City of Longmont community services for Nov. 1

City of Longmont community services for Nov. 1
Recorded Books is the largest independent publisher of unabridged audiobooks and provider of digital media to consumer, retail, professional, school, library and infotainment markets. The company owns an exclusive catalog of more than 22,000 audiobook …
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Bulletin Board — October 25
Unlimited access to our digital services is reserved for members. You currently have 8 free premium articles remaining before you must register and 9 total before we'll ask you to become a member for unlimited access. If you are a current subscriber to …
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Vital bridge equipment: Digital camera
OCTOBER 22, 2015 — The London P&I Club says that shipowners and operators should keep a good-quality digital camera on board their vessels as part of their attempts to collect and preserve evidence in the event of claims arising, particularly as a …
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Keywest Technology Releases 4-Channel Signage Player That Connects to Cloud Services

4-Channel Digital Signage Media Player

Keywest Technology has launched another multi-head digital signage player using an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU running on an Ubuntu® open source software platform. The 4-channel signage player supports up to four 1080P channels, which provides a dynamic, high-res presentation for menu systems or video walls. The player is controlled via the company’s cloud-based digital signage service called Breeze Digital Signage℠.

Just before the summer concert season, Keywest Technology contracted AVIES TECH to install the Breeze 4-channel system at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Breeze system lights up club-level digital menu boards at eight concessions stands using 42 Philips thin-bezel displays.

Lisa Ramsour, Project Manager at Keywest Technology, commented that the 4-channel Breeze players performed like “rock stars” during a Rolling Stones concert held at the 80,000-seat venue in June. “One menu item needed to be changed instantly because a food vendor sent crispy chicken rather than grilled. One phone call to Keywest Creative and the new menus were updated instantly. The service staff and management were delighted!”

Working in conjunction with Breeze Digital Signage, Keywest Technology offers network-managed services through Keywest Creative that provide restaurant owners and venue managers all of the benefits of digital menu boards without any of the worry that comes from technical snafus and creative management.

“The Breeze 4-channel signage player expands Keywest Technology’s capabilities in network-managed services,” said Nick Nichols, Keywest Technology’s President. “With Breeze, we’re not just offering the nuts and bolts of digital signage, but full-on network management that delivers expert results at a reasonable price. The 4-channel Breeze system extends our ability to create and manage robust menu systems or video walls offsite, which not only offers greater utility to clients but also offers far-reaching service value.”

Although network-managed services is an integral part of the Breeze Digital Signage value proposition, restaurant and venue managers may login to Breeze using the ubiquitous web browser to control the 4-channel signage player. Browser access gives managers advanced digital signage management tools like a template builder, nested playlists, an advertising module, an admin approval queue and handy widgets that add useful features such as weather or data integration. Also, Breeze can also be accessed and controlled via a smartphone. This essentially gives it “pocket control” for those that want to manage the system themselves while on the go, or at least make last-minute changes if a standard browser is not available.

The Breeze 4-channel signage player commenced shipping this spring, and it’s available from authorized AV system and architectural integrators throughout North America. Interested parties and resellers are encouraged to visit the Breeze Digital Signage website for more information:

About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit

Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd.

Breeze Digital Signage is a registered service mark of Keywest Technology, Inc.

Marketing Benefits Of Message On Hold Services

Are you looking out for some ways through which you can get more callers? Well if this is the case then you can think of getting message on hold services. This is one of the recent ways of marketing your company. This is a very beneficial way and you can avail lots of business advantages if you install this system in your company calls. Some of the great benefits that you can ear with them are mentioned below. You can have a look at them and then you can decide whether you need to go for the message on hold services for the marketing of you company or not.

This serves you a dual purpose. When your customers will call you for certain information or reason they will get to know more about you and your company with the help of the message on hold services.

You can utilize the time very well with the help of the message on hold services. Instead of wasting the time in holding and making it dead you can utilize in much more useful things and earn more business.

