George A. Romero Stars in ‘Zombie Squash’ Video Game; Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

ACW Games, a division of Attila’s Creative Works LLC, officially announced today that George A. Romero, the Godfather of All Zombies, is starring in their upcoming video game, Zombie SquashTM, providing the voice for the lead villain game boss, Dr. Beau E. Vil. Since his ground-breaking, trendsetting masterpiece, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ George Romero’s name has become synonymous with zombies. This time around, Romero creates a new cartoon-style voice in Zombie SquashTM as an evil scientist.

ACW Owner Attila Juhasz is the creator of Zombie SquashTM, a world where vegetation has gone wild from evil experiments gone wrong. Zombie SquashTM is a tower defense style game where the Player is a rabbit named Jack Stompingtail who fires carrots, zucchini and other garden ammo at Dr. Beau E. Vil’s horde of gorde onslaught. The player has to try and stop the Zombie SquashTM from taking over the world. The game will be initially released for PC and Mac desktops late October 2012. ACW is also working on versions for iPhone, iPod, iPad and most major Android marketplaces, as well as the most popular Android devices, including Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

“I started developing Zombie SquashTM two years ago,” says Juhasz, “and released a short demo last Halloween.” Since then Juhasz has recruited the iconic George A. Romero to star in the game and Billboard-charting music producer, Roy Z. to co-write and produce the soundtrack. World-renowned illustrator, Marc Sasso also joined the Zombie Squash team illustrating the new official cover, and creating characters and art.

ACW Games also launched their Zombie SquashTM Kickstarter campaign today. Kickstarter is a social funding community where people become backers of independent creative ventures like video games. An online video featuring George Romero, Attila Juhasz and snippets of the game, art and music can be viewed at the Zombie SquashTM Kickstarter page – “Through Kickstarter, our friends, fans and other social backers give us the opportunity to have a release ready for Halloween,” states Juhasz.

Rewards are given to backers that support the Zombie SquashTM Kickstarter campaign. These include access to BETA releases, full DRM-Free copies, T-shirts, CDs, Sponsorship and Associate Producer Opportunities, and Autographed Items.

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Zombie SquashTM is the registered trademark of Attila’s Creative Works LLC.

About Attila Juhasz and Attila’s Creative Works LLC & ACW Games

Attila Juhasz formed Attila’s Creative Works LLC in Phoenix, AZ in 2005. ACW Games is a division of Attila’s Creative Works LLC. ACW offers creative services including web design, graphics, app development, editing and DVD authoring. ACW owns and operates a network of websites including the popular web site Juhasz is celebrating his 20th anniversary in online creations building his first dial-up bulletin-board system (BBS) in 1992. He was the publisher of the rock magazine, New York Onslaught and has written for genre magazines Fangoria and Sci-Fi. In 1995, he created what may be considered the first commercial genre website,, which he sold to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc. who hired him as their Director of Internet Marketing as reported in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Whille at Unapix, Juhasz continued being a web pioneer producing the first global Internet Seance online Halloween 2000. He has built over 100 websites for clients like Lifetime Television, Newman’s Own, Kraft, DuPont and many others. In 2003 he created the DEP (Digital Entertainment Package), the first of its kind application that included Music, Liner Notes, Photos, Wallpaper, and a Screensaver. ACW has released Apps for iPhones and Android phones including “The Logical Meaning of God” eBook, “Panda Drop” game, and “ Movie Streaming App.”

ACR Electronics, Inc. & George Poveromo a Saltwater Partnership for Safety at Sea

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

ACR Electronics, Inc., a leader in safety and signaling technologies, announces their newest brand ambassador – George Poveromo, nationally recognized saltwater fisherman and host of the NBC Sports Network TV series, “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing”.

A world-renowned angling authority and long-time customer of ACR, George Poveromo has also experienced his own close call at sea. While off the Florida Keys in 2012, George was pulled overboard while hooked to a 256 pound swordfish, which he ultimately went on to catch. With this experience serving as a prime example that the unexpected can happen even to the most experienced fisherman, Poveromo now touts the merits of safe boating and fishing among his strong following of saltwater fishing enthusiast.

“The very first EPIRB I purchased was an ACR, and every one since has been an ACR, because of their untouchable reputation in the marine safety field,” said Poveromo.

Together, ACR and Poveromo are getting the word out to offshore boaters that 406 MHz beacons are a small price to pay for lifesaving technology and should never be viewed as optional gear. “People tend to associate boating mishaps with sinking,” said Poveromo. “But what if there’s an electrical fire and you need to abandon the vessel, or if you fall overboard at night and no one notices? There are inherent dangers associated with offshore fishing and boating, and that’s why every sea-going vessel should carry an ACR EPIRB as well as personal locator beacons. You can’t put a price tag on the safety of your family and friends who are on board for a fun day of fishing,” added Poveromo.

Learn more about ACR’s 406 MHz beacons on George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing show on NBC Sports or at his Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series.