Desktop Management – 5 Tips To Get On Track


For those of you who are fortunate enough to possess a desk, or at least a workspace, the tidier you can maintain it the better you will be. A clean workplace signifies a higher degree of management effectiveness. The purpose is not to look busy but to operate successfully. This is desktop management.


It might look insignificant but having much of the necessary materials within easy reach, at your workdesk, is beneficial. Think about all of the things you primarily make use of and make sure they are close by. Whilst many individuals would suggest they currently make use of digital options to record items, paper and pens are generally faster for generating preliminary notes. Make sure that any to-do lists and priority files are close by.


If you want to work productively at your work area it is a useful practice to consider the ergonomics involved.

For most, thinking of the elements below will be a luxury but you should be aware of them.

So, let’s consider your workdesk.

Where? Is it located in the ideal position? Does it point to a window or a door? A workdesk facing towards a doorway can attract unwanted guests and additional disruptions. Is the desktop area large enough? Is it near to electrical outlets to reduce cabling. Do you possess shelving, if so, is it appropriate in terms of size and situation. Do you require a bulletin board?

Is the upper level of the workspace OK? Is your seating adequate and relaxing? Do you make use of an ergonomically designed computer keyboard? These last objects are very important in serving to decrease back pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Use your computer’s potential:

You will acquire a lot of information and general data that you will need to access at a later date. Continually see how you might convert items to digital form. Access of data will be a lot swifter from a database in contrast to searching manually. Some paperwork is not easy to convert to a helpful digital format. There are a lot of systems to choose from for recording information. Whatever you make use of train yourself to appreciate all of the applications functions.

Make sure that you back up all of your data frequently. Think how you backup your files, making sure that the backup is secure. A lot of individuals have certain worries when using computers which can restrict their capability to maximize their potential. For instance, fear of doing internet purchases might prevent a lot of people using electronic banking. If you do have a worry, rationalising it could help you create an action plan to overcome it.

Computer training:

Developing computer techniques is a prerequisite for improved time management generally. Particular training courses can provide a swift in road into the use of specific programs and processes. However, there is frequently no alternative for simply spending time using software and really getting to know it. In most cases computers should improve what you want to do but they can additionally open your eyes to fresh techniques for approaching problems.


If you use a process that is similar to an in-tray, for collating work and information, keep on top of the items. As work and information increases there is little reason for obtaining another in-tray. Think about why you are not tidying your job in-tray as promptly as you ought to be. Good practice in this area will motivate you to get on with the next task and establishes a level for good organization and efficiency.

It is harder to achieve your aims as a Project Manager if you don’t prioritise your local area effectively. Maintain that untidiness at bay with excellent desktop management.

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Tips on How to Turn Your Corporate Identity From Forgettable to Fabulous

Many small to medium-sized businesses never take the time to consider the impact of their visual identity or develop a unique logo or “mark” that sets them apart from their competition.

All too often, the myths and mystique surrounding corporate identity design deters organizations from considering ways to improve their visual identity – the impression created by awnings, business cards, and web designs.

One common myth is that corporate identity projects turn into bottomless money pits. If hiring a professional designer or graphic agency is out of your budget, consider free resources. Barter with a designer to exchange your product or service for a logo. Or create an Apprentice-style challenge for a digital design class at a graphic college or even your local secondary school: to design a logo or a complete identity package (guidelines for the use of colours, layout and other graphic features). Even newly-graduated graphic designers are often eager for a challenge to add a real logo to their portfolio – for a nominal fee.

Although nicely-formatted letters can create eye candy, the lasting impact comes from a unique “mark” or logo. The top logos incorporate simplicity with impact.

The logo or mark can be abstract or representative (think of the dog house that Fido uses). A mark can also be as simple as a single letter – the elegant, scripted “t” for Telus.

If you have doodlers in your company or family, challenge them with coming up with a logo (pen on paper). Once scanned, a crisp doodle becomes a digital image you can easily incorporate into a file. Satisfied with the overall concept yet unsure about the quality? Hire a professional designer to clean up the image and prepare it as camera-ready art. A logo in line art is easier to work with and scale up for signage and other large applications than a bitmap.

If you have a creative bent with software, consider using free clip art. Or use a graphic application to innovate; creating a custom design that frees you of any concerns about trademarked or copy-protected designs.

Limiting the use of colour will keep your print and other production costs reasonable. Consider a two-colour design.

