Electronic school signs: Electronic wall for schools

Schools like other businesses need to be highlighted. And there are justified reasons for these educational institutions using LED boards to get highlighted. They need attention to alert drivers about their presence. Also they need attention to welcome parents and children.

Electronic school signs use LED lights. They are made with lights but they consume little electricity. What is more important about these lights is they can be changed. A user can change the writing on the LED wall using Wi-Fi, fiber optic or Ethernet cable. There would be no hassle in changing the writing on the board. The service provider would make sure that the user faces no problem.

How much would an LED board cost? It depends upon the size and functionality of the unit. And design also plays a crucial role in determining price of a unit. A poorly designed unit might be cheap but it won’t be helpful in the long run. The signboard should be visible from a distance and one should be able to read everything written on the board even in dull light.

There is a reason behind using LED walls. This unit remains functional in all conditions. It is able to withstand rough weather conditions for long time. Whether it is day or night, it keeps working. And since it can be customized to suit individual needs, one can get the light that suits to its needs perfectly.

A school is a business and like other businesses it would also want to get decorated with matching accessories. Signboard is an accessory. It is way to show name, brand and address. Also it is a way to communicate with people. Electronic school signs provide a unique way to communicate with parents and children.

An education institution that is going to host a great function could convey the message to all with the help of its LED signboard. Similarly schools can find uses of electronic school signs. Since the writings on the LED wall could be changed in a hassle free manner, institutions can start communicating with people from their signboards.

Electronic school signs have changed the way, schools used to further their business interests. These signboards have replaced the regular notice boards that people used to visit to know more about schools. Now schools can take care of their marketing and communication with the help of LED walls. They can write anything and rewrite sentences on LED board in a hassle free manner.

Eloise Claire provides best electronic school signs to businesses. The signs are used to prevent staff and clients from hazards. It is mandatory for businesses to install signage to keep people away from high risk zones.

Digital Signage – Build Your Brand With In-store Advertising

The recent advent of new technologies is transforming the way retailers communicate with their customers. These customers are bombarded daily with thousands of images and messages. The need to promote, inform, educate and receive feedback is being transformed. This is all clearly seen and made use of by digital signage networks (DSN). Banks, airports, movie theaters, casinos, sports stadiums, and other public spaces are all using this exciting technology.

There is a huge amount of overlap between terms such as digital signage, narrowcasting, captive audience networks, interactive kiosks, self-service terminals, and many others closely related terms. Slightly different connotations given to these terms by different companies makes it difficult to figure out what to look for when doing online research or talking to an expert in the field. These articles serve to differentiate or more succinctly describe specific terms. There will, quite naturally, be degrees of overlap.

Digital signage is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of different applications and technologies. In a general sense, the term refers to electronically controlled signs that can be updated without changing the physical sign itself. No more climbing up on a ladder and putting individual letters into place. Changes can be made quickly and cost-effectively. Digital signage is usually seen as a form of digital advertising that is displayed on an electronic or digital screen. Digital signage delivers targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. Messages can be remotely changed and controlled. The digital sign itself could be a scrolling message board, LCD or plasma display panel, electronic billboards, projection screens or other displays such as an Organic LED screen.

The term, “digital signage” is used throughout North America and most of Europe but the terms “narrowcasting,” digital merchandising, screen-media, place-based media, digital media network, or captive audience network are also used.

Digital signage content can range from simple text and still images to full-motion video. Some retailers treat their digital signage almost like a television station that displays entertaining or informational content interspersed with targeted advertising.

With rapidly dropping prices for large plasma or LED screens, digital signage is increasing in popularity. You will now see digital signage everywhere– from retail outlets to doctors’ offices. With the recent introduction of free digital signage software, this technology or tool is becoming attractive to smaller businesses and nonprofits such as schools and churches. The creative use of display technologies even allows for high-contrast images to be projected directly onto store windows or displays that appear to hang in mid-air.

Digital Signage Usage

* Information such as flight information in airports.
* Advertising.
* Advertising for third parties: retailers sell commercial space on their digital signage.
* Enhanced customer experience– such as recipe demonstrations in food stores.
* Influencing customer behavior– directing customers to different parts of a store to increase “dwell time.”
* Brand building– digital signage in video form could be used as part of the décor.

Electronic signs and dynamic digital signage can also up-sell customers and encourage them to purchase high margin products.