You can make your customers happy. The first and the most important rule of any business are to bring a smile on customers face by using your product or service. In such a case with the message on hold services you can accomplish this goal of yours. Also the customers will not mind calling your over and over for the simple reason they will not get bored by your call. These messages coming while they are on hold will entertain them.

You can create a great impression on your customers by installing message on hold. It is really important that your customers have a good impression of yours after hanging up the call. This will motivate them to get in touch with you again and thus you can do better business and more sales. Also they will let others know about it too. This will bring in more prospects which are important for your company.

Hang ups can be costly at times which will surely not liked by your customers. It can be also tiring and boring. In such a case if your company provides with great on hold messages then probably your customers will get entertained and they will not mind the expensive hang ups for the entertainment you provide to them.

These are certain marketing benefits of the message on hold services.

The Message on hold provides professional Message on hold services and you can rely on their experience to help you with various promotions on hold related services as well.

First Co-Hosted Webinar from Atlantic Information Services and Gorman Health Group to Focus on Federally Facilitated Exchanges

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

Information Services Atlantic, Inc. (AIS) has partnered with (GHG) Gorman Health Group stock of an exclusive series of webinars designed to provide timely and significant time information the government health care industry must implement health reform. The analysis of experts on the latest regulatory updates to war stories and best practices, these webinars provide the tools and guidance necessary to transform the regulatory policy into operational reality. The first webinar in this series, “Federally Facilitated exchanges between the application and implementation :. The time for talk is over, “ have a deep dive into EFCE, the application of the implementation and reconciliation

With EFCE capable of functioning in half the states next year, health plans face a tight deadline to complete applications, make decisions on benefits and contributions, complete back-end infrastructure and refine marketing messages. March 1 the direction of CMS presents an accelerated schedule with plans for applications online between April 1 and 30, the examination CMS in May and plans for revisions due June 21

In the March 26 webinar GHG experienced consultants will detail the whole process Plans must undergo to participate in exchanges facilitated by the federal government. Participants will have insider perspectives on key issues such as:

What in each component of the application FFE – what teams should be made and what information must be collected in order to complete it?
Why plans should take seriously certificates?
What are the key components of the plans should be in place before the launch of the exchange?
Why planning aid reconciliation will prevent huge risks in the management of member data and financial?
How broker boarding processes differ on trade in comparison with * commercial and Medicare plans?
How does the accreditation is for qualified health plans?

Visit for details and registration information.

About Atlantic Information Services

Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) is a publishing and information company that has been serving the health care industry for over 25 years. It develops highly targeted news, data and strategic information for managers in hospitals, health plans, medical group practices, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations. AIS products include print and electronic newsletters, websites, loose-leaf books, reports, critical databases, webinars and conferences. Learn more

About Gorman Health Group

Gorman Health Group (GHG) is a national health services company and professional software composed of subject matter experts, former health plan executives and seasoned regulators. For over 16 years, hundreds of clients millions of beneficiaries have leveraged the strategic solutions to advise and GHG technology to maintain compliant operations, improve market position, and anticipated growth objectives. Learn more

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Digital Menu Boards for Retail Customer Services

Customer service facilities within the retail sector would benefit greatly from utilizing a LCD digital menu board, as a customer can select a service, whilst scrolling advertisements can be displaying other products, services or attractive offers or incentives, luring the customer to spend their hard earned dollar.

There is a growing interest in audiovisual communication at the point of sale within retail outlets, promoting particular brands, due no doubt to the technological advances of recent years. With the widespread availability of plasma and LCD screens becoming more cost effective, additional design and content production are more affordable; a variety of reasons that appeal to the retail market.

Digital menu board signage can be as simple as an illuminated sign to promote a brand name or service. This is a purely hosted model that involves the principle of a cabled television system, where data files converge, and combining linear broadcast to video on demand. The advantages of the device are that it can distribute attractive content (rich media) in real time and personalized with geographically remote control information, which creates a real interaction with the consumer.

