DarbeeVision Inc. and Shenzhen Geniatech Inc. Ltd. Announce Partnership

Las Vegas, Navada (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

DarbeeVision, the leading developer of acclaimed image processing technologies and products, has selected Shenzhen based Geniatech as their Partner for Product Design and Manufacture. Geniatech is the leading OEM/ODM that specializes in open Android-based hardware and software platforms, for IPTV/OTT Android boxes with embedded digital TV tuners, video capturing devices, and video converter devices.

The new partnership will leverage Geniatech’s extensive capability in the manufacturing and design of Android TV Platform Solution and video processing modules. “We were looking for an ODM/CM partner with strength in video circuit design, and particularly a company with leadership level proficiency in software/hardware design for the explosively growing STB and dongle markets,” said President Larry Pace, DarbeeVision, “Geniatech has deep expertise in these areas, meaning that DARBEE-enabled HD and 4K/UHD solutions can keep pace with the video hungry marketplace.”

Geniatech will showcase DARBEE Visual Presence-enhanced OTT Android boxes in their booth #10814 South Hall Upper, at NAB 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The presentation will further prove that while pixel count, color depth and screen brightness are required for creating excellent image quality, DARBEE Visual Presence creates the unique and ultimate level of digital image realism for compressed video content like IPTV, OTT and Blu-ray.

“The Geniatech Android-based set-top box is designed to help TV operators/broadcasters deliver an amazing user experience that includes media-rich video content,” said CEO Mr. Fang, Geniatech. “Taking into account the unpredictable nature of live IPTV/OTT video consumption up to 4K UHD, we saw the significant value in implementing DARBEE Visual Presence enhancement in our devices. The result is a guaranteed higher quality of service for our OEM / ODM customers at all times and the possibility to deliver Live TV, VOD, IPTT and OTT content with an always excellent viewing experience for the end user, providing game changing video excellence and a value add on.” The new media player and video solutions developed by DarbeeVision and Geniatech will represent a new generation of video processing and Android TV Platform products for consumer, gaming, digital signage, security/surveillance, and VR/AR markets.

DarbeeVision and Geniatech will demonstrate the complete solution at the 2015 NAB Show, booth SU10814.

Media and Demonstrations, please contact:

Geniatech – Mike Decker, VP Sales & Marketing, mike(dot)decker(at)geniatech(dot)com

DarbeeVision – Aaron Spann, Marketing Manager, aaron(at)darbeevision(dot)com

DarbeeVision, Inc. is headquartered in Orange, California. DarbeeVision has developed proprietary technologies that bring revolutionary levels of depth and realism to digital images. By integrating Visual Presence into existing digital image media devices, pictures can be made better than what even the most perfect cameras and displays can achieve — much better in fact, by using computation to process an image in the same way the brain does, actually helping the eyes see images the way the brain expects them to look. DarbeeVision technology is available to OEMs as IP for licensing.

For information, call 714-787-1006, email info(at)darbeevision(dot)com or visit DarbeeVision.com. All DarbeeVision patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing are the property of DarbeeVision, Inc.

Geniatech Inc., Ltd has become one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturers specializing in open Android-based hardware and software platforms for OTT Android boxes with embedded digital TV tuners, video capturing devices and video converter devices. We also have a wide range of product lines for your potential customers, such as content providers, service providers and telco operators. Our main focus is on Android-based smart devices, including hardware and software which allows us to adapt swiftly to make changes in the OTT and Hybrid Android boxes to match the specified needs for our customers.

Telephone: + 86 755 86028588


Address: 18th F GDC Building, No.9 Gaoxin Central Avenue 3rd, Nanshan District Shenzhen, P.R. China

Sun Tzu’s Art of War For the Digital Battlefield

The Art of War has been used for over 25 centuries by generals to wage war and latterly by business executives and sports coaches to win in their respective ‘battlefields’. Much has been written over the last 15 years or so aiming to bring clarity to Sun Tzu’s tenets and to transpose the 13 Principles into corporate language that everybody could follow. In this series, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important ares identified by Sun Tzu and how they apply to your digital strategy.