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NYC NJ PA Signage Electronic Board Menu Board Design newtechcontracting.com

NYC NJ PA Signage Electronic Board Menu Board Design newtechcontracting.com

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Full HD digital advertising system. This system we created is built for the future and will cost you a fraction of what other advertising companies will charge you. Our system can create any kind of digital advertising window display or digital menu board you can imagine. What is unique and exclusive about our software is we give you the program. You change content, pictures or update menu prices any you want. So far the product is doing great. This system we created is built for the future and will cost you a fraction of what other advertising companies will charge you. Our system can create any kind of digital advertising window display or digital menu board you can imagine. Here are some slides and a youtube video to show you how our system works. Let me know when I can stop by so we can figure out exactly what you want to display so we can get it up and running. Feel free to call me anytime for anything.
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Prime Burger – Digital Menu Boards Increase Sales by Nearly 50% Case Study

Prime Burger is a gourmet food to go restaurant chain which has outlets in St Pancras International Station, Euston Railway Station and ExCel London international conference centre.

Eclipse Digital Media constructed a Digital Menu Board solution for Prime Burger consisting of Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays and cloud based digital signage software, embed signage.

This Digital Signage solution provided a positive impact on the business not only from a brand and visual perspective but also their bottom line, where Prime Burger have seen a sales increase of nearly 50%.

Read the full case study and download the PDF: http://www.eclipsedigitalmedia.co.uk/case-studies/prime-burger/

More information about those involved:

Prime Burger: http://www.prime-burger.co.uk/

Eclipse Digital Media: http://www.eclipsedigitalmedia.co.uk/

Samsung Smart Signage Platform: http://www.samsung.com/uk/business/business-products/smart-signage/

embed signage: https://embedsignage.com
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How To Search For Free Images For a Web Site

Images and pictures have been used by nearly every type of publication. Websites, magazines, and advertisements are just a few of the kinds of content medium. Browsing the internet while searching for free images can be a lot of fun and rewarding when intellectual property law is respected.

Why images should be used

Content creators and graphic artists realize the value of acquiring a cache of free images that can be utilized for a specific topic or idea in their production.

Gaining the attention of a potential browser is one of the most critical points to selling an idea or production. The visual senses of all people are attracted by beautiful pictures, especially when they pertain to something of interest. If a writer or content publisher can grab the attention of someone passing by they are much more likely to turn them into a customer.

Images not only help to attract people to engaging content, but if images are named according to the surrounding content with the appropriate ‘alt’ attribute tags, this will entice search engines to index the content in a more relevant manner and possibly even higher in the results. There are also additional search related benefits for images which appear in the image search results for specific key terms.

Best places to find Free Images

A great way to get high quality and high resolution images for a website or other publication is to use a digital camera to take pictures. However, when the photographs are converted into images or logos it is critical that trademarks and symbols are not apparent in the picture, otherwise intellectual property rights may be of concern.

Wikimedia commons is a popular website for royalty free content. This search wiki has thousands if not millions of contributors which upload their content and share it according to specific creative commons licensing. Content is easily found through various search criteria including source, license, author , location, type, and content topic.

A very popular photographer social network, which publishes millions of new images every day, is Flickr. This website is hosted by the Yahoo network and is likely to be the most popular image sharing portal in the world. Since many members on this website are novice photographers, often the contributors to this website will allow their images to be published elsewhere free of charge. The site utilizes a creative commons licensing structure that allows contributors to specify the licensing type they wish applied to their images. An internal private messaging system allows for internal messages to be sent to other members in the event that there may be a question regarding an image. This is a great tool for building relationships and a content sharing network. Many will find that if an image creative commons license does not specify that an image can be shared freely, then they can simply ask for permission and most photographers will welcome their work to be published elsewhere if they are given credit.

The Image search feature on Google images produces millions of results for nearly any image query. However, it is critical that consideration is given to the license of the images as many are copyrighted rather than free. The image search does allow for a query to be made for free images only, It is recommended when searching with this tool that the option is used to search only for free or creative commons license types. The Creative commons license type must be observed for free images because there may be additional terms described by the license which will be discussed later in the article.

Transferring free images to a website

Once a source has been selected for free images, the next step is to determine how the images can be transferred to a publication. The method of transfer depends upon how and where the images will be used. The same method for posting an image to a social blog may not apply to saving an image for printing in a magazine or postcard.

Some of these basic processes are demonstrated briefly in the video titled “images for free”. Hotlinks, downloads and other methods should be considered. Once the various methods are learned then they will become second nature and the process is much more efficient.


Image hotlinks allow an image to be published into a website, blog or bulletin board post but hosted and stored elsewhere. This can reduce website load times significantly which is something that search engines have begun to factor into rankings. However, although an image hotlink can be generated from just about any website it is not always allowed per the website policy. When an image is hotlinked Copyright infringement and intellectual property laws can come into play. It is important for webmasters to obtain permission prior to generating a hotlink. This is especially true if the website does not provide an automated method to generate the code for a hotlinked image. Some webmasters consider image hotlinks to be bandwidth theft and are not tolerant of image theft. This is because they pay for their website hosting by the bandwidth used each month.

