How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Software for Your Business

The world has gone digital in the past few years and the advertising marketing sector has been revolutionized. The digital signage software has become the most important means of advertising, especially in the retail markets. The advertiser has the option to deliver the real time content to the shoppers which allow them to directly communicate the usability of their products to the end users which undoubtedly enhance their sale.

Although the digital signage has become part and partial in the advertising sectors, the advertiser should always choose the right digital signage content company so that it can realize advertise business goal and thus help them in creating greater impact on the shoppers. Therefore, it very important to do a thorough research before choosing any signage content creator. In the below paragraphs we will discuss how to choose the right advertiser for your brand:

Always look out for the digital signage software that can support various content and images formats such as WMV, MPEG, EXCEL, PPT, XVID and others. Make sure that the list of the supporting formats is not limited. More over it should have the ability to support live data feed.

Make sure that the software provided by the digital signage content company gives high quality display. We need to ensure that the message of our advertisement is clear and effective; grabbing customers’ attention the main motto of the advertisement and this is possible only if we provide our message in clearer and precise way.

Make sure the application for the interactive digital signage is user friendly; it should not require any technical knowledge or amount of hassle to operate nor should it require a tech savvy programmer to operate. The software should not take large amount of time in installation and utilization. It should be very easy to use rather a drag and drop system will be very handy and useful.

Make sure that the software has the ability to modify the content or image of our display from anywhere and any point of time without visiting the physical location of the advertisement board. It is important to have remote network access of the display signage, this helps in sending communication command from the console without any hassle.

Lastly, and most importantly it is advisable to take help of experienced digital signage network manager who can precisely help you and let you know what kind of software you should buy, what types of content and images should be used and most importantly the area where the display signage should be place. Hope this post will help you in identifying the best digital signage for your business and brands.

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Sign board

These are made to display the products or services so that the required message is conveyed to the visitor for the ultimate promotion of the business. The sign boards are of different types which include hoardings, box type gates, trolley tricycles etc.These are placed on locations in order to grab the attention of the visitors so that a particular product or service is availed in the best manner.
ACP sign board
These are made by using ACP as the basic material with the inclusion of the latest technology. Due to this these boards get good finish and lasts longer as compared to other sign boards.
Glow sign board
These sign boards are made from fade proof vinyl and backlit flex printing sheets
of good quality. These sign boards are customized in design and style and are popular because of their good finishing, durability and good quality of resolutions. These are commonly used in restaurants, showrooms, parlour and offices.
Neon sign boards
These are the sign boards which are exclusive because of the effect of the lights and are commonly used for the promotion of business solutions. These come in various forms like open neon signs, neon bar signs, ATM neon signs and business neon signs.
Metal sign board
These sign boards are a sort of display graphics which are used to give information to the audience. There are many types of metal boards which are very commonly used in our day to day life.
Flex board
This type of sign board is used for commercial purpose which is ideal for the purpose of advertisement. Normally these are designed and manufactured by using good quality of raw material. These boards are good as they have good finishing, durability and their ability to resist climatic conditions.
Foam board signage
These signboards are made of high quality material and have good resolution.
Acrylic signage

These signboards are made by using premium quality of raw materials. These acrylic signage are exclusively used in retail outlets, offices and market places. These sign boards can be used by large enterprises in order to advertise and market their products and services. The best part is that these signboards are able to resist extreme climatic conditions which make them the preferred choices of the people.
Stainless steel letters
These stainless steel letters are mainly used to display the company’s name, advertisements and other relevant information. These stainless steel letters are used in business as well as homes to give a sophisticated and elegant look. Moreover these letters are strong as they have a polished finish and have a lifetime guarantee.
Metallic letters
The base material which is used in the manufacturing of these metallic letters is aluminium, acrylic, brass and stainless steel. The process of manufacturing includes casting, brazing and laser cutting. The neon and LED are used to give the back lighted effects. These letters gives you a picture perfect effect due to which they are preferred for interior purposes. These letters are available in the market in various styles and finishes.

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Maximizing QSR Profits through Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards, thanks to the ever-improving technology behind the Light Emitting Diode (LED), are continually getting sturdier, easier to read, and more energy efficient. They have become a mainstay in the drive to increase revenues and profits in the QSR industry, and due to extensive market research, some truisms about their best usage are becoming accepted facts for the largest national chains as well as for mum and pop establishments.

