Consequences about using LED

Due to the growth of science and technology, the lifespan of a 21st century human being becomes splendour as compared to ancient times. The contemporary innovation of modern technology is employing “LED” in our day-today life. “LED” is an abbreviation for “light emitting diode”. An LED display is a flat panel display (thin and flat video display used in laptops), which operates on emission of light emitting diodes. The invention of electric bulb is the greatest did by the homo-sapiens. As the time goes on, the usage of electric bulb ranges from lighting to navigating aircrafts. Owing to the intensification of technology, something highly adequate and also profitable came into the market i.e. LEDs. Technically it is nothing but a source of multi color lights due to the motion of electron inside a semiconductor.

Basically LED panel is the smaller part of the LED display. LED panel can be differentiated into

*Conventional panel ( an equipment which has individual mounted LEDs)

*Surface-mounted device panel (a method which produces electronic circuits in which the components like resistor, capacitor, inductor etc. are mounted onto PCBs (printed circuit board).

Operation of LEDs in human race:

Now-a-days there are many requirements of LEDs for human welfare. The important features regarding the uses of displaying devices are

*Using of LED in Electronic Message Centre, which is much more effective than normal TVs or video in case of displaying important information. The sign displaying message can be reached to every person of that locality.

*Due to rapid growth of techniques, new texts are used in diodes, sensors which are more fruitful in communication field i.e. infrared LEDs are used in televisions, remote controlled devices, DVD players, other indigenous appliances.

*In electronic communication sector, LEDs play a crucial role such as seven-segment-display (it is an electronic device which exhibits decimal numbers in an alternative manner i.e. dotted form e.g. in digital clock), also it is reliable for accessing internet named as LI-FI.

*It is also accountable for planning, controlling and recording of airlines journeying from one place to another.

*It is most commonly used in traffic signal to avoid accident of vehicles now-a-days. For stop signaling, different color codes (universal code i.e. red, orange/amber and green) are used for human comprehension.

*Lights are used more often when a vehicle moves forward; it gets automatically on during night condition & turns of when day comes.

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There are some important attributes regarding the importance of LED in our daily life. Let’s try to have an experience in using LED for our domestic, industrial, commercial purposes.

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SEC & FINRA Warn About Spam

Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) issued a warning to the public about the dramatic increase in spam email being used in “pump-and-dump” stock schemes.

The SEC investor alert entitled Inbox Alert – Don’t Trade on Pump-And-Dump Stock E-mails reflects a steep rise in spam e-mail linked to “pump-and-dump” stock fraud schemes. False claims may also be distributed using spam to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as on stock message bulletin board postings and chat rooms.

According to Lori Schock, Director of the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, the best response to investment spam is to hit delete.

About Spam

Spam is unsolicited information-usually cast in the form of an advertisement-that is sent to a large number of recipients electronically. Spam may take the form of an email or a series of message board postings. The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003(the “CAN-SPAM Act”) addresses commercial email, which is defined as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service.”

Spam is one of the most effective illegal methods used by stock promoters to promote high risk investments such as penny stocks. Almost all stock spam is illegal because it violates federal securities laws or the CAN-SPAM Act. As regulation has increased, spammers have become more sophisticated, able to avoid detection by using remotely hijacked computers-often located in places like China or Russia-to disseminate millions of emails with the click of a mouse.

Often spam emails concerning pump-and-dump schemes contain unsupoorted predictions of returns and prospects, bogus price predictions and other statements designed to trick investor into purchasing a security. The scammers behind these types of scams often profit by selling their shares after the price of a security is “pumped” up from bogus spam campaigns.

Many of these spam campaigns are untraceable and are generated from outside the U.S., making enforcement of anti-spam laws difficult. While the spammers are able to hide themselves well, the issuers subject to these spam campaigns may become targets of Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) enforcement actions, usually in the form of trading suspensions. Their stock may also be declared ineligible for electronic trading by the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”).

Spam Regulations

The CAN-SPAM Act regulates commercial email messages and requires unsolicited commercial email messages to be labeled as advertisements or solicitation. CAN-SPAM also bans false or misleading email headers and subject lines. It requires as well that commercial email advertisers provide recipients with the option of blocking future messages from the sender by opting out. In addition, any email sent must contain the sender’s valid physical postal address.

State Laws Impacting Spam

Many states have laws prohibiting unsolicited commercial email and false or misleading routing information. Some also prohibit the distribution of software designed to falsify routing information. In addition, many states also require that the spam identify the sender and explain how to opt out of getting more spam from that sender.