According to Forrester Research, in 2011, 90% of stores in North America should be equipped with such equipment. This is one way to improve the brand image of businesses. An unnamed bank has installed plasma screens in its branches to improve the customer reception and present its financial products, but also to entertain the customer and reduce the sense of frustration in queues.

This new medium could introduce a new form of dialogue and interactivity in bank branches, improving the waiting conditions and providing targeted services to the customer in a relevant context in which it will be more receptive. In this digital age, smart phones are providing another dimension. Being within the vicinity of the digital poster, a smart phone has the ability to pick up on proximity marketing – via Bluetooth technology, which sends messages and offers directly to the customer.

This is useful to both banks and other retail outlets, as it is promoting marketing and advertising straight to the recipient. Therefore it can be clearly seen why the market for digital signage is exploding in the U.S. (2.5 billion dollars).

LCD Enclosure Global Limited provide a range of digital menu boards throughout the world and provide london digital signage solution.

Software Company in Perth Offers Services to Signage Services Industry

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2010. The company is based in Western Australia and offers customized ICT solutions to Perth, its environs and Europe. The customized software is designed, developed and implemented by Anahata to provide a platform that is cost-efficient, affordable and reliable all through its lifespan.

Stiff competition in the Signage Services Industry as well as expensive and often unreliable ICT solutions in the sector has made it difficult for SMEs to compete. Anahata has ventured into this market segment by supplying an ICT solution the delivers an affordable and precise business tool. Clients are thus able to improve workflows and enhance productivity through proper management and accountability.

Anahata is an MYOB developer and Certified Oracle Partner. By having such certifications, the firm is able to deliver customized solutions that are compatible with MYOB AccountRight (desktop) as well as MYOB AccountRight Live (Cloud). In doing so Anahata uses MySQL, Java, Java Enterprise Edition and Oracle Database to develop the customized ICT applications.

A major hallmark of the customized ICT solutions delivered by Anahata is quality control. The company achieves this by undertaking a continuous integration process. This involves the testing and enhancement of the ICT solutions through the request for enhancement by clients.

For additional information, visit the official company website at

About Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned software development company specializing in the analysis, design, implementation and support of cost-effective, custom built software applications.

Anahata’s preferred delivery approach is an iterative, agile, customer centric software development process where business analysts and developers work with the customers to gather requirements and an understanding of the current business processes, and to design and deliver a software solution that not only meets the business’s needs, but also is desgiend to improve business productivity.

During development, a continuous integration process allows customers to test the application regularly as it is being built. Upon implementation, customer’s staff are trained on the usage of the new system.

A key target for software developed by Anahata is quality. Quality is achieved by leveraging agile processes and tools, where customers can engage in the development process to define the scope of development iterations, tasks and prioritize goals.

Web based and manual code review processes along with comprehensive unit tests and integration testing ensure that delivered projects meet quality expectations of the customer.

Anahata offers its customers a 3 month warranty and support period where users can have unlimited phone or email consultation. Customers can access an online task and issue management system to log requests for enhancements (RFEs) or report any defects encountered during the testing or production stages. Anahata seeks to be the most customer centric of all Perth software companies.

Anahata’s preferred technological choice is to deliver cross-platform solutions based on open standards and open source technology that ensure stability, compatibility, and security over a long application lifespan. This enables a reduction in upfront and ongoing licensing fees.

Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner and delivers custom software solutions based on Oracle Technology, such as Java, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL or Oracle Database. The Perth software company is a also certified MYOB developer partner providing Custom Software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with any MYOB software package such as MYOB AccountRight desktop or MYOB AccountRight Live (cloud).

Anahata partners with a number of local companies to deliver integrated turn key solutions including hosting, infrastructure, barcode printing, mobility and RFID scanning amongst other technologies.

As a cross-platform software vendor, Anahata can deliver solutions for the Mac platform and integrate with existing Mac Applications. The Perth software company is experienced in developing Patient Record Management Systems running on the Mac Platform and integrating with medical applications such as Genie.