Reads Like a Book

Digital displays that are taller rather than wider, or vertically oriented, are easier for customers to read and understand than are horizontally aligned digital sign boards, which are wider than they are tall. This is because are more like the books, documents and smartphone screens that most of us encounter on a daily basis, which leads to quicker, more stress-free menu decisions. Because we want the ordering process to proceed as expeditiously as possible, this is an important determination.
Studies have also determined that the centre of the Drive-Through Menu Board and the right side command the greatest share of the customer’s attention. The temptation to put too much information on a Drive-Through Menu Board must be resisted because it will confuse a customer at the worst possible time – when a stress-free decision needs to be quickly made. Multi-panel menu boards are also a possibility, but they should be limited to two panels, as customers tend to get confused with three or more panels. Extra information can also be included on a Drive-Thru Pre-Sell Board, or Yard Sign, that the customer sees before the actual menu board is encountered.

Day Parting and Upselling

Modern LED-based Digital Signage Displays have other advantages, too. First and foremost is the ability to change your message at the touch of a button, simultaneously updating POS information. Day-parting, or changing your menu and prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner are effortless. Upselling efforts can be automatically made with no human effort, as the digital display system can easily be set up to offer additional mealtime suggestions to the customers based on what they’ve already ordered.

An important consideration is the ambient lighting situation in your display area, and your Digital Signage Provider has the experience needed to guide you in this and in similar issues.

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Advertise Digital Billboard

Billboard marketing is something is something that just about everyone is familiar with, they line major highways and high traffic streets, busy intersections not to mention sports stadiums from minor league hockey to Major League baseball and National football. We can barely turn a corner without seeing some billboard advertising some product or company or promoting an event whether it is a concert, a sports team or a nonprofit event, they are everywhere and have been for some time. And now you’re going to see Digital Billboard Advertising becoming very popular during the next couple of years. They are built and placed like traditional billboards with one big exception; digital billboards have a giant LCD display screen rather than a printed piece of vinyl.

Digital billboard advertising works by creating a digital ad and then loads it into the board’s electronic rotation. Your ad will display anywhere from 6 to 10 seconds at a time and it will rotate with other ads on that same board.

One of the major strengths of this medium is that it offers you great flexibility. With digital billboard advertising, you are no longer hampered by pre-printed artwork. You can schedule different ads to run at different times and you can create several different ads to rotate. If your ad is not getting the response you want, you can simply pull it from the rotation and replace it with another.

It also allows you to immediately respond to market conditions. You can create a new ad within minutes, send it to the outdoor company via email, they load it into the system and schedule it to run immediately. Some companies are also offering businesses their own control panel. Once your digital billboard advertising is approved and loaded into the system, you can log in to your control panel and personally choose which ads to run and when to run them.

And this medium is also very cost-effective. You no longer have to pay to have vinyl produced for your board. Nor do you have to watch your artwork fade or be ripped to shreds. The cost of your artwork is just the cost of layout and design. All you need is someone who knows how to do it. You can contact the Best Advertising Agency in your area that can provide you with such services.

Like traditional boards, digital billboard advertising is best used by businesses trying to reach mobile demographics: generally the younger, more affluent, working customers. Don’t use this medium to reach seniors, children, or the less affluent.

Also the best use of digital billboard advertising is for giving directions, name recognition and brand awareness. You should not use this medium for complicated messages. But because of its creative flexibility, certain price-based, sales-focused businesses may also consider running digital billboards. Just remember to be consistent with your brand promise and your message in other media. Use contrasting colors in your artwork with readable fonts. And don’t use more than seven words per board.

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Enhance the experience of the user with right digital signage

Today, without digital signage, you cannot imagine to make effective connection with your customers, employees, students, patients etc. It has been found that whether it is in shopping mall, hotel, airport or restaurant, digital signage has made it presence felt by offering more than the traditional static message that we are used to seeing. There have been great innovations in technology. Now people are embracing complimentary technologies that can invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences to the user and also the network owner.

There used to a time when businesses and other institutions depended on static messages which had to be changed manually. The impact of the message was limited and hence there was less benefit for the businesses and other institutions. But things have changed over the years. Digital signage has replaced the static boards and all kinds of organizations have liked it. A digital signage is highly interactive and it displays business message and other information on a regular basis. You can find this innovative medium in so many departmental stores, offices, hospitals, colleges, airports etc. It has helped in engaging targeted audience with right kind of message and updates. This has helped people to understand the services of their preferred company in a better way. But the interactive display board is as good as your software that runs it. It means you should give importance to the software. You cannot use low-cost software to accomplish your business needs. It can affect your business in a big way and also affect the delivery mechanism. Most of the businesses are using digital signage software for their project needs. Today’s business owners are well-educated and they shop for the idea software at the right place. You can find a wide range of good digital signage software in the market. The software is now available to small and large businesses and other corporations. Whether your goal is to increase sales, increase your profit share, engage or entertain customers to reduce perceived wait times, cross-sell, build shopper loyalty, educate, or motivate, the tech-savvy programs can offer the ideal connection. Your business will immensely benefit if you use effective digital signage software for your projects. With it, you will be able to manage, maintain, and change the things that are being displayed on your screens. It will also help you to save a lot of time, because you don’t have to manually edit the contents that are saved in your media player, and you just have to simply configure the software to run it in the ideal manner. When you hire any company for your digital signage needs, please make it a point to go through their case studies, press releases and also the portfolio. This will help you to pick the right company for your specific business needs.

