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Digital Poster – Events Boards Of The Next Generation

Indoor dynamic signage is normally used for advertising, now these LCD advertising displays are being deployed as the next generation of events boards, study how.

LCD advertising displays have been deployed to supply up to the minute publicity campaigns for organizations, by displaying the services and products in a very jaw dropping way. The content is by and large stored on the internal media player using a removable memory card, to update the content all you need to do is insert a USB drive into the usb port with the new ads and the LCD advertising display updates itself.

An evolution in hardware is a digital menu board.

Now using a fundamental LCD advertising screen, you can use both a PowerPoint template or just use pictures in the form of Jpg to produce the dynamic content, you can even find many at no cost PowerPoint templates on the net to be used for digital marketing. Using essential tools such as Microsoft Notepad jaw dropping project can be produced.

Events usage for an LCD advertising display

These can be used to promote future events, by placing the LCD poster in a high foot traffic area ahead of the event with jaw dropping graphics to tell everyone about the event; this then catches the interest off passers by.

A digital poster can be used for people to find their way in hotels and business centers and are brilliant in an emergency when a room is changed, for directing the way to the new room location. One thing a busy business center does not need is visitors distracting your operatives asking for directions to their new room, this is were the advertising screen comes into its own.

Not just limited to one position, a digital poster can be fitted in either landscape or portrait orientation using the rear mounting pattern on the rear of the Unit. These large format monitors grab attention and are without problems fitted, all you need is a power lead.

If flash ads needs to be displayed, a flash converter can be updated onto the memory card and then the campaign is added, using the on screen menu the orientation, ticker, dwell time and transitions are all set.

Digital Menu Board Kills Printed Menu

Appears outrageous but it is right, the American restaurant sector is in disorder as a new rule was approved in March 2010 that states all restaurants with more than 20 sites have to have the dietetic and calorific information for each menu item listed in the same size and color print as the product name, description and price.

If you where in the same situation, you would have the same issues, but this is not what you entered into when you purchased the franchise to the eatery.

Two options are available to this dilemma, the first is more affordable but once you commit to it, you cannot turn back and change anything without incurring large costs, so let us ascertain the options.

Printed menu.

All bistros retain these, from in the restaurant, they probably have a take out menu too, so all these need reprinting by the printer by March 2011 to meet the new bill that has been approved.

Let us look at the options – your stationer will have an existing menu design, so costs for setting up will be low, but adding extra data will incur a minimal cost.

Using printed menus will not consent to you to market a daily special, for any quick serve restaurant owner this hand tying is restricting as they cannot bring to the patron anything that is cheaper and current from the market..

Digital menu board.

A digital poster is an electronic menu, supplying all the data you need to your consumers. Each unit has a LCD display with a in-built content player, all the information is stored on a memory card that slots into the player. All you have to do is create the menu layout with pictures, menu items, costs and the nutritional data, then configure the menu to put on show the menu in the most effective method.

Now what if you want to promote a special that is not on the menu?

Nothing like printed medium, a digital menu can be amended and the new item added and promoted throughout the bistro within five minutes.

The benefits out weigh any limitations with a digital poster or digital menu board, as these units are so compliant many small businesses are deploying them with little if any technical know how.

Knowing what you know know you can choose the solution that is right for you anr your company.

Dexter is a director of LCD Enclosure Global a leading manufactuer of outdoor digital signage enclosures, that are shipped throughout the world.

The author owns LCD Enclosures Global one of the leading makers of a range of outdoor digital signage protective monitor enclosures, as well as this range they also supply a varied range of digital poster for indoor digital signage.

Arranging The Tweets With A Simple Application Called UnTweeps

Social media has definitely conquered the world. Many use social networking sites such as Twitter to connect with others and follow their every move. This can totally be annoying sometimes. Imagine the number of tweets per day can definitely be confusing sometimes. Thank God UnTweeps limit the number.

Twitter has become a popular application online. Everybody knows your point of view with just a limited message. It encourages your friends or fans to follow your every message. However it does not allow you to remove those who rarely post. This is where this amazing application comes into play.

Organize your tweet list with Untweeps. It is a helpful site that allows you to set the number of days to keep a post. Example you choose to view continuously posted tweets for five days. All those who failed to post for five straight days will be deleted from your list. You will then have more room for the people you wish to follow constantly. Using this social networking site helps update friends and relatives but if it is clogged it would be impossible to keep track recent activities.

