CAYIN’s smarter meetingPost system now allows you to change meeting schedules within an instant!

CAYIN meetingPost: Digital Signage System for Meeting Rooms
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Digital Signage System Dedicated To Meeting Room Management

CAYIN’s meetingPost is dedicated to the needs of meeting rooms and banquet halls that require flexible arrangement on the meeting schedule as well as frequent update on information post. meetingPost is designed to cooperate with CAYIN SMP-WEB series. By integrating its function of meeting management, meetingPost can be used to substitute traditional paper signs, displaying real-time information of the event on the monitor outside each meeting room/banquet hall.

Easy Remote Management and Control

meetingPost provides web-based user interface, and requires only simple and intuitive operation skills. Administrators can sit in the office and remotely change the information displayed outside the meeting room by typing and effortless operation. No more going to-and-fro the meeting rooms is needed!

Functional Display Mode of Meeting Schedule

meetingPost provides three different meeting display modes:

meetingPost-Single meeting

Single Meeting
Display details of the current meeting

meetingPost-Meeting list

Meeting List
List out all the appointed meetings of the day

meetingPost-Integrated display

Integrated Display
A combination of “single meeting” and “integrated display”

Integrating with wayfinderPost

meetingPost shares saved meeting information with wayfinderPost, providing both meeting information and signpost simultaneously without repeating information input process.

Pre-designed Templates for Fast Adoption

meetingPost-Pre-designed templates for fast adoption

meetingPost is installed with various templates that allow users to adopt easily and quickly. Users can also change logo, background image, as well as colors and sizes of texts according to actual needs. A template can be used for all meeting rooms to create the sense of unison. Characterized styles can also be used in correspondent meeting rooms to underscore their individual purposes. In addition, meetingPost supports both portrait and landscape presentation for better flexibility.


Showing Rich Meeting Information

meetingPost-Showing rich meeting information

By using web-based user interface, administrators can input basic information of meeting/event, including the title of meeting room, the name of meeting, date and time for the meeting to take place, company logo, and event photo. Separately, meetingPost features two text zones for users to add in further information with flexibility. Screens can be used to broadcast brand image or video when there is no meeting held inside.

Pre-scheduled Display vs. Instantaneous Display

Administrators can pre-edit a meeting list for each meeting room on pre-scheduled display. For occasional, urgent events, administrators can also remotely input meeting information and instantly display it on the screen.

Room Booking System

meetingPost-Easy remote management and control

You can process online booking for all meeting and banquet rooms, and other facilities. To arrange events on monthly and weekly calendars, simply click on the dates and start to book rooms!

meetingPost also features for its search function, which can automatically find available rooms for a specified period of time.

Complimentary Basic System Module

System module provides administrators with system information, equipped with managerial functions on user accounts and software license.



  • School conference rooms
  • Convention center / meeting rooms at exhibition center
  • Company meeting rooms
  • Hotel meeting rooms / banquet halls