Once you have a logo designed, what’s next? Consider all the possible touchpoints: signage, vehicles, stationary, clothing, and packaging (if your company ships or sells products in bags or boxes).

Along with a logo, consider a tagline: a slogan or phrase (typically ten words or less). Telus tells us that the future is friendly. Timex claims it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

How do you get started? Start with a promise: what does your organization offer to customers? Do you already have a mission statement? Consider jazzing it up by injecting a bit of humour or personality substituting the key words for those which have more pizzazz.

Consider adjectives that encapsulate your values or the quality your products or services offer. If you are stumped, create a corporate challenge and ask your employees and even customers to provide feedback. Using a bulletin board or white board to keep track of key words will help you evolve your tagline.

Don’t get discouraged if your first attempts don’t exude cool. Your tagline should be realistic, clear and also stick to memory ten minutes after the Google searcher leaves your website or the pedestrian walks past your store’s sandwich board.

Finally, test-drive your creative efforts by inviting a select group of “outsiders” who know your business (suppliers or customers) to provide feedback.

Ingrid Schneller is an office space expert at Elite Business Centres. Elite specializes in providing corporate identity and executive office solutions at their 6 locations in Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website at

Tips on How to Display Your Best Family Photos

A family most likely has a lot of great memories that they will want to cherish, however it is not easy to always have to print out digital images and make scrapbooks whenever great memories are made. Luckily there are many easy ways that you can easily display those great favorite family memories.

Special photo boxes are a great way to store pics without the headache of putting all the pictures in albums or making scrapbooks. Pics put in keepsake photo boxes will not need to conform to special photo dimensions and the great thing about memory boxes is that you can include keepsakes, such as ticket stubs or cocktail napkins, with your memorable pictures!

With special keepsake boxes you also don’t have to make a photo box for each occasion. You may dedicate one photo box for the entire year and collect all of your favorite pics of the year in its own keepsake box. Other family members can contribute to the keepsake box and add their favorites memories too. Having a memory box symbolizing an entire year may also permit it to be much easier if you end up really wanting to make a photo scrapbook or album down the road. You may have all you need in one easy-to-find place!

Another easy option to keep your favorite photos fresh is to keep a special bulletin board or French board up in the kitchen or family room. Family photographs can easily be shown-off and taken down without all the extra hassle of rearranging a photo album. A special board provides you a dedicated space to show off special photos and keepsakes. Many people also decide to show their most favorite recent pictures on their fridge using cool magnets. No matter what, using a spot where you can enjoy your best family pictures each day is so much better than having the memories hidden away and forgotten in an album.

Digital picture frames could be the newest and easiest way to to rotate and display recent family photos. Just about all digital photo frames simply require that you insert a thumb drive of pictures into the photo frame and it will start up a rotating slideshow with the simple simple flip of a switch! Lots of digital frames can hold up to several hundred photos, so you will not be seeing the same photos repeatedly.

The family pictures could be adjusted to match the occasion too. If it is a special event, such as Christmas time, perhaps you can insert a memory stick that includes exclusively photographs from past Christmas holidays. The great thing about digital picture displays is that you and your family don’t need to develop hundreds of pictures, instead you only need to download all your favorite photos that you want onto a USB drive and let the photo frame do the work!

An alternate way to electronically display your most loved images is to set your computer screensaver to display your most favorite pics when it goes to sleep. If you have a laptop that is hooked up to your TV set, then this could be a easy way to show off your best family images easily. With a few clicks, you’ll have your favorite photos up and changing every time your laptop sleeps, it does not get much easier than that.

Displaying your most memorable family images is a wonderful way to keep the fun memories fresh. Most of these ideas can also be make great gifts for extended members of the family who might not live nearby. The grandparents may appreciate a keepsake box with a year’s worth of photographs gifted to them every holiday season. You could simply need to make extra copies when developing your most favorite photographs.

Digital photo frames uploaded with great memories may also make wonderful wedding anniversary gifts for your husband or wife. If you are stumped on when to give such a gift, then consider checking out wedding anniversary gifts by year to see which year would be appropriate to present a digital frame or wooden photo box of memories.

4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Digital Menu Board

So you’ve made the plunge and decided to switch to a digital menu board in your drive-through, fast food restaurant, or coffee shop. What can you do to make sure that you’re using it to its greatest potential?
During your opening phases for preparation to implement digital menu boards, make sure to think about the full scope of your design and it should fit in seamlessly with your brand’s current design features and brand messaging. Don’t forget who you’re targeting!
1. Focus on pre-bundled combos or meals. Customers, whether in a drive-through or in line indoors, tend to get nervous when asked what they want to order. Devoting enough space to combo meals helps the customer make a decision fast, and can help you to up-sell products.
2. Make it readable. Customers often report that either menu boards are too high up, or the writing on them is too small. Nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to see the menu when you’re hungry-except maybe spending money on digital signage only to have nobody read it. Place your menu board in a visible location, and make your font large enough to read, even for someone who just walked in without their glasses.
3. Be smart with pictures. Our eyes are drawn to pictures, so make them count. Especially in food service, it’s important to have images of your products available-particularly the products you want to be selling more of. Want to sell more desserts? Combos? Drinks? Devote more pictures to them. Consumers will take notice.
4. Change it up. With the rise of digital signage, menu boards are now more dynamic than ever before. Changes on electronic boards can be made much more quickly and at a lower cost than they can with traditional boards-take advantage of this opportunity, and devote some space to changeable options! Don’t change your whole display regularly or people will get confused, but leave some space to make use of your dynamic menu board: use it to showcase specials, promotions, or seasonal messages. (Know your Audience) Think about the placement of your digital menu board. Are visitors walking by quickly, on a staircase or waiting in a workplace? How will this affect your skill to promoting to them? Keep in mind what the most suitable font size will be for the conditions provided along with how quickly the text and items should move or scroll.
Many customers stop to look at the menu each time they come in. Putting time and thought into how your restaurant or drive-through menu board is organized really can make a difference!

With several years of experience implementing indoor menu boards, drive-thru and digital boards under our belt, we have learned to handle almost all situations with fluidity and professionalism. Beyond our product line, it is our services that truly set us apart. We don’t just sell you menu boards, we provide solutions that meet your specific needs, budget, expectations and DEADLINES! To know more about Origin Displays Group’s products and services, visit or call 888-235-2579 today.

Turn It On: Insights and Tips for Using Digital Signage at Your Business

Turn It On: Insights and Tips for Using Digital Signage at Your Business
The demand for a digital signage solution is gaining interest and growing investments. When you visit public places like a shopping mall, sports stadium, retail store, waiting area, or an airport, chances are high you have encountered a high-resolution …

Digital signage solution integrates with mobile ordering app
Digital signage provider embed signage has launched its solution integration with mobile ordering application Flypay, the company announced. According to the announcement, Flypay is closing in on 1 million users and is being used by chains such as …
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Digital Printing On Demand: Facts and Tips

Stop thinking and imagining! Digital online printing is here and it is the most significant technology for printed media production today. It describes the systems and equipment that produce printed sheets at one or both sides using different technologies of imaging with one or more colors. It also defines the printing-imaging processes where the film and/or plate making processes are eliminated and where printing takes part exactly after the prepress production process. Aside from high definition colors, patterns, multiple designs that can create using digital online printing, many businessmen and investors ventures in printing company business because the demand is high so as the profit.

Imagine how efficient your printed communications would be if you’d personalize each message, customize your copy, change visuals, and address each individual on a one-to-one basis. Imagine a means of communication that could print-on-demand, without cumbersome film, plates, proofs and make-ready always.

Digital Printing as of today is very essential. Before many people don’t want to have their documents printed with colors because of three main problems; first, they’re expensive. Second, many commercial printing companies accept only a small or limited amount of digital file types. Third, dealing with the printing company can be very tough especially when acquiring the right specifications for the printing job and some customers sometimes are disappointed with the result.

But as Digital Printing Technology evolves, Digital Printers become more affordable for people. Because of this many costumers chose to have their document printed digitally. As costumers increase so will the demand. As the demand for Digital Printing increases so will the number of Digital Printing Companies.

Here are the benefits of using digital printing.

• Save time. You go directly from the computer to the printed publication and print exactly the quantity you intend to use.

• Increase accuracy. You get to update documents quickly and economically every time you print.

• Customize documents. Your marketing communications go from standardized and impersonal to targeted and personal.

• Print on demand. You print what you need when you need it. Ready-made designs and lay-out are readily available.

• Distribute and print. Your documents can be printed virtually anywhere through a worldwide network of digital printers.

• Achieve high quality. The quality of digitally printed documents is defined and evaluated not only from printing but also by the overall quality of the final product’s appearance.

• Increase flexibility. You could select papers and formats that suit your applications and appeal most to your audience.

• Increase effectiveness. You’ll experience a great increase in sales and profits especially when the printing company produces new and unique printed materials.

• Realize added value. In terms of quality, convenience and overall value-added, it is a fresh and a whole new way to communicate.

Digital printing isn’t just a way to print; it’s a revolution in effective communication.

Digital Printing is not time consuming and it is also affordable. Normally, costumers would spend money and time for image setting, proof printings and etc. It shortens the process; eliminate the places where it usually comes to unwanted errors. Since with such errors means additional printing costs and time, you don’t want to end up doing what you have already done, do you?

These are the Digital Printing services that a company should have.

For more information, you can visit this page on online printing

Tips To Improve Church Bulletin

If you are responsible for church bulletins and printing, there are many things that need to be considered. Even if you make church bulletin for a while now, you may need to upgrade to get relief from the monotony. Generally, the church are short of budget, which is why the ballots are cheap quality. But with an improved design, members can be encouraged to participate in activities and be well informed. Here are some tips to improve the newsletter. 1. Use template: Using templates is quite common, but there are many models that are not well at the time of printing. It is process different impression that suits different models. It is best to choose the printer first, then select the model according to it. 2. Professional design: Church models are often desiged by church members and have no professional appeal. What you can do is hire a freelance graphic designer who will be in a better position to talk about the design and give your church bulletin a professional look. In the design, it ensures that the most important thing was noticed first. 3. Printing Process: Once you have finalized the look of the model, it is time to decide the printing process. It is always good to take note of the number of bulletin that is needed. Because there are cases where the number is far more than necessary or less. If the number is much lower, it is better to opt for digital printing and if it is high enough, then it is best to choose offset printing. Church Bulletin is an important part of the church’s activities and the better the success of activities is better.

designer who will be in a better position to talk about the design and give your church bulletin a professional look. In the design, it ensures that the most important thing was noticed first. 3. Printing Process: Once you have finalized the look of the model, it is time to decide the printing process. It is always good to take note of the number of bulletin that is needed. Because there are cases where the number is far more than necessary or less. If the number is much lower, it is better to opt for digital printing and if it is high enough, then it is best to choose offset printing. Church Bulletin is an important part of the church’s activities and the better the success of activities is better

For more information about church bulletin , check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the church bulletins !

Top Ten Outdoor Digital Signage Tips

Using outdoor digital signage poses different challenges to indoor systems, protect the device against the elements to get the content delivered but the benefits of the use of LCD and plasma outdoor for digital advertising and information is that you can reach a lot wider audience. There are of course many pitfalls in implementing outdoor digital signage, here are ten ideas to avoid making costly mistakes:

10. Have a goal – You must have a clear objective to mind. If you are investing in outdoor digital signage systems, you must focus on what you want to achieve, more customers or strengthen your brand or maybe you want to entertain or inform. Set your expectations before investing in any system.

9. Cost Plan – digital display is never cheap, always plan for everything. It surprises me to hear of companies that have spent small fortunes on digital display systems outdoors to have run out of money for things like maintenance or even content.

8. Use the right people to manage your project – often digital signage projects are grown on it. Of course, there are technical aspects DOOH (Digital Home) but it is much more suited to someone with marketing experience. Also make sure you have a clear project manager, there are many aspects to the outdoor digital display and unless someone is able to keep all the facets together your project may soon falter as soon as you hit that first hurdle. Make sure you have someone to manage and update content -. You’d be surprised how often this is overlooked

7. Position -. People can spend huge amounts of money on digital display campaigns but if LCD, plasma or LED screens are in the wrong place this could be money in the tube if no one pays any attention

6. Protection against rain – Outdoors is a totally different environment from within and all signaling device will protect against the elements. Always ensure good quality plasma or LCD houses the device box. Often 4 European standards IP65 or NEMA USA applied for outdoor digital signage enclosures.

5. Choose the right software and tools – Do not get distracted with expensive design tools and often too complicated. Often, simple office desktop tools like PowerPoint will create good quality and innovative content

4. Testing, testing 1, 2, 3 – Good sure check your campaigns. Do not just check that the devices work, the practice of changing the content and implementation of general maintenance such as cleaning, it is often small such practices that can cause failure of a draft outdoor digital display.

3. Be innovative – Do not be afraid to try new things. Look at the different types of LCD or plasma enclosures and see what looks best. Try to place the devices in unusual places or try something new content that it hopes to get noticed. Often, the best digital signage campaigns are those where they were bold in trying something new or something different.

2. Safety – It’s unfortunate, but I know this is the world in which we live and despite lower cost LCD and plasmas they are still attractive objects for thieves. Ensure the device identifier properly protected against theft, but also ensure the LCD enclosure is rugged enough to withstand attack by vandals.

1. Content – The most important aspect of any outdoor digital signage campaign is by far the content. Content is the key, no matter how fancy your outdoor digital signage systems seems they do not display an interesting, informative or entertaining they are wasted. Be innovative and different. If you attempt to generate revenue from advertising and mix in entertainment as people become blind ad will simply ignore the messages.

Keep things interesting and mix and match advertising content more informative entertainment and other things. Make sure to use a lot of colors, moving images and keep things simple. Too many things on the screen, get confused and distracted. Audio works well too but breath on music, it can be quite annoying for many people, especially if they do not like that kind.

outdoor digital signage is a great way to develop a profile of companies, advertising, enhance brand image, to influence customer behavior and generate sales, but only works if you invest the time and effort too long with money.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions. Releases New Guide: Essential Tips to Avoid the Most Common Travel Mistakes

Atlanta, Geogia (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, even a minor mishap can ruin a trip. The following travel tips from will help insure a disaster free travel experience.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t over-pack. With ever increasing airline baggage fees, lugging around hefty luggage can be tiring and expensive. Check the local weather and pack what “will” be needed not what “might” be needed.

Don’t over-plan, attempting to do so much that you end up too tired to enjoy it. Schedule at least a little down time. Sometimes the best memories start where the itinerary ends.

Arriving at the airport “just in time” can be a disaster. Printing a boarding pass at home doesn’t guarantee a smooth and speedy boarding procedure. Assume there will be security or other delays. Leaving too little time between flight connections can also be a gamble. Consider two hours between flights a minimum.

Electronics and How to Protect Them

Don’t end a vacation with a triple digit phone bill due to unexpected roaming charges. Reread phone plans and consider adjusting them prior to a trip.

Taking a laptop or tablet can be a fantastic way to share a vacation experience with friends and family through Skype and social media sites. If problems arise with accommodations or other travel details, access to the Internet can literally save the trip. Watching films on long flights and backing up photos are additional benefits. Be sure to password protect all sensitive information in case the laptop or tablet falls into the wrong hands.

If a new camera taken, be sure to practice with it and learn how to use the features BEFORE leaving. Know how it will be recharged on the road.

One risk of taking electronics is the potential for loss. More than 12,000 laptops are left behind at airport security checkpoints every week in the U.S. alone. The number of lost phones in the U.S. each year is about 30 million. Almost all “lost” items do get found by someone, unfortunately less than one-third of these are returned because finding the owner is just too difficult. Most finders, including the TSA, will return the items if there is a simple, secure way to connect with the owner.

For just a few dollars, Okoban tracker tags from add protection and security for laptops, phones, keys, cameras, passports, credit cards, luggage and other valuables. They connect finders with owners quickly, securely and privately, anywhere in the world. Finders simply enter the tracker tag’s Unique Identification (UID) code and the recovery location on the Okoban website. The system then immediately notifies the owner, anywhere in the world, with a secure email and text message of the found valuable and its recovery location.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Check insurance policies before departure. Know what is and is not covered in health, auto and homeowners insurance policies.

Have duplicate photocopies of passports, documentation, itineraries and reservations.

Notify credit card companies of travel plans. For security reasons cards will often be placed on hold if purchases start to show up from distant areas or foreign countries. Check to be sure ATM cards will work while traveling.

Before arriving, learn basic words like “help” and “fire,” in the local language. Know the local equivalent of 911.

Be sure to protect valuables from loss with Okoban tracker tags from “Now, with Okoban and any lost cell phone or other valuable can find its owner,” says Gordon Burns, CEO of My Stuff Lost and Found. “Often, the lost valuable finds the owner before the owner realizes the item is lost,” says Burns.

The worldwide Okoban notification service, linked to the SITA/IATA World Tracer system, operates in 2,200+ airports, on 400+ airlines and in thousands of “frequent finder” locations, institutional lost and found facilities such as TSA, rail, maritime, coach, car rental and hotel companies.

My Stuff Lost and Found, founded in 2012, provides convenient worldwide online sales and service of Okoban’s sturdy tracker tags for laptops, phones, tablets, passports, luggage, cameras, pets and other valuables. is the online gateway to Okoban’s tracking service for valuables and free global lost and found service for life. Purchase Okoban online at