Do not worry for those friends who does not constantly post. Exclude them from those tweets you wish to unfollow with its white list feature. Limit the the number of followers on your page and personalize your tweet bulletin board.

It is evident that it is available for only 3 days in one month. However constant users might want to take advantage of monthly subscription for only 5 US dollars a month. Those under budget can use the 3 day payment option for only 1.37 US dollars.

It plays a vital role in marketing. This site allows you to follow the people who express interest in their business. It filters people they want to follow and who follows them thus enhancing the efficient leads it creates.

Follow an individual or a whole group. It is an effective way of optimizing the page. Scanning each line is easier and faster. No more time-consuming reduction of messages this application can be a wonder tool for any popular individual like you.

Learn those online marketing course by going online. There you will find all you need to know about social media training to help you succeed. Go online now and find more.

Custom Neon Signs Get You Noticed!

As a business owner, you have many decisions to make about your business every day. One major decision is what kind of signage you want to use to advertise your business location. You have a virtually unlimited amount of options when it comes to your business’s signage, usually restricted only by your imagination and local regulations.

Some options you have include: custom neon signs, electronic message boards, window stickers and other various letter boards.

Which are right for your business ultimately depends on many variables. Two such considerations are the location of your business and the rules which govern what you can and cannot do with signage.

Your local city or county government may have laws about the signs you can and cannot use for your area; you may have an agreement with your land owner if you are leasing your business space.

For example, some business parks require that only certain forms from certain companies, may be used. Other business parks and strip-malls have no such regulations. Before purchasing, be sure to check with your city, county, and property-owner. The last thing you want to do is to design and buy a great custom sign that you cannot use!

For the glass doors and windows of your business, you will likely want to use window stickers with your logo and business name. These are fairly inexpensive and lend professional accreditation to your business.

Once applied, these window stickers will last for years and keep their professional appearance. By choosing a good font and size you can make your doors and windows stand out above the crowd.

If you are trying to attract people into your store front from a local highway, or other busy area, a custom neon sign or electronic message board may be just what you are looking for.

With neon and electronic message boards, the colors and movement cause people’s eyes to naturally gravitate towards them. This will make sure that people notice your establishment and help to convince them to come in.

By using an electronic message board, you can show people passing by what your store has to offer them. You can have your message board display your sales and discounted items. These messages can be changed daily to reflect your most up-to-date product offers.

No matter what your business sells, good quality signage will help you to have a professional appearance to your customers. By using an experienced custom sign shop, you can be assured that your signs will be of good quality, and uniquely designed just for your business.

Whether you prefer neon signs or the newest electronic message boards, you can make your business stand out and get noticed.

Greater Baton Rouge Signs manufactures custom neon signs according to your requirements. Our creative team combines our innovative computer design with the latest technology to produce quality custom neon signs that have tremendous marketing value.

How To: Build a Cheap Alternative to Digital Signage. Mount an LCD TV in Portrait Mode.

This video displays a brief overview of our current digital signage set-up. I was looking to find an alternative to expensive “all in one” digital signs. The products used to achieve this alternative are listed below…

– Samsung LN40B500P3F 40″ LCD TV
– AVF LCD554PB LCD Mount
– Mediasonic HM5 media player

Many 40″ LCD TVs have a 400mm x 400mm square VESA pattern. Thus the pattern supports mounting in portrait mode. I have used a universal articulating mount and simply flipped the TV.

The video that we display is simply a video file constructed on its side. It is being played by a Mediasonic HM5 media player. This media player plays many popular video formats. It is a low power alternative to running a computer alongside our LCD. It simply loops the video file 24 hours a day.

I will have a video review of the Mediasonic HM5 in the near future.
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Digital Signage Expo 2016

Digital Signage Expo (DSE), held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA, is the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for customer- and employee-facing organizations.
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How to setup Android based Tablet PCs for Digital Signage

Mike talks about how to use a normal tablet pc for creating a digital signage monitor. You can use any tablet with Android 4.2 and higher as your personal inhouse TV Screen, your digital advertiser, your product presenter. Use the free of charge viewneo app and push your business at the point of sale.

More information:
Get the free app:
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Digital Menu Board System – Food Menu 910 – Touch Lantern (for Restaurants and Fast Food)

Digital Menu Board Video System on a budget – beautiful and classic menu design with minimal animation. Extremely cost effective, well below what you would shell out for costly digital signage solution. We also offer invaluable tips on saving the hardware cost, which will end up being closer to the traditional “lighted” menu boards.