactive medium of digital signage in retail. The posters no longer seem attractive to them in any way. This is also the reason why most of the retailers are shifting towards noticeable digital medium.


Flexibility: Advertising through the digital medium is flexible. It enables the retailers to promote the message. Each and every message for various businesses is tailor made. Since the medium is flexible, it is possible to change and also update the content of the signage from time to time. Like the digital signage can change accordingly, in respect to the day or the time of the year. If any fast food joint is catering food, then the lunch menus can be promoted and changed accordingly. For digital medium it is not necessary to change the screens and or keep someone to replace the content. It could be programmed right into the software and anyone can reprogram it as and when needed.


Effective: It is found that the people can double the amount of their business by using the digital signage. One can count the people who are coming in, into their store. If this is compared to what it was before and what it is now, then it would be seen that the number has doubled. Placing the digital signage in front of the store is helpful because people at least come in to take a glance. One can then improvise to convert that number into real business.


Outdoor efficiency: It is possible that those who are passing on around a store would notice the digital signage better than if an ordinary hoarding is put there. In fact the outdoor signs that are present is enabled in such a manner that the people who are stationed quite far from the store can read the signs.



Advertising: It is possible to sale the advertising space as well. It adds extra revenues on the overall profit. Side by side, this extra income can be used elsewhere to create general income for the person.



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

Common Packages for Digital signage in Retail


Digital signage in retail is of utmost demand everywhere around the world. Advertising has changed its mode from the printing medium to the world of interactive communication and visual. Concept for most of us has only been billboards and flyers. Interactive medium has been television. However, the display modes and communication medium is changing large by the incorporation of the digital signage in retail.


The media work and the designs for the digital signage are quite huge. There is a whole lot of research, which is necessary against each of the messages that are put up and the content which is formulated for the business. If someone is managing any establishment and is looking forward to going forward with the use of digital signage for their business, then these are the following packages available for them –


1) The most basic solution is incorporating a media player, which would load the images and videos of the advertisement into the system. This can be done by means of an USB drive. The mass storage device is plugged into the media player which manages the display of the messages onto the signage.


2)  There are some media players which allow the user to display images and mix of videos over on the presentation and also alongside upload exciting presentations, from the web. This type of players is usually hooked onto the internet. They are connected to the internet by using standard Ethernet port. Using this type of media player is actually quite beneficial for the user because the change of the presentation is types within the computer.


3) Some of the media player allows the user to do all of the above and also keep control of the devices that are linked with the original account. As such, this type of media player is able to handle various forms and formats of video within a single screen. It is possible to roll and scroll. Over and above, it is also possible to upload weather updates and customize the image slides.


For most of the digital signage in retail that are in use, the display screen allows landscape display of images. Side by side, one can also display the images in portrait style. LCD screens are the most sought after in this regard. If the budget is not tight one can go for HD LCDs, AdPod, StagePod, VisPod, touch screens and others are some of the common high tech digital signage in use.


It is possible to use them constantly and enjoy the various benefits out of them. The systems are built in such a way so that it can take on and withstand the constant wear and tear present outdoor. Consumer settings have specific warranty period with them. Before choosing the retailer from where to buy, it is necessary to run a check on their background. If they are in this business of designer signage for long and you have heard about them from close friends, then there is no suitable choice than them.


Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

Digital Menu Boards for Retail Customer Services

Customer service facilities within the retail sector would benefit greatly from utilizing a LCD digital menu board, as a customer can select a service, whilst scrolling advertisements can be displaying other products, services or attractive offers or incentives, luring the customer to spend their hard earned dollar.

There is a growing interest in audiovisual communication at the point of sale within retail outlets, promoting particular brands, due no doubt to the technological advances of recent years. With the widespread availability of plasma and LCD screens becoming more cost effective, additional design and content production are more affordable; a variety of reasons that appeal to the retail market.

Digital menu board signage can be as simple as an illuminated sign to promote a brand name or service. This is a purely hosted model that involves the principle of a cabled television system, where data files converge, and combining linear broadcast to video on demand. The advantages of the device are that it can distribute attractive content (rich media) in real time and personalized with geographically remote control information, which creates a real interaction with the consumer.

According to Forrester Research, in 2011, 90% of stores in North America should be equipped with such equipment. This is one way to improve the brand image of businesses. An unnamed bank has installed plasma screens in its branches to improve the customer reception and present its financial products, but also to entertain the customer and reduce the sense of frustration in queues.

This new medium could introduce a new form of dialogue and interactivity in bank branches, improving the waiting conditions and providing targeted services to the customer in a relevant context in which it will be more receptive. In this digital age, smart phones are providing another dimension. Being within the vicinity of the digital poster, a smart phone has the ability to pick up on proximity marketing – via Bluetooth technology, which sends messages and offers directly to the customer.

This is useful to both banks and other retail outlets, as it is promoting marketing and advertising straight to the recipient. Therefore it can be clearly seen why the market for digital signage is exploding in the U.S. (2.5 billion dollars).

LCD Enclosure Global Limited provide a range of digital menu boards throughout the world and provide london digital signage solution.

Blue Frog Books of Howell, MI Wins “Best New Retail Business in Livingston County” in the People’s Choice Awards Held by the Livingston County Press and Argus

Howell, MI (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

The newly opened independent bookstore has made a name for itself by offering different types of events featuring local authors, musicians, poets and photographers. On any given weekend you will be sure to find something to attend at Blue Frog Books. They also offer Story Time for the kids, Writing Workshops for budding authors, thousands of titles in-stock, millions of titles available to special order, and a level of service that is hard for larger retailers to compete with.

Blue Frog Books also offers photographic services including scanning of images from pictures, film, or slides, photo restoration, digital corrective artwork, creative project help, custom design of cards, invitations, collages, and signage, large format printing on canvas, art paper, photo paper and adhesive backed material. Blue Frog gives its customers a place to take their precious images when quality and accountability matter. Another thing the big box stores have forgotten about.

The idea is simple, try to make a place where the customers matter and are a growing part of the equation. Whether it be curating the book selections or bringing in a new sideline or photo service. Owner Penny Coleman has been quoted saying, “It’s a conversation, not just a transaction,” offering a real idea of what you can expect when you walk through the door of the “Best New Retail Business” in Livingston County.    

To see the whole story, please visit this link.

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