SEC Enforcement

Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “1933 Act”), requires publications that promote a stock to disclose the identity of the person or entity that paid for the promotion and the amount and type of the payment. The SEC has brought enforcement cases involving the use of spam emails, primarily involving pump-and-dump schemes in which insiders or stock touts dump shares into their own pump, as their victims-the public-continue to buy. Selling as you promote is known as “scalping,” and is illegal. Touted stocks are usually quoted on the OTCMarkets quotation service.

Fraudulent spam campaigns frequently feature:

♦ False or no disclosure of the identity of the publisher of the spam and the compensation received for publishing the spam;

♦ Improper revenue predictions;

♦ False statements concerning the filing or effectiveness of an SEC registration statement;

♦ False statements concerning funding of the issuer by a large investor or hedge fund;

♦ Fabricated or exaggerated assets;

♦ Promises of spectacular returns or gains;

♦ Price targets or predictions;

♦ Rumors of future news such as “inside” or “confidential information,” an “upcoming favorable research report,” a “prospective merger or acquisition,” or the announcement of a “dynamic new product”;

♦ Fabricated or exaggerated opportunities;

♦ Language designed to create a sense of urgency to invest;

♦ Promises or guarantees that investors will not lose money on the particular investment being touted; and

♦ Unusually high yields or returns on a dividend or interest-paying security.

Issuers should avoid engaging any investor relations provider that uses spam to provide its services. Additionally, in order to comply with Section 17(b), issuers should ensure that any materials promoting its securities contain proper disclosure of the identity of the publisher, as well as of the compensation paid.


The CAN-SPAM Act requires the following with respect to commercial email:

♦ Identification of the sender of the email;

♦ Subject lines of the email must accurately reflect the email’s content and not be misleading;

♦ The email message must be identified as an advertisement;

♦ The sender must disclose his location by including a physical address;

♦ The email must include an opt-out feature, with clear instructions for use; and

♦ Opt-out requests must be honored within 10 days of the request; the sender cannot sell or transfer an email address once a recipient has opted-out.

It can be difficult for small companies to attract new investors, and some issuers may see a promotion as an attractive option. They should, however, think twice about engaging a promoter. The law of unintended consequences can be harsh. Unscrupulous touts can turn a hoped-for advertising campaign into a pump-and-dump scheme, with disastrous results for the company. A stock that’s been pumped-and-dumped may sink to historic lows by the time the campaign is over, and it may never fully recover. If management sees no alternative to hiring a promoter, it must make very sure that no SEC regulations are broken, either by itself or by the promoters, or there could be more trouble down the road.

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Saving Time And Having Fun With Emoticons

The Internet has made it much easier for us to make friends all over the world as well as keep in touch with loved ones who live far away. With the ease of emails, message boards, chat rooms, and instant messaging, we are able to carry on lively conversations on just about any subject you can think of.

Of course, the written word can sometimes be ambiguous when it comes to expressing the feelings behind the words. A great tool that helps put our words into perspective are the happy little smiling faces that so many of use in our messages: the emoticons.

Configured so that they can be inserted into the text of everything from a post on a message board to an instant message conversation, emoticons are often used to make the intent of our words a little clearer. The basic emoticon, known as a smiley, is a way of letting the person you are communicating with that the remark you just typed is meant in a friendly way. Resembling the happy face that was so popular during the 1970’s, the most popular style of emoticons are round, often yellow in color, and have eyes and a mouth that are used to convey all sorts of emotions.

There are emoticons that can cover just about any feeling or emotion you want to express. As an example, surprise or shock is often indicated by an emoticon that displays wide-open eyes and a round mouth. Anger may be conveyed by an emoticon that is red rather than yellow, and features a grimace. Love or cordial feelings are often expressed by the use of an emoticon that features a beating red heart. There are even emoticons that can convey boredom, excitement, wild laughter, and a sly wink.

Using emoticons is very easy. Just about every message board and text messaging service provides the user with basic information about how to insert emoticons into communications. Typically, it is a matter of selecting the emoticon from a listing, using the computer mouse. Many systems also allow key sequences from the keyboard to register as emoticons as well. If you are particularly savvy and know how to create the emoticon you want by using your keyboard, you can forego pulling up the emoticon menu and using the mouse to make your selection.

In addition to being informational, emoticons are a way to add a touch of whimsy to any of your electronic communications. Most of us do use these types of communications in an informal manner, so the emoticons will lend themselves well to this type of usage. Opening up an email and seeing a cute remark followed by a line of laughing emoticons can bring a smile to our lips with ease.

Who doesn’t like to receive an emoticon conveyed electronic kiss from someone we are romantically interested in? Between the real service of helping to make our written communications clearer to the recipient, and the sheer fun that emoticons bring to our emails and instant messages, they are definitely now part of our culture.