Anahata is also experienced in embedded device development using cross platform technologies to deliver embedded applications that run on low resources devices such as Intel Atom or ARM processors. These embedded devices can connect to external sensors via CAN, USB, ethernet or similar. An example of embedded development is a mining vehicle activity monitoring application for a local mining company.

Once a project has been delivered, Anahata works with its customers to promote the developed solution or the customer’s business in general on the digital media providing services such as search engine optimization, content writing or email marketing.

Anahata Technologies in Victoria, Australia

In May 2013, founder and director Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Joana Lopez Castrillo as Regional Manager for Victoria and started offering software development and consultancy services to medium and large companies based in Victoria as well as the local Victorian governments and universities.

Anahata Technologies India Pty Ltd

In 2013, director Pablo Rodriguez Pina established the fully owned subsidiary Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd aimed at providing software development and database development services.

In November 2013, Pudattu Vijay Simha, a senior software engineer and employee of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd was was appointed director of Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd to manage operations in India. Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd is based in the city of Hyderabad state of Andrah Pradesh.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd specialises in Oracle Java development and offers software development and custom software development services to companies worldwide.

Anahata Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides business process outsourcing services to companies worldwide helping a wide range of businesses (from small family owned businesses to universities or global companies) reduce business process costs.

Anahata Technologies in Europe

Since 2013, Anahata Technologies offers services to any country within the European Union and has presence in Spain and Croatia.

In November 2013, founders and directors Pablo Rodriguez Pina appointed Goran Lochert, a Senior Software engineer and employee of the custom software company as Europe Regional Manager to manage projects for customers based in Europe.

For more information about Anahata, visit our website or type or Perth software development companies in your favourite search engine.

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd and Thermal Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Since 2013, Anahata is the official software developer of Building Inspections Perth company Thermal Building Inspections.

In close collaboration with Thermal Building Inspections staff members, Anahata and Thermal Building Inspections have developed a tailored made Business Management System also known as TBI BMS which allows TBI staff members to quote, book, and produce foto featured reports and Building Integrity certificates within the application.

The system is a cloud based solution developed on Java EE 7 with a desktop (JavaFX 8) frontend deployed via Java Web Start allowing staff members to login either from within TBI office as well as remotely. Via Java Web Start, version upgrades are rolled out in a way transparent to the user.

The system, developed with technologies such as GlassFish v4, Eclipselink, Context And Depency Injection, Enterprise Java Beans and a number of in-house Anahata libraries ships with a cloud based document management system which allows users to upload photos asynchronously, view inspection photo thumbnails or access generated Building Inspection Reports and Building Inspection Certificates.

TBI BMS uses Docmosis, a document generation library for java which allows users to edit email and document templates using LibreOffice and can produce documents in a number of formats such as Word, Libre Office, PDF or HTML.

The BMS comes with an error detection toolkit which monitors application logs for application errors and reports errors on the server or the client to Anahata’s engineers.

Thermal Building Inspections is a Perth based Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspection specialist. Using the latest Infrared Inspection technology, the Building Inspection Perth team can assess any current or past Termite activity. Thermal Building Inspections offers a wide range of Building Inspection services for both residential and commercial premises in Perth. Inspections are offered at highly competitive prices and all Inspection packages are conducted in a single visit.

Thermal Building Inspections can also conduct Pest Inspections utilizing the latest Thermal Imaging Technology. All Inspections are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.3/AS3660 General Timber Pest Inspection. Pest damage is not always obvious and may require a specific diagnosis as to whether there is any Pest activity. A non-invasive Thermal Pest Inspection gives you peace of mind that you’re not going to be sharing your home with any unwanted housemates before purchasing your next property. Potential residential and commercial customers can view more details about the service on TBI’s web site or by searching ‘termite inspections perth’ or building inspections perth

Global 3D Animation Market (Services, Hardware, Software) to see 14.1% CAGR to 2019 Says a New Research Report Available at

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

Global 3D animation market is estimated to grow from $ 21.06 billion in 2014 to $ 40.78 billion in 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.1% from 2014 to 2019. Geographically, North America is forecasted to be the biggest market for 3D animation technology, while other regions such as Middle-East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific (APAC), and Latin America (LA) are forecasted to experience a rise in this market with high CAGRs in the due course. The CAD software offers an easy, cost effective method for designing quality 3D models for architects, engineers, and designers for various industrial spheres such as civil and infrastructure construction, plant design and engineering, aerospace engineering, oil and gas and more. The increasing adoption of CAD is responsible for the growth of this market in manufacturing and design, and architecture, building and construction. The adoption of on-demand software or storage is not very high in this market but is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.3% in the forecast period.

