FDAnews Announces: Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program, Oct. 15-16, 2014, Philadelphia, PA

Falls Church, VA (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program

**Presented by PhillyCooke Consulting and FDAnews**

Oct. 15-16, 2014 – Philadelphia, PA


Good news, millions of people are seeing manufacturers promotions, but don’t forget that the FDA is seeing them too.

FDA marketing scrutiny no longer is limited to magazine and TV ads. Now the agency is poking around, checking signage in tradeshow booths, checking in on Twitter and Facebook and listening to the physicians and other healthcare professionals manufacturers have paid to speak or train.

Darn near everything is fair game in this brave new regulatory world, even though some say FDA social-media guidances raise more questions than they answer.

And don’t forget FDA’s Bad Ad program, which deputizes every healthcare professional in America to alert FDA on non-compliant promotional activities and tactics.

Face it, manufacturers need help; not with creating better ads and promotions but for making sure promotional activities aren’t magnets for warning letters.

Come to Philadelphia in October for two days of intense learning. Attendees will arrive back home with a bag full of tricks and tips to keep all marketing efforts squeaky-clean.

Understanding Pre-Approval Communications: Don’t get on the FDA’s or SEC’s radar screens before a product is even approved. Learn how to properly disclosure information and remain in compliance.
How to Maximize Disease Awareness Communications: Take away valuable tips and tricks for using disease awareness communications pre- and post-approval.
Hurray! It’s Approved: Building the most aggressive, but compliant campaign from first day of approval to commercial launch.
Assuring Promotions Meet FDA Off-Label Standards: Successfully navigating 4 major traps that can earn a warning letter fast.
Itching To Do More With Social Media? Discover how to get the message out there without crossing the line.

The workshop leader is Dale Cooke, principal of PhillyCooke Consulting. Mr. Cooke’s practice specializes in helping FDA-regulated companies develop compliant promotional tactics and improve the promotional review. He is the author of Effective Review & Approval of Digital Promotional Tactics and is currently at work on a book about compliant social media usage for prescription product manufacturers.

Whatever the line of endeavor — drugs, biologics, devices — if a manufacturers advertises, the FDA has its eye on them. Why risk a Form 483 or a warning letter when compliance help is so close at hand?

Conference Details:

Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program

**Presented by PhillyCooke Consulting and FDAnews**

Oct. 15-16, 2014 – Philadelphia, PA


Tuition: $ 1,797

Easy Ways to Register:

Online: http://www.fdanews.com/AdvertisingAndPromotion

By phone: 888-838-5578 or 703-538-7600

About FDAnews:

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Cilutions Adds World-Class Digital Signage Capability to Enterprise Video IP Streaming

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Cilutions has added Exterity world-class video IP streaming to its range of ultra-reliable but affordable digital signage solutions.

Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers are now fully integrated with Cilutions Digital Media Bridge (DMB) software suite; letting organizations that already use Exterity for IP streaming seamlessly add powerful new digital signage capabilities. Unlike most digital signage offerings, the combined Cilutions and Exterity products offer end-to-end fully encrypted video playback.

Using Cilutions DMB, HD video content can be played on any digital signage screen connected to an Exterity Receiver. By adding Cilutions DMB Screen Builder software to their desktops, digital signage network administrators can use advanced content creation, scheduling and targeting features to manage groups of screens based on audience profiles or locations, or control content scheduling down to individual displays.

In addition to integrating seamlessly within an Exterity IPTV system, Exterity provisioned end-points can be combined with Cilutions software to offer a stand-alone digital signage set-top box that can also be used across networks where video streaming is not required.


This blended solution means high quality video can be decoded, transcoded and distributed over local area networks, enabling everything from scheduled digital signage programming to rich Video on Demand (VoD) interactive screens.

“This creates a very flexible platform that can be implemented easily by organizations, without adding any new hardware,” explained William Stanton, Director of Business Development for Cilutions.

“Offering a single solution for video and signage is much more efficient and cost-effective, and means that our customers only have to learn one system,” added Colin Farquhar, Exterity CEO. “Talking to our end users, systems integrators and partners, we know that video is an integral part of digital signage in addition to data and graphics, so it made sense to have a single integrated solution.”


Based in the Washington, DC area, Cilutions builds its digital signage solution around ultra-reliable, solid-state media playback devices that have been designed to operate flawlessly for years.

“No moving parts, great engineering inside and tough enclosures mean our customers can put these units out in harsh environments, like fast food outlets and busy retail spaces, without worrying about their ability to handle all the dust and grime that will quickly choke regular PCs,” explained Stanton.

In addition to their management and content distribution software platforms, Cilutions has two core elements to its Digital Media Bridge software suite:

    DMB Media Player – digital signage, video-on-demand and digital menu board software player
    DMB Screen Builder – digital signage, video-on-demand and digital menu board screen authoring application

“Digital signage is a very competitive business, and we strongly believe blending a world-class IP streaming solution with DMB sets Cilutions apart from the pack,” concluded Stanton.


Cilutions is a software products and services provider for digital signage networks. We strive to provide low cost, easy to use software solutions for the successful implementation and management of digital signage networks. Whether you plan to install your digital signage network on top of a private satellite data network with dedicated set-top boxes or simply over the internet, we have the software to make your digital signage network a success.

To learn more, visit http://www.cilutions.com.


Since 2001 Exterity has been designing, developing and manufacturing technically innovative products that deliver networked video over IP to some of the leading organizations across the globe. These organizations choose Exterity products because they want the best, because they demand excellence.

Enabling distribution of HD quality TV and video over enterprise IP networks to an unlimited number of end points, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and receiving devices without compromising system performance or availability.


    Deployed in over 40 countries
    Achieved growth in excess of 240% over the last five years
    Scalable solutions for organizations of any size and across any sector
    Unique industry leading features and market specific application

Headquartered in Scotland UK, we extend our global reach through our offices in Atlanta, London, Paris, Munich, Dubai, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. Localized knowledge and expertise is enhanced through the Exterity StreamForce program of credible, technically innovative partners, plus an extensive network of in-country resellers and distributors.