Council to vote on digital signs at LAX

Council to vote on digital signs at LAX
The maximum square footage of ads (digital and non-digital) that could go up outdoors within airport grounds is more than four football fields laid end-to-end. The majority of ad square-footage would be non-digital signs on jetway ramps that passengers …
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New digital billboard laws set for consideration in Los Angeles
Meanwile, West Hollywood and Glendale have allowed supergraphics and digital signs, respectively, as part of an advertising revenue sharing deal with the city. The permitting process isn't the only controversial measure expected to be debated at …
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Pessimism In The Ad Market; Digital Platforms Bringing On Editors
The WSJ puts a ribbon on Cannes, and the takeaway is that the industry's flush with digital advertising platforms and formats. … And the friction in a sign-up process, where users have to input standard info, sometimes over multiple forms, is a major …
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Digital and Illuminated Route Signs: Contrasting Characteristics


Even though digital and illuminated route signs can cross over, they aren’t necessarily the same thing. Digital Traffic Signs are traffic signs that are typically lighted with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and may have a small section that shows a digital number or series of numbers and letters, such as you might see at some airports, or a digital traffic sign could be an electronic reader board with messages for oncoming motorists.
Illuminated traffic signs, on the other hand, may include digital traffic signs, but may simply be a sign that is lighted from below with directional lamps, giving it the appearance of being illuminated. These illuminated traffic signs typically have a sensor that flips the switch on the lights as it gets dark and then reverses the process on the illuminated traffic signs as daylight arrives in the morning.
If you happen to see an illuminated sign, there are lights affixed that shine onto the reflective sign surface, making the signs into illuminated traffic signs that are highly visible at night, which is a good thing, especially if you’re new to an area or passing through.
Digital traffic signs are a bit more different just in the sense that they employ light emitting diodes to lighten their signs up. They’re exactly like a “message center” type of sign that is programmed remotely with a new message as needed… typically something like “Road Construction starting and Never Ending…” or the like.
They are usually programmed from a booth and will say something like “Open” or “Close” or similar. Obviously these digital traffic signs are more expensive than your standard aluminum panel road sign, especially the message center style of signage.
The standards for reflective road signs are set nationally by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), or by local states conforming to the USDOT’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This manual gives all the regulations for various aluminum traffic signs, but doesn’t offer regulations regarding both digital traffic signs and illuminated traffic signs. However, any street signage used on an interstate or state highway will still need to be approved by the state DOT or USDOT.
There are many road sign manufacturers in the US, but only a few that manufacture the big message center LED digital traffic signs. A few more make the panel-type LED digital traffic signs. Due to the complexity of the digital traffic signs/message center signs, however, many companies can sell them as distributors.
One other type of internally illuminated traffic sign is used almost exclusively at airports or public transportation facilities. These are a standard ballast-driven, fluorescent bulb, internally illuminated traffic signs with a decorated polycarbonate face, one or double-faced.
Obviously, these internally illuminated traffic signs need to have a power source, so it’s not practical under many circumstances to use this type of sign in rural areas, plus these internally illuminated traffic signs are considerably pricier than standard aluminum traffic signs. They are also custom illuminated traffic signs and are not covered in the MUTCD, but are typically regulated by local authorities. There are many companies that manufacture these types of internally illuminated traffic signs, but all of them still need to be approved by the proper certifying authority.

If you are interested to get to know more about street signage, check out Aluminum Traffic Signs. In addition, you might also want to read a lot of graphic printing articles on Graphic Prints.

March Madness 2013 LED Display Signs Sale will Make Customers the Winner throughout the NCAA Basketball Tournament until the Championship Game is Played

Libertyville, IL (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

We’re heading into March once again, and that means it’s time for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, or perhaps better known as March Madness. LED Display Signs will be holding its March Madness Sale starting with the first jump ball on March 19th, and continuing through the entire tournament, ending in the Georgia Dome on April 8th. During this sale, LDS will be slashing all “made to order” outdoor and semi-outdoor programmable LED signs and message boards by 5% off the quoted price for anyone who says the words “March Madness Sale” prior to purchase of a new sign. LDS already has the lowest prices combined with a 30 day “price guarantee”, along with a “best in industry” 5 year warranty. The additional 5% discount makes it a “slam dunk” that it is the best deal available for anyone planning to purchase an outdoor LED message board or scrolling window sign.

