Illuminated Channel Letters by The Sign Factory – Charlotte, NC

We just installed two sets of channel letters for our friends at Cafeccino Coffee Shop. Like them on Facebook at Need new signage for your business? Give us a call for a free comprehensive estimate on channel letters, dimensional letters and lobby signage, vehicle graphics, wraps and letter, electronic message boards and much more!
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Digital Menu Board-Where the Benefits Outweigh the Price

Are you one of those peoples who believe that digital menu boards are nothing but a waste of money? After all, will these animate everything you want? This thought process might be logical to a certain extent, especially because high quality boards may seem like quite expensive initially. But, when you delve deeper and realize the positive aspects associated with the same, it will cease to feel like a waste.

It is important to know that digital menu boards can be of different types, each one displaying contents in different manners. So, how does a business decide which kind of board is going to work for them the best? It depends upon the consumers entirely. By gaining an insight into what your customers want through timely feedback you can optimize the positive aspects of electronic boards.

Do you know what the best thing is regarding the display is present on the electronic menu bar? By making them appealing enough to the customer, you can increase their appetite getting them to purchase more than they were initially willing to. The main aim of using such boards is to inspire buyers to try something new, pickup products and dishes they wouldn’t normally. For example, animation related to the digital boards can be a good way to attract the attention of children and youngsters.

They in turn may suggest things to their parents or peer group, increasing sales for the restaurants. Market studies have shown that the less flashy your digital menu board, increased is your chance to make a positive impact on the audience. One thing is for sure, with menu boards coming to your rescue, you no longer need to invest in expensive stickers that may fall below your expectations.

With an electronic menu board, you will be able to keep your content fresh for all times. Whenever you have anything to add, remove, or edit, doing the same will be effortless as many times as you choose. One can never get the same benefits with the traditional boards, which restaurants still use, for displaying their menu. Some of the major benefits associated with these boards include the following.

* Instant changing of content material

* Operational manpower cost cutting

* Elimination of shipping needs

* Absence of printing timelines

Those looking for high quality digital menu board software, make sure that it is flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Good quality software solutions have the ability to upgrade according to the need and the requirements of the client. During the development of electronic board software, the developer can go for repeated tests in order to validate its effectiveness. Resultantly, the final product that you get can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your business.

Businesses that have once shifted to the digital boards simply cannot revert to the traditional modes ever again and you might ask why? The simple answer to this would be why don’t you try it first hand and find out now? Those who want to know more and simply visit the website

Paul Stephens is a published web content writer with countless blogs to his credit until date. His chosen topics relate mostly to technology and electronics because he is a self-confessed tech-junky. He loves to share the latest innovations and marketing techniques with his readers such as electronic message boards, digital menu board etc.

Interactive Menu

Interactive menu boards are becoming a common, attractive way to streamline the order process and enhance visitor experience. Food pictures, videos, interactive recipe books, recipe QR’s, email-able coupons and loyalty perks, and tying the brand together with your story are just some of the things we can do. Updating menus and prices are simple with our online account.
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Digital Menu Board Software. Breakfast to dinner (4 Display Screens)

Digital Menu Board Software. Breakfast to dinner (4 Display Screens)

Graphical interface to display menu restaurants Sushi Rice. Designed in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash programmed (action scrip 2.0). The system is hosted on a server on the Internet. Editing images and texts is via a user interface that generates an XML file. Updating is immediate. The system can play the same image on multiple monitors.
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Digital Signage Display Manufacturer : FORBIX SEMICON

Digital Signage Display Manufacturer

We are the digital signage display manufacturer for various different dynamically varying content advertising. Digital Signage primarily involves, in strategically broadcast advertising contents on high definition screens. This method gets a quick attention of products from potential customers in public places. This emerging technology of digital signage is used more and more because no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic and varying content, with so much of online control.

