Naperville Council Weighs in on Signs in Town

After a recent U.S. Supreme Court case determined that signs cannot be regulated based on their content when determining their size and duration of display, the city was required to make changes to our current code.

Updates would include everything from setting the size of non-commercial signs on residential and non-residential properties, to regulating how often electronic message boards can change copy, a point council members weighed in on.

“The owners of such signs often have multi-tenant buildings and it’s been established that you need to have that level of flips for them to benefit from the traffic. I know there’s been studies that show that those signs aren’t hazards in any way, so I think it’s imperative that the ten second rule stay,” said Councilman Kevin Coyne.

Other issues addressed by the council were the number of election signs that can be posted around town.

“During election season this town is just a disgrace with people that put them wherever they want, the town is just nasty looking for three months straight, every year, every election cycle,” said Councilman Paul Hinterlong.

The council is expected to vote on regulations next meeting.

The next City Council meeting will be held January 17.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.
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