Complete report is available at .

The 3D animation market is segmented on the basis of components such as hardware, software, and services. The hardware consists of dedicated workstations, video card/GPU, motion capturing systems, and other hardware equipment. The software market is inclusive of packaged software/ platforms, SDK, plug-in software, and other workflow software. The services market comprises of consulting, development and integration, support and maintenance, and product training and certification. The market is also segmented on the basis of deployment, application, verticals, and geographic regions. The total market size is estimated by adding up the individual market sizes of all the components and services of 3D Animation market.

There are a number of prominent players in the 3D animation market, and a whole lot of start-up companies that are providing software platforms to cater to the continuously rising demand of 3D animation software market. Companies profiled in this research include Adobe Systems, Advanced Micro Devices INC., Autodesk, Corel Corporation, Intel Corporation, Lenovo Goup Ltd., Maxon, Nvidia Corporation, Newtek, INC., and Side Effects Software.

Order a copy of this report at

The drivers for this market are listed as flourishing 3D entertainment, multi-industrial 3D application, and 3D character merchandise. The restraint for this market is the price sensitivity. The opportunities such as scope for 4D technology, increasing acquisitions, and stereoscopic 3D gaming have been evaluated in the report. The report will help the market leaders/new entrants in this market in the following ways –

    This report segments the market into hardware, software, and services, covering this market comprehensively. The report provides the closest approximations of the revenue numbers for the overall market and the sub-segments. The market numbers are further split across the different verticals and regions.
    This report will help them better understand the competitor and gain more insights to better position their business. There is a separate section on competitive landscape, including competitor ecosystem, mergers and acquisition, and venture capital funding. Besides, there are company profiles of 10 top players in this market. In this section, market internals are provided that can put them ahead of the competitors.
    The report helps them understand the pulse of the market. The report provides information on key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
3D & 4D Technology Market by 3D Product Type (IC, Printer, Gaming, Cinema Screen, CAD, Navigation, Animation, Camera, Medical Imaging (3D & 4D), HMD, Smart-Phone, TV, Projectors), Application, and Geography – Forecast and Analysis to 2013 – 2020 research report is of 258 pages and published in May 2014. Companies like 3D Systems Corporation, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., LG Electronics Inc., Barco N.V., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Autodesk, Inc., Stratasys, Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation and Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. are profiled in this report available at .

Three-Dimensional (3D) Technology Market (2011 – 2016) by Products (3D IC, 3D Printer, 3D Display – HMD, 3D Smartphone, 3D TV, 3D Digital Signage), Applications (3D Animation, 3D Printing, 3D Medical Imaging, 3D CAD, 3D Gaming, 3D Cinema) & Technology (Stereoscopy, Auto-Stereoscopy, Volumetric) Focus, Global Forecast & Analysis – Features Introduction to 4D Technology research report is of 292 pages. Companies profiled in this report include Autodesk, Inc., Barco Nv, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., Dreamworks Animation Skg, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Htc Corporation, Imax Corporation, Lg Electronics, Liteye Systems, Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd.¸ Nvidia Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Planar Systems, Inc., Reallusion, Inc., Real D, Sony Corporation, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vuzix Corporation, 3d Systems Corporation, Solidscape, Object Ltd, 3d Icon Corporation, Harkness Screens And Masterimage3d Inc.

Complete report is available at .

Explore more reports on the 3D industry at .