Leveraging the wisdom in The Art of War can only benefit the reader. Not only will the reader see a General’s overview of all that’s required to run a competitive strategy, but they’ll automatically begin to translate them into their own business language. And this can be the beginning of a long journey that will only strengthen an individual’s strategic mind. There are plenty of free downloads of the 1910 translation by Lionel Giles and it’s always going to be a good idea to take a look, if you’re not already familiar with the text.

However, until recently many have found it difficult to move Sun Tzu’s thinking into their own world. Even with the help of books by the likes of Mark McNeilly and Donald Krause; if the reader wasn’t in a position of power, much of the book became redundant. Sure, it was great knowledge to have and always sparked interest as a talking point at dinner parties and networking events, but only really suited those in powerful positions.

That has all changed. The internet presents us with a perfect battlefield and since the advent of iMarketing, Sun Tzu’s work has become more important than it was before, if that’s possible. The reason is simple; namely that the internet provides a complete ‘battlefield’ and a need for a total strategy. Creating and servicing a successful internet presence will be augmented by a knowledge of this classic piece of writing.

If you think about it, the internet is perfect ground for applying Sun Tzu’s 13 Principles. You build your power level by establishing your digital calling card. Once you have created your ‘army’ (website) and have equipped it accordingly (links, videos, reports & attitude), you can go out and study the battlefield (marketplace). How competitive? Who are the major players? Off-page SEO possibilities? Backlinks or JVs? These are all areas for study and analysis. And war!

Merely by thinking in terms of your site as a mobilised army or competitive sports team, will help you to understand the simplicity of Sun Tzu’s strategy and how you can leverage it to your advantage. Just by asking yourself what Sun Tzu might have recomended, is the beginnings of leveraging advantage.

There’s a brilliant documentary based on The Art of War by The History Channel that speaks to experts like Mark McNeilly and gives historical recreations of Sun Tzu’s Principles.

All of the 13 principles listed in the table of contents of the Art of War can be seen as the cornerstones of your positional strategy. It is important to state that The Art of War is not about how to fight, it’s about how not to fight. And it’s the same with our competition in the marketplace. You don’t fight them, you continually position yourself, leveraging your strengths and exploiting their areas of weakness.

It’s also a wise idea to learn to play Go! There’s plenty online. Takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master and gives you insight into the differences between Western and Eastern approaches to competition. In the East, it’s about market share or ground, and in the West, we have a more head to head attritional approach, similar to chess. The East is about taking ground, the West is about winning. Much can be learned from Go! and you can always tell your boss that you’re brushing up your strategic skills, when you’re caught playing at the office.

It should always be kept in mind, that The Art Of War concentrates on how not to fight. Crucial to the core of the work, is that by knowing yourself and knowing your adversary, then you will succeed in a hundred battles. It’s longevity is partly down to the fact that it is centered on not actually fighting unless absolutely necessary.

Becoming aware of The Art of War, is a vital step in anybody’s thinking about strategy and execution. If you study all the strategy books out there, you’ll find that they’re all modelled on Sun Tzu. So again, as with Jung and Aristotle, if you know the primary source and primary research, you begin to understand better that which follows.

Steve MacAulay is at http://dotexperts.com

Digital Poster Advertising – The Perfect Advertising Medium For the Small Business

We have all heard about Out Of Home (OOH) advertising and Digital Out Of Home advertising (DOOH), however there is a small but growing group of forward thinking business people who are utilising digital advertising to get their shop or store noticed.

These business people are using digital posters, these are a scaled down version of an outdoor digital sign with one exception, that they are housed indoors as they do not have the necessary protection to work efficiently outdoors.

What is a digital poster? They are an intelligent, third generation photo frame, just like a digital photo frame they have an LCD display, up to 19 inches wide by 25 inches high and they show the images in a slide show format, now here is the were a digital poster is different to a photo frame.

The digital poster comes with some software so you can drag and drop your images onto the memory card then set the rotation time, so that the images rotate in sequence, as you require. Then you have to insert the media card into the player, once secured into position, the digital poster is now ready to hang in your store window or on the wall.

Digital posters can also accept MPEG video files, so you can create a video and zone the screen and have separate images in each zone, while running video, the only thing you can not do is add RSS feeds, this is due to no Internet connection on the poster.

Now what makes them a perfect medium to get additional business, this is your opportunity to up sell your in-store merchandise and get a fast return on your investment, as you create the media content, so there are no additional costs and only a small investment in terms of money and time to get the digital sign configured and working.

Dave is a technical author in the field on digital signage, having supplied top tier signage integrators with indoor digital posters, he is also the owner of the only European specialist manufacturer of LCD enclosures, that protect to IP65 and NEMA X4 as well as offering vandal proof protection.

Postcard Printing: Still Effective In The Digital Age

In the past, postcards have been used as a form of communication. Over the years, they have been developed and now forms an important part of business promotion. But despite the introduction of the Internet and the modern methods of promotion, the post cards still remains an important part of business. In fact they are able to generate better results today than they did before. How are they able to do this? Here are some of the reasons:

i. They serve as a modern form of communication. Despite being an old form of communication, the postcards are able to deliver your message openly and easily. They get your message out in the open without having to open an envelope. The message it commonly short yet clear as there is not enough room in the card for your message. Overall, the card serve as a modern way to easy to read and comprehend form of communication.

ii. They are high impact communication material. Its practically difficult to overlook a postcard. Even if they are looking through a lot of mail all promising something enticing, the post card is easy to stand out. With an eye-popping card, your message will be read by almost all your prospects or anyone who sees it.

iii. They let you save money. They are small and easy to produce so they dont practically cost a lot to create. You can even do the printing yourself with your computer and inkjet printer. This doesnt cost a lot to create.

iv. They dont take a long time to produce. It doesnt actually take so much time to design and create a marketing message with your card. You can complete the printing in a few hours and have it mailed out the same day. Its also quick to realize results, sometimes within a week of sending them.

v. They are easy. You dont actually need a special skill to produce a create postcard printing. Even if you design and print your card yourself, you dont need a special skill to do it. But remember that you cant close a sale with your card. There simply is not enough space to do that. Instead of closing a sale, simply list some of your benefits to draw attention to your card.

vi. They can easily adapt to any type of business. Whatever type of business you run, a post card can help you effectively sell your product or service. Your card can easily be adjusted to any kind of promotional activity. You can use them to promote your web site, generate sales, promote repeat sales, or even to simply share your idea.

vii. They are personal. People enjoy receiving post cards from friends and relatives. So, take advantage of it. Design your card in such a way that it feels like a message from a friend. At first glance, you card should send a friendly message to your prospects. This is not to deceive your prospects to patronize your products or services, but to get their interest and attention to read your message.

Take advantage of this marketing tool today. If you dont, youll be missing out on a competitive advantage that will bring your business to success. Create your own enticing post card today and you will be sure to experience new heights in your business.

Leah Delaney is specializing in writing articles on a printing company. Try to visit this page for more tips about cost effective postcard printing and find the best place to print postcards for successful marketing campaign.

Wayfair gets with the programmatic ad program

Wayfair gets with the programmatic ad program
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Facebook gaining ground on YouTube in video ads, report says
O) YouTube as an outlet for big companies to market their products via online videos, the fastest growing category of Internet ads, a report published on Monday said. The competition for video viewers opens up a new front in the clash between the two …
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Highway Patrol, ODOT initiative showing total traffic deaths on digital

Highway Patrol, ODOT initiative showing total traffic deaths on digital
This 19 percent increase has inspired the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Transportation to join forces with a new initiative utilizing ODOT digital message boards to spread traffic safety messages. The messages will be displayed for the …
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ODOT and OSHP to unveil digital message boards Wednesday
CANFIELD — Officials from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Transportation are hosting a news conference at 11 a.m. Wednesday at its Canfield garage, 401 W. Main St., to announce that ODOT will install digital message boards …
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Traffic fatality count will be on highway message boards in Ohio
A digital message board in Columbus last week showed the traffic-fatality messaging that will go statewide beginning Wednesday. The Ohio State Patrol and Ohio Department of Transportation hope putting the stark messages in front of motorists will …
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About Digital Signage in Retail Marketing Campaign

In today’s world of hustle bustle, getting the attention of your potential customer is not an easy task. You need to be highly creative and sensitive about your target audience’s taste. If you are using outdated technologies, all you are doing is wasting your advertising capital. Especially when it comes to retail business, you may stay away from investing in anything but advertising. Retail is an industry where reaching out to people and conquering their interest is the only way you can see profit. There are so many competitors vying with you in this industry, so you need to be equally competent, if not significantly more. Cheap obsolete advertising ideas will definitely not find you a place!

Digital signage is one of the techniques that can help your products have a better reach. Even if you are a big brand in the retail industry, with a digital signage in retail marketing campaign, you can get more people into your customer pool and increase the existing customers’ interest in your new products.

Digital signage marketing campaign is advantageous and effective for more than one reason. Without spending much, you can update your product messages, ads, and information in real time. This mode of advertising can be more visually appealing than the conventional billboards, posters, etc. Also posters are for fixed content. But if you want your advertisements to get more interactive and creative, digital signage marketing has more ideas.

Digital signage in retail mode of marketing has some standard methods which ease your advertisement complexities. If you want to update the message content, you can get it done regardless of the distance of your location from the company. Thus digital signage is a cost-effective way of marketing your products and services.

You can find a number of notable providers of digital signage products and services. The deliverables of high tech companies are of high quality. They ensure that all the above mentioned advantages of digital signage are made available to you. They employ highly qualified technicians to provide you with convincing marketing solutions and gripping digital signage boards for your products. They operate as a team of capable IT technicians, skilled AV designers and expert installation handlers.

Designing a successful advertisement or marketing campaign for a concern in the retail industry is quite a challenging task as the industry is bloated with competition. Professionals and technicians operate by understanding your product and needs thoroughly. This ensures that in the end, you get more than what you wanted. What is more striking is that the technicians employed by these digital signage in retail companies are so skillful that they design effective digital signage boards for you within your own budget limits.

Right from preparing the marketing content, designing the digital signage to installing it, the digital signage in retail companies take care of everything. They also provide you with any extra guidance regarding the placement of your ad or the timing of your ads. However, their services don’t end there. They also make sure that they are always there for you to provide technical support. By choosing to go for the services of such companies you can relax on the advertisement and marketing front and concentrate on the business. Why should someone be bothered when everything right from design to maintenance is comprehensively taken care of?



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place. http://www.resusdigitalsignage.com

Bitcoin website operator Micon to plead guilty on gaming charge

Bitcoin website operator Micon to plead guilty on gaming charge
A single complaint by a Belgian resident to the Gaming Control Board began the investigation into Seals with Clubs, as the board had no idea the site was in operation. By using Bitcoin, an online currency, Micon felt as though the site was legit based …
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This week in government: Directory of area meetings
Thurmont: Meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, 615 E. Main St. Agenda includes adoption of an ordinance relating to Phase 3 of the town's sewer project and discussion about an electric distribution system study and proposal. 301-271-7313. www.thurmont.com …
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Justin-Siena HS – Napa, CA – Full time
NAS storage arrays• Perform administrative duties on Active Directory• Help support, maintain, and administer network infrastructure and equipment• Perform proactive, routine maintenance and upgrades to desktops, laptops and servers.• Create and deploy …
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Enlighten Launches New Site for University of Michigan Athletics

Ann Arbor, Michigan (PRWEB) June 19, 2015

Leading independent digital media, design and technology agency Enlighten today announced the launch of ThisisMichigan.com (http://thisismichigan.com), a first-of-its-kind athletics recruiting hub for the University of Michigan Athletics department. Ann Arbor-based Enlighten was retained by the esteemed college – which counts Google co-founder Larry Page and football great Tom Brady among its alumni – to execute an extensive responsive website design that would assist U of M in continuing to attract the caliber of talent that has already generated 56 national championships, 307 individual championships and 150 Olympic medals.

In the Define phase of the project, Enlighten interviewed every University of Michigan coach along with potential recruits, recently signed recruits and current student-athletes to assess their recruiting site needs and digital behavior. The resulting web destination incorporates innovative design trends and such visual assets as student-produced imagery and original video, created in collaboration with third party video production vendor Dark Spark Media. Behind-the-scenes features provide potential recruits with a candid, in-depth look at the University of Michigan, its world-class Athletics program and the city of Ann Arbor, ranked 13th Best Place to Live in the US by Livibility.com in 2014.