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Hire a sign company to convey your business messages

Most sign companies provide custom electrical signage that is used for advertising by many types of entities such as government organizations, schools, restaurants, malls, and churches. A professional sign company can help you by providing the advertising method that best fits your needs. An LED message board is an effective tool to promote your business, products and services.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from an LED message board system. One of the biggest challenges of a business is to keep attracting potential customers and be noticed as a better company than its competitors. With an LED message board designed by a professional sign company, you will have your business advertised on an electronic board that catches the attention of potential customers passing by.

Whether you own a product-oriented business or you are a service provider, a sign company can help you to increase your customer base. With the advent of the latest technologies, LED message boards can bring you huge sales increases. Many businesses recognize sign companies as an important partner for their growth. An unknown business becomes a brand when it gets a huge response from the audience. Therefore a sign board created by a professional sign company can make a big difference in a company’s brand awareness.

Sign companies have various options in signage. One of them is the LED display method, which is very popular because it displays your message in a very attractive and colorful way. These displays are usually used in commercial hubs, markets, business localities, multiplexes etc.

Based on your business needs, a sign company can customize your LED message board to better meet your demands. The sign company deals with all the work involving a sign board – from design, to manufacturing, and delivery; while their dealer network handles sales, installation, and maintenance.

The signage product is a cost effective advertising tool. LED message signs are also very simple to use. With an LED message board you will be able to display all kinds of messages including promotions, new products or services, events, special announcements or public information. Schools, churches and government facilities also use sign boards to deliver real time messages to their constituents.

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New products Umbrella dryer Model

New products Umbrella dryer Model

Double model. Side operation. Includes electronic message board.
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Wet Umbrella dispenser uses for wrapping wet umbrella and also can be used as advertising equipment. It is qualified product with CE, RoHS and China patent certificate. The bags used for wrapping are in accordance with European standard.
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wireless e notice board

This project deals with an innovative rather an interesting manner of intimating the message to the people using a wireless electronic display board which is synchronized using the GSM technology. Notice board is primary thing in any institution or organization or public utility places like bus stops, railway stations or parks. But sending various notices day to day is a tedious process.
This paper deals with advanced notice board. This will help us in passing any message almost immediately without any delay just by sending a SMS which is better and more reliable than the old traditional way of pasting the message on notice board. This proposed technology can be used in many public places, malls or big buildings to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers. Using various AT commands is used to display the message onto the display board. GSM technology is used to control the display board and for conveying the information through a message sent from authenticated user.

Led Umbrellabag machine Model

Double model. Side operation. Includes electronic message board.
Welcome to visit Dandong Guangyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Wet Umbrella dispenser uses for wrapping wet umbrella and also can be used as advertising equipment. It is qualified product with CE, RoHS and China patent certificate. The bags used for wrapping are in accordance with European standard.
We are specialised in this industry for more than 10 years, has launched 20 different models and have been exported to over 30 countries.
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Watch the world go by using reader boards

Reader boards or electronic message signs are illuminated, electronic advertising media tools that allow you to display messages in real time. Reader boards are used both indoors and outdoors with many purposes within different kinds of businesses.

Reader boards, which are LED based, are the most efficient and cost effective way to spread your message to thousands of people without any personal interaction on your part. The sign is your “voice on the street”. You just have to program the message on the sign and your ideas, promotions, or any other type of messages will be displayed to everyone that passes by. Reader boards are extremely eye catching which means your message will definitely be viewed by many potential customers.

Reader board signs are a great way to show messages and ideas that range from community information to business promotions and sales. The messages are usually shown in large fonts and with a variety of animations and colors so that it’s almost impossible not to notice when walking by the reader board sign.

The history of the reader board dates back to the late 1920’s when they were officially known as motographs, a news bulletin service. It was also called a zipper but no one really knows why. Reader boards were first used in the New York Times building and the first message announced results of the Hoover vs. Smith presidential election.

Reader boards became popular very quickly and people would go to the New York Times building just to see the messages displayed on the reader boards. After a while many other businesses started using reader boards: gas stations used them to show the time or temperature; retail stores promoted products, etc.

Nowadays, reader boards are used in just about every city in the USA. In indoors environments, reader boards are used in schools, churches, hospitals, office directories, markets, arenas, and movie theaters.

The first reader boards allowed only small messages to be displayed. Nowadays, it is possible to write messages on many lines and on varying sizes of electronic sign. You can also change the real time message any time you want. New technologies also allow it to display graphics and videos.

But it’s important to keep in mind some simple tips to best use a reader board:
– Keep it easy to read
– Use punctuation
– Avoid abbreviations
– Avoid long sentences

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