Winter is almost over, and spring is just around the corner. That means that more and more people will be out and about in cars and on foot, as the weather warms up. There is no better time to think about increasing the visibility to prospective customers, and no better way to do it than with a colorful, moving programmable LED message center. Combining this marketing reality with the March Madness Sale is a formula for a highly profitable spring.

LED Display Signs is a provider of electronic moving message boards ranging from small window displays to full size roadside billboards. All “made to order” models are manufactured in the USA, and offer lifetime technical support. Visit for more information.

New Ingage Solutions Offering Turns TVs into Digital Signs

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

Ingage Solutions, a brand of Federal Heath Sign Company LLC, today announced its offering of ScreenScape Connect, a Plug and Play device and supporting software platform that turns any TV into a digital sign. This small/ultra-compact device dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of starting and operating a digital signage network, eliminating the need for media players and cabling. The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect device is the first hardware solution certified for use with ScreenScape Connect, and is included with an extended ScreenScape Connect subscription.

Branded content can be updated by WiFi and managed remotely using ScreenScape Connect, a cloud-based content management platform. Connecting a screen to the digital signage network is as easy as plugging the device into the TV’s HDMI port. ScreenScape Connect is a flexible solution that gives business owners the ability to easily monitor and manage their network. Federal Heath is able to offer this product to its customers through its Ingage Solutions brand, due to its strong existing relationship with ScreenScape Networks.

Federal Heath President & CEO Kevin Stotmeister said this significantly enhanced product offering is a result of the strong partnership with Screenscape and their equally strong partnership with Dell. “HD TVs are being used extensively in every aspect of business today, and ScreenScape Connect allows restaurants, retail stores, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc., in any business or industry to use their existing screens to engage more efficiently with their customers.”

About Federal Heath

Federal Heath Sign Company is an innovative global industry leader, providing custom signage and related services to national and international customers within multiple value streams, consisting of the highest profile companies in the retail, restaurant, hotel, finance, petroleum, automotive, corporate identification and gaming markets. Federal Heath has more than twenty offices nationwide, including four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. For more information about Federal Heath Sign Company, please visit us at

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Advantage LED Signs Launches Completion of De Queen First Assembly Church LED Sign

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 1, 2013

Signs ADvantage LED recently announced the completion of their latest project; a new LED sign for De Queen First Assembly Church. The sign, according to Richard James, spokesman advantage LED signs, said it allows the church to get their message quickly and more effectively communicate with their congregation and community. In addition, it is easy to program, so that all staff can input messages for distribution.

James continues: “The use of LED signs has been proven to be at least 50 percent more people than other advertising methods. They are much brighter and more energy efficient than other message boards, and they catch the eyes of many passers than traditional signs. We see more and more churches are turning to LED signs to spread the word of their ministry. A Church LED display can be used to announce awareness programs, hours of service, inspirational messages, public service announcements, raising Funds and any message from the needs of the church. send to their community LED signs allow churches to quickly and effectively reach the public with ads in real time, in addition, the signs are actually cheaper than television, radio and newspaper advertising “


Jonathan Reynolds, Youth Pastor of De Queen First Assembly Church and sign programmer, said: “We believe ?? the sign looks great and we believe that the sign will be an excellent out-of-the-box to reach people for the Lord. We only had the sign for a little while, but the response has been great. We get comments like: “It looks great”, “brilliant”, “Wow”, “awesome”. They are amazed. We use, and we plan to continue to use, the sign posting service time Sunday upcoming events, advocacy and general awareness to the community of De Queen. Overall, De Queen First Assembly Church is pleased to have their sign project complete and ready to start taking advantage of features of the sign. “

James added: “We can design a sign to fit the pattern of any church, something that will attract attention without being extravagant. We will be working with the budget of a church and offer special attention to non-profit organizations. A 3 ‘-6 3/8 “x 8’ 1 1/2”, the sign bought by De Queen First Assembly Church has a 12.5 mm iPixel Full Color Double Sided 80×192 iMatrix display. We believe that this sign will increase traffic and exposure for their church. “

About LED Signs advantage:
Established in 2009, LED advantage is an American manufacturer of LED panels and LED Billboards, direct sales companies and national organizations. Signs advantage LED functions as a key supplier of solutions in total labor, indicating that no job is too big or too small. With identification sign and manufacturing LED sign, they allow for complete installation, content creation, full software training and technical support.