About Us: is a database of syndicated market research reports and in-depth studies covering 5000+ micro markets.

Internet Alarm Monitoring System Delivers No-Fee Email and Text Alert Services

Albuquerque, New Mexico (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Phantom Data Services, LLC is pleased to announce the redesign of the website, and the introduction of the PhantomLink Watchdog adapter for do-it-yourself internet alarm monitoring and remote sensor monitoring applications. has discontinued its line of internet security cameras, and will focus exclusively on sales and support of the PhantomLink Watchdog adapter.

The PhantomLink Watchdog is designed as a no-fee, no-contract, no-subscription solution for internet alarm monitoring. The Watchdog uses the existing alarm system and internet connection, so no new equipment or subscriptions are required.

The Watchdog device is a small but powerful electronic adapter that can bridge nearly any sensor or alarm to the internet, providing users with instant email and text message alerts, as well as a web-based status display and configuration manager. The Watchdog’s on-board microprocessor and integrated web server makes the device a truly self-contained solution. Users can easily configure server settings, email settings, trigger thresholds, trigger delays, and notification intervals through the simple web interface.

The current version of the PhantomLink Watchdog supports up to 5 trigger inputs (up to 15VDC), and can notify up to 2 email or text message accounts. The device is powered by any 5-15VDC power supply.

Applications for the PhantomLink Watchdog are not limited to security systems and alarms. The device can be triggered by any voltage up to 15VDC, which allows the device to be used for many other remote monitoring applications. The Watchdog has been used to monitor sump pumps, water heaters, temperature sensors, freezers, and industrial machines. Complete installation and application instructions are continually maintained on the PhantomLink website, providing users with convenient tips and tricks for installing and using the Watchdog device.

Information about the PhantomLink Watchdog is available at is owned and operated by Phantom Data Services, LLC, a limited liability company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. is an innovator in the field of remote security monitoring solutions, with an emphasis on self-monitored security systems.

Variable Data Postcard Mailing Services Now Available from Sunrise Digital

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 06, 2014

Sunrise Digital is a one stop source for variable data printing. Personalized addressing is both a professional option for business mailers and a convenient one for wedding invitations. Clients need only to send artwork and Sunrise handles the printing, the fulfillment and the mailing. Their super fast 48-hour turnaround time upon proof approval also adds convenience for last minute deadlines. Sunrise is a G7 Qualified Master Printer which means they follow the highest quality control guidelines.

With variable data printing at Sunrise Digital customers have their choice of paper from uncoated, gloss or dull finish, to thicknesses from 10pt. all the way up to 18pt. Additional gloss or satin coatings can be added to further protect the ink and to attract additional attention. Sunrise prints on HP Indigo presses which offers print quality head-and-shoulders above standard toner based output. The vibrant colors, sharp details, and true ink finish from the Indigo print rivals even the best offset printing. Another perk to digital printing is that there a big cost savings on short-run projects, generally 1000 pieces or less.

About Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC.

Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC. is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.

Sunrise Digital Now Offers Start to Finish Variable Data Postcard Mailing Services

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 02, 2014

Digital is a one-stop source for variable data printing. Personalized addressing is both a professional option for business mailers and a convenient one for wedding invitations. Clients need only to send artwork and Sunrise handles the printing, the fulfillment, and the mailing. Their super fast 48-hour turnaround time upon proof approval also adds convenience for last minute deadlines. Sunrise is a G7 Qualified Master Printer, which means they follow the highest quality control guidelines.

With variable data printing at Sunrise Digital, customers have their choice of paper from uncoated, gloss or dull finish, to thicknesses from 10pt. all the way up to 18pt. Additional gloss or satin coatings can be added to further protect the ink and to attract additional attention. Sunrise prints on HP Indigo presses which offers print quality, head-and-shoulders above standard toner based output. The vibrant colors, sharp details, and true ink finish from the Indigo print rivals even the best offset printing. Another perk to digital printing is that there are big cost savings on short-run projects, generally 1000 pieces or less.

About Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC.:

Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC. is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide