Arranging The Tweets With A Simple Application Called UnTweeps

Social media has definitely conquered the world. Many use social networking sites such as Twitter to connect with others and follow their every move. This can totally be annoying sometimes. Imagine the number of tweets per day can definitely be confusing sometimes. Thank God UnTweeps limit the number.

Twitter has become a popular application online. Everybody knows your point of view with just a limited message. It encourages your friends or fans to follow your every message. However it does not allow you to remove those who rarely post. This is where this amazing application comes into play.

Organize your tweet list with Untweeps. It is a helpful site that allows you to set the number of days to keep a post. Example you choose to view continuously posted tweets for five days. All those who failed to post for five straight days will be deleted from your list. You will then have more room for the people you wish to follow constantly. Using this social networking site helps update friends and relatives but if it is clogged it would be impossible to keep track recent activities.

Do not worry for those friends who does not constantly post. Exclude them from those tweets you wish to unfollow with its white list feature. Limit the the number of followers on your page and personalize your tweet bulletin board.

It is evident that it is available for only 3 days in one month. However constant users might want to take advantage of monthly subscription for only 5 US dollars a month. Those under budget can use the 3 day payment option for only 1.37 US dollars.

It plays a vital role in marketing. This site allows you to follow the people who express interest in their business. It filters people they want to follow and who follows them thus enhancing the efficient leads it creates.

Follow an individual or a whole group. It is an effective way of optimizing the page. Scanning each line is easier and faster. No more time-consuming reduction of messages this application can be a wonder tool for any popular individual like you.

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