Benefits of our digital signage system:

Cost effective solution
Extremely easy to use and control
Clear HD quality advertising
User need not be computer savy
Scalable system
We made the digital signage solution system so simple and easy to use, that even a individual shop retailer can operate, change contents on hourly / daily basis without much knowledge of computer. We have brought down the prices, from traditional signage solutions and made it so affordable for almost any retail outlet owner to put it in his/her store.

The backend system is based on cost-optimized, full HD, multimedia applications processor. Low Power ARM1176 Applications Processor with Dual Core Multimedia Co-Processor. 1080p30 Full HD HP H.264 Video Encode/Decode and advanced Image Sensor Pipeline (ISP) for up to 20-megapixel cameras operating at up to 220 megapixels per second, GPU. 1 Gigapixel per second fill rate. High performance display outputs. Simultaneous high resolution LCD and HDMI with HDCP at 1080p60. It works on Linux based operating system.

The image contents can be loaded using a USB pen drive. The pen drive can be plugged in at any time in between the ongoing displays. Once the contents are downloaded from the pen drive to the local memory of the machine, the USB stick is no longer in use and can be removed (if needed).

The digital signage solution that you will get from us, will be a sure shot way to gain profit and to attract customers by changing advertising contents dynamically. Other applications include daily price menu for restaurants, today’s special offer, discounts, sales, promotional products etc. This can also be installed in various public places like bus stops, railway platforms, airports, tourist attractions etc. to display local advertisement or important information for people.

As a digital signage display manufacturer we provide standard sizes of displays (maximum up to 21 inches). But our back end solution allows customers to connect to their existing TV or LCD or LED screen. We have designed a retrofit machine that can cohesively be attached to any signage solutions, which are already available.

Digital Menu Board in Chennai – Restaurant Menu Board in Chennai

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Digital Signs: Say Goodbye To Static Signs

Digital signs are replacing the bill board as the most popular form of advertising. It is little wonder why. The digital sign provides cost savings compared to traditional forms of advertising. And it is a convenient way to reach a target market.

Science fiction movies from the past twenty years will depict digital advertising systems used in downtown areas. This was once science fiction, but now it is everyday reality in most cities around the world. What ad people know is that many will stop what they are doing to view a digital sales message. Most people however, will not give much time to a traditional bill board.

When advertisers include computer graphics in their sales message the digital sign becomes even more powerful. The objective of advertisers is to make their sales message memorable. When they use the digital display to tell a story and include their sales message, they know people will remember their product when they go to the store.

You will see more and more digital signs in your town because advertisers are realizing the power of this new technology. People are buying products advertised by digital display. This fact is leading more ad people to use digital technology in their advertisements.

This type of advertising is also more convenient than static bill boards. The traditional bill board requires many man hours to install. But a computer programmer in very little time can upload a new ad campaign. Within minutes, because an advertiser can have a new ad running, products are ready to be sold.

Companies are saving millions on ad costs using digital technology. Messages can inexpensively be combined with computer graphic software and uploaded to any screen. The message is the same and can fit on any screen no matter the size. The size of the display is not relevant to the cost as it is with a traditional bill board.

People are drawn to a video message. This is what companies have known for years. They know people would rather watch information than read information. For years companies have imagined a way to put video in front of potential customers. Now, any company can create a digital sign and place it in front of many people at once.

Of course TV commercials have been successful for decades. Digital signs are simply an extension of the TV ad. But they are now accessible to more people than just TV. For instance, you will see digital ads in banks, grocery stores, and restaurants. The bottom line is if you are not using digital ads for your company promotion, you are falling behind.

There are many companies that will help you build a digital ad campaign. If you want to build your sales, but have run out of ideas, you should look at digital technology. Look for a company with a good track record, one that has helped other companies increase their customer base.

Find the company that is right for advertising budget and one that works with your target market. Some advertising companies specialize in certain markets and will know how to put an ad campaign together to effectively promote your product or service to your potential customers. Look into digital signs today.

Want to find out more about digital signs, then visit Jeff’s site on how to incorporate digital signs in Los Angeles for your needs.