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Digital Signage Technology India Surpasses All Traditional Means of Marketing

The changing world is the world of advertising. You need to advertise, no matter whether you are shopkeeper, artist, florist, celebrity or doctor. It is must to spread awareness among target audience; else you are out of competition. Thanks to marketers that have made steady efforts in coming up with different marketing means that could help establish brand awareness and enhance online visibility. Gone are the days, when people use to rely on advertisement copy in magazine, newspaper or printing of brochures, banner and pamphlets. Even the static board concept of advertising has turned obsolete. Today, organizations use digital signage to spread the word and help people know different products and services.

Digital signage technology India has also grown much in demand, because of its effectiveness. It involves the use of remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on various networks of displays. The display board may vary with regard to screen size, needs of advertising, etc. you could easily find them across restaurants, hotels, corporate environment and numerous other places. It has turned out to be one of the interactive mediums that assists in corporate messaging, brand building, etc. It fulfils the goal of advertising by promoting a product. It can be taken into advantage by displaying rich messages, targeted on basis of group, location, product type, etc.

Digital signage enjoys more number of advantages over television and other advertising means. This technology can be used, when consumers are in active state of purchase. At the same time, they are quite close to the point of purchase. Consumers have reported it to be useful because of better user experience. It is expected to double the message retention and brand awareness. Users feel happy to get complete information. On other hand, display of message to targeted audience at right time and at right place is what companies look for and thus, is has turned up with win-win opportunity for the growth of business. Even the sales figures are expected to improve with time. Hence, it is useful not only for consumers, but also for businesses. As a proof of play, it can surpass any other medium, as it has a facility of reporting, screen by screen, the number of times an ad was run, the number of consumers who interacted with a given screen and even, the number of people who actually watched the screen.

In order to get these benefits of advertising, companies need to have both hardware and software that work seamlessly with each other. There are digital signage companies that can be contacted for the complete assistance. They design in customized solutions that could cater to the needs of the business and thus, can be used as an efficient and powerful means of marketing.

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Power of digital signage

People have different opinions on Sign board. Some of them can observe a digital signage and later think about it. Others can decide to make an unplanned stop. The disparity between business failure and profitability is impulse trade. This is sales that are made by someone who was passing by and saw a sign board, out of curiosity he decides to stop over and check what is being sold. He then decides to make a purchase that was not planned. These unplanned purchases are estimated to be between twenty and forty five percent for most businesses that are found near the road, depending on what business has been set up. This is why signage companies in uae are important to ensure that you have a signage that attracts customers to your business.

Companies that have not engaged the services of signage companies in uae needs to do so without further delay. Remember that without a signage that is effective, your sales can go down drastically since the possibility of impulse stop is almost zero percent. A sign board is an advertising that is near your business as opposed to all other types of advertising. The sign will make you benefit from impulse sales that could otherwise been skipped. That is why you should talk to signage companies in uae for a digital signage quote. You need to change with the times for your trade to succeed. Conventional ways of advertising is proving to be too expenses for many firms. A lot of time and money are being lost as content is designed and distribution is being carried out especially when you want to change the advertising message. This can consume a lot of days, weeks and months to become effective.

Signage companies in uae are able to make your sign board changes on demand to reveal up to date conditions. They will make a digital signage that adjusts to competition immediately, decrease any unnecessary inventory, and taking advantage of what is going on locally and in the news. Remember that a sign board is the look of your company and most customers judge a firm by its looks. The first impression is very important to a customer, and that is exactly what a digital signage Dubai does. The signage is a branding tool and therefore it should be attractive, readable and visible enough to make your company get recognition. The digital signage is what will make the public know that your company exists and the services that you offer. The signage is your sales man found on the road side. Talk to signage companies in UAE to get the kind of sign that will make your company visible. Try them today and you will never regret.

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Digital Signage Fulfils Many Marketing “Roles”

Digital signage, with its eye-catching video played on state-of-the-art monitors, can play many roles in a retail store – roles that have at one time or another been filled by various sales staff. The advantages of relying on digital technology to deliver your messages to customers are pronounced. Not only will you be able, able to deliver your message more economically and efficiently, in most instances, but you can be assured that the content of the marketing message that is delivered is both consistent and effective.

Consider some of the marketing roles that digital signage can fill:

“Attractor” – Gone are the days of the shill and the hawker standing on the street touting the goods and services for sale and trying to entice passersby into your store. Except for the novelty effect – what’s old is new again – paying someone with a sandwich board to draw customers has been wholly replaced by display windows and advertising displays. Storefront monitors displaying digital advertising allows you to craft the message you wish to deliver to window-shoppers and the foot traffic that passes by your retail outlet.

“Ambassador” – Digital signage can be configured to greet and direct customers or clients to customer service counters, self-service kiosks or sales staff. Efficiency is heightened by having sales staff interact with customers in the display areas or aisles where purchase decisions are being made, rather than greeting each customer at the entrance. While greeters might still be used, customers can be directed to the areas where the products and services are located, rather than being faced with and politely deferring the ubiquitous “Can I help you?” question, with the perfunctory “No thanks, I’m just looking,” response.

“Wayfinder” – Digital signs and content can be configured and located to give directional information to customers, directing them through the retail outlet to the product aisles they are looking for. By shaping traffic and directing traffic flow, wayfinding technology can help customers find the products they are looking for quickly and easily, enhancing the customer experience and freeing up sales staff to wait on customers who have found the products they are looking for and are making their purchase decision.

“Signaler” – The content of your digital advertising can be focused on promoting particular products and sales items. Monitors and digital displays can provide real-time promotion of products and promotions in real time, allowing promotion of sale products and products that may have limited shelf life.

“Closer” – Digital signage is particularly effective at the point-of-purchase and can be used to promote impulse purchases at a sales counter, as well as providing repetition of sales messaging that has already been presented to your customers throughout their shopping experience.

Used consistently, digital advertising can guide customers through their retail shopping experience, providing focused and consistent marketing from point of entry to point of sales. In addition to presenting a strategically thought out marketing message, the consistency and measurability of digital signage allows you to continuously improve its effectiveness. The metrics provided through advanced digital advertising software enables you to see what is – or isn’t – effective in converting customers to purchasers.

Far more effective than relying on traditional print advertising, the interactive nature of digital signage allows you to fill many of the less fruitful functions of your sales staff – attracting customers, greeting them, helping them find your products – and allows your sales people to concentrate on building customer rapport and converting that rapport into sales.

Digital signage has been shown to be effective in helping retailers build customer traffic, increase sales, improve inventory management and generate additional revenue.

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Advantages of digital marketing for business advancement

While traditional media deliver information from one to many, modern marketing delivers info from many to many. Such example of traditional media delivery is similar to romantic fling. Initial spark will create exciting experience, but then campaign budget will be spent and relationship will end abruptly. This is why sign board marketing is modern marketing and creates a relationship for longer period, enabling community to build and develop.
Modern generations are becoming screen addicts-they constantly use one type of screen or other (TV, mobile pone, tablet, etc.). This is why some companies still invest in classic screen marketing. But the future is in digital signage- because people still go outside and purchase lots of products and services outside. It is important to deliver them info about these products and services outside and this is where signage comes in play.
Basically, advertising is about to set up a plan of work-for every company is important to have the clear idea who their clients are and what they want. Company will have to answer to question: “what story should be told about your brand?” There is no story that can’t be told on digital signage dubai, as this is incredibly versatile marketing tool. Digital signage is powerful marketing tool that is being used as many companies these days so don’t stay behind your competition when it comes to marketing.
Signage companies in uae have marketing advantage because they deliver companies possibility to directly communicate with their users. This is excellent way for the company to learn something about its users, which can be used to improve products or services. Additionally, signage dubai is very affordable form of marketing when one considers size of audience that will see marketing message. Excellent example of outdoor signage marketing is example of one virtual store of Tesco company. Supermarket chain wanted to cover larger market without opening new stores and they managed to achieve their goal by using innovative technology: setting up virtual stores on metro stations where users could simply take a photo of offered products and order it online, with products being delivered directly to their home addresses. Another example of communication with users over virtual user center are companies Best Buy and ASB bank, that enabled to their clients to tweet their message or use facebook to contact officer with whom they want to safely chat-instead of having to wait on the phone to get in touch with someone. The conclusion to this is that advantages of digital marketing modes such as signages are evident, because, as experts say: “If you don’t use digital marketing, it is as if you don’t exist.”

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