Site sections include Academic Success, Health & Welfare, Leadership & Career, Campus Life, Traditions and For Parents & Advisors, and are supported by rich visuals, video and original copy to assist visitors in the decision making process. In the We Are Michigan section, dozens of interactive testimonials from past and present University of Michigan athletes are coupled with bold photos and social media feeds to create an engaging and memorable site experience, while the Experience Michigan interface offers both Ann Arbor- and Campus-specific galleries and insider facts to familiarize visitors with the area.

The site delivers information on all 31 of the University of Michigan’s sports teams, and is completely responsive for use on desktops, tablets and smartphones of all kinds.

“Recruiting sites for university athletic programs are rare, but in the competitive world of athletic recruiting they’ve become critical to securing top talent,” says Tom Beck, President of Enlighten. “ThisisMichigan.com goes beyond facts and data points to tell the compelling story of the program, its participants and the beautiful city of Ann Arbor in a visually dynamic and wholly engaging way.”

About Enlighten

Enlighten (http://www.enlighten.com) is an award-winning digital marketing, online advertising, web development, data analytics and strategic consulting firm building innovative online experiences for major brands including AAA, Domino’s Pizza, Hunter Douglas, illy caffè, Janus Capital Group, Jimmy John’s, Johnson & Johnson, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, The Henry Ford and more. Based in Ann Arbor, the independent digital marketing agency was founded in 1983.

Digital Printing On Demand: Facts and Tips

Stop thinking and imagining! Digital online printing is here and it is the most significant technology for printed media production today. It describes the systems and equipment that produce printed sheets at one or both sides using different technologies of imaging with one or more colors. It also defines the printing-imaging processes where the film and/or plate making processes are eliminated and where printing takes part exactly after the prepress production process. Aside from high definition colors, patterns, multiple designs that can create using digital online printing, many businessmen and investors ventures in printing company business because the demand is high so as the profit.

Imagine how efficient your printed communications would be if you’d personalize each message, customize your copy, change visuals, and address each individual on a one-to-one basis. Imagine a means of communication that could print-on-demand, without cumbersome film, plates, proofs and make-ready always.

Digital Printing as of today is very essential. Before many people don’t want to have their documents printed with colors because of three main problems; first, they’re expensive. Second, many commercial printing companies accept only a small or limited amount of digital file types. Third, dealing with the printing company can be very tough especially when acquiring the right specifications for the printing job and some customers sometimes are disappointed with the result.

But as Digital Printing Technology evolves, Digital Printers become more affordable for people. Because of this many costumers chose to have their document printed digitally. As costumers increase so will the demand. As the demand for Digital Printing increases so will the number of Digital Printing Companies.

Here are the benefits of using digital printing.

• Save time. You go directly from the computer to the printed publication and print exactly the quantity you intend to use.

• Increase accuracy. You get to update documents quickly and economically every time you print.

• Customize documents. Your marketing communications go from standardized and impersonal to targeted and personal.

• Print on demand. You print what you need when you need it. Ready-made designs and lay-out are readily available.

• Distribute and print. Your documents can be printed virtually anywhere through a worldwide network of digital printers.

• Achieve high quality. The quality of digitally printed documents is defined and evaluated not only from printing but also by the overall quality of the final product’s appearance.

• Increase flexibility. You could select papers and formats that suit your applications and appeal most to your audience.

• Increase effectiveness. You’ll experience a great increase in sales and profits especially when the printing company produces new and unique printed materials.

• Realize added value. In terms of quality, convenience and overall value-added, it is a fresh and a whole new way to communicate.

Digital printing isn’t just a way to print; it’s a revolution in effective communication.

Digital Printing is not time consuming and it is also affordable. Normally, costumers would spend money and time for image setting, proof printings and etc. It shortens the process; eliminate the places where it usually comes to unwanted errors. Since with such errors means additional printing costs and time, you don’t want to end up doing what you have already done, do you?

These are the Digital Printing services that a company should have.

For more information, you can visit this page on online printing