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Factory Information Points Now Using Digital Signs

Previously in production facilities we have seen the old notice board when you enter the waiting area and even on the factory floor, these have been used to update employees and customers alike about the company.

Now it seems that technology is creating a buzz and the notice board is being replaced by digital signage, many organisations who have a manufacturing facility are deciding to replace the old notice board and put up LCD screens, these are then networked on the same data infrastructure that the computers run off. The digital media is added by the marketing department and it can quickly be changed, for example if a visiting dignitary sends someone because they are sick, within 30 seconds the greeting on the reception sign is changed to the new name and it shows the corporation is on the ball.

This is fine in public areas, however when a customer visits and you wish to show them round your facility, this is an ideal opportunity in enforcing your service brand immediately on your customer, as soon as they see the massive displays in the manufacturing areas they will certainly be impressed, it also shows that the business invests in new technology and is ahead of the game.

But there is one problem even commercial screens are not designed to be used in areas were damaging air borne contaminants are, most factories have some form of corrosive element in the air, from acids to dust particles if these get into the rear of the display it is only a matter of time until the screen fails.

The solution – is to put the screen in a ruggedized LCD case, these provide IP65 protection, so they can even be washed down with high pressure water jets, perfect for any food manufacturing company. These can either be cooled or heated to provide the perfect environment. The LCD enclosure are fitted with a sophisticated cooling system that also incorporates a filtration element, that filters all tiny air borne particles out, so the air entering the unit is fresh, cool air. Then the screen inside the protective case can be mounted to gantries or ceiling mounting using a heavy duty fixings.

Dave owns the worlds leading manufacturer of ruggedized lcd enclosure, having supplied dairies and food processing companies in America, he speaks from experience and with authority. Their LCD monitor enclosure range is one of the most successfully deployed solutions throughout the world.

LED Message Signs and Their Applications

Message LED signs are relatively small LED screens are used to display a single line of text. In general, these signs are dynamic and are used to create a line of scrolling text. This text is usually monochromatic and of course luminescent. An almost unlimited amount of text can be entered in these devices, which can then be used to scroll, pause or blink at specific points. It is possible for users to define their Message LED signs to display some messages at times, and change throughout the day.

Applications panel LED message, like all forms of signaling LED, are almost endless. For example, they are virtually indispensable equipment for exchanges around the world. No other form of signaling could meet the requirements of such a dynamic and changing environment quickly, and this form of the LED display is now synonymous with market trading. As a result of this association, and of course because of the many benefits of LED panels message most modern banks also use these screens. Customers queuing for services can view updated information and messages from their banks, thereby keeping them informed, entertained and reduces perceived wait time.

The other common applications of LED panels message can be seen in the transportation industry. Many modern trains have built in LED screens in each car, which are usually placed above the doors. These screens inform passengers about the final destination of the train stops coming, and distances between stops. The message LED on trains are also used to inform passengers of safety practices and the services available on the train. Authority and local intercity buses also use LED panels message this way. However, it is more common to see messages LED screens on the outside of a bus, to indicate the destination and route number.

Many restaurant windows and storefronts will also make use of LED signaling message. Restaurants and cafes often use this dynamic signage to attract the attention of passersby and inform them of the various deals and offers. Various businesses also use this form of advertising signage on the site.

There are many benefits to Message LED signs , especially when compared with others in the form of signs. Since they are dynamic, they tend to be very catchy. They may also contain much more information than a standard sign. They are easily modified and updated and found to be very effective marketing tool.

Message LED panels are relatively small LED screens are used to display a single line of text. In general, these signs are dynamic and are used to create a line of scrolling text. This text is usually monochromatic and of course luminescent.