Displaying a free hotlinked image on a blog, website or bulletin board could not be easier. When a hotlinked image is utilized this will offload the bandwidth from the website being displayed. To use an image as a hotlink it is best to find a site that generates this code already, then the code can be used as a template to utilize this for other free images from sites that do not generate the code. Typically code will be generated for Bulletin Board (BBCode) or pure Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). This code can then simply be copied from the site and pasted directly into a form for a bulletin board post or into a websites html page by content management system (CMS) tool etc.

Copy images to a computer

Certain creative commons licenses allow for derivative works. This means that the image can be changed and manipulated to suit a webmasters needs or content. However, attribution must be given to the original author of the work that was copied freely. Most artists and photographers will allow their images to be used if proper credit is given for their work.

Organization planning should be the first priority for a webmaster that plans to build a local image cache for offline manipulation. External storage has become relatively inexpensive and it is a good idea to purchase a storage device or even online storage when planning to build an image library. Also, it is good to plan a file and folder structure according to a commonly known standard. This can be accomplished by naming folders according to date, subject, topic or even season, etc. Many image editing applications provide a image name prefix to be added to each image as it is saved or processed. It is much easier to plan this ahead of time rather than depending on software to help organize later. The time saved in creating an efficient structure will be well valued in the long run.

If a webmaster allows their images to be copied for free, then it is very easy to copy the images to a local PC. Most websites allow the right click option to be used which will produce a menu option “save as” or “save target as” when right clicking on top of a website image. Again make certain this is allowed prior to copying images. Nothing could be worse than building a great web page or nice looking web post and then receive a DMCA take down notice. It is always better to ask first as many professional photographers will allow their images to be copied free of charge as long as they are given credit for their photography work.

Legally copying free images

Intellectual property laws have recently become a more prevalent issue since the inception of the internet. Hence the US government has heightened copyright laws and penalties for breach of copyright. If a webmaster were to receive a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take down notice from an internet service provider or other legitimate authority it is in the best interest of the webmaster to immediately comply with the request. This is especially true if the webmaster knows that they have copied the image from another website.

A common licensing structure is well known throughout the internet called creative commons licensing. This license structure is not only applicable to images but to video and written work as well. Webmasters which plan to copy free images would be well advised to first research creative commons licensing regarding which models allow copying and which allow derivative works, et cetera. This is important for hotlinked images as well as copied images.

With a little time and research, artists, webmasters, developers and graphics designers can find many sources of images for free on the internet. All image content needs can be fulfilled while complying with copyright laws, this will help to build relationships with content providers for months and years to come.

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Learn the steps to buy quality digital signage software from a vendor

There is need to learn about various promotional tools available in the market. Without using promotional tools, you cannot grow your business. You should make a thorough research and find out what kind of promotional tools will suit your business and budget. Today, digital signage has transformed the world of business with its interactive display of business message and other information. Whether it is in shopping mall, hotel, airport, university or restaurant, digital signage continues to evolve by offering more than the traditional static message boards that we were used to seeing. We are now embracing innovative technologies that can invoke a positive reaction and provide instant benefits and great experiences for the user and the network owner. A recent survey has show that the one-to-many passive sign approach still rules the majority of the digital signage market today. Whether it is a corporate lobby, departmental store, airport or employee break room, passive digital signage is an affordable way to relay information to customers, employees and visitors alike. On the other hand, the adverse to the one-to-many signage approach is the responsive and interactive kiosk, which is traditionally designed to address the needs of one person at a time. Interactive kiosk-based signage needs a touch-active display along with custom programming and mapping of content specific to the application. You should be more proficient in the development of the content for interactive kiosk applications. If you want to be successful, you should have the ability to design and fabricate the kiosks to broadcast interactive content. To broadcast information in a right manner, you should use quality digital signage software.

How to choose the right digital signage software?

The software is the critical part of your digital signage solution as it affects the type of content you display and also the cost and the reliability of your system. If you don’t use good digital signage software, the clarity of your display will get reduced. Your target audience will not be able to understand you business message. In such scenario, you will be losing a lot of money to your competitors. So choose it carefully making sure that it is able to serve your business needs.

Does your vendor have a proven history of successful, scalable deployments?

If you are in need of digital signage software, you should hire the services of a trustworthy vendor. You should be careful while hiring a digital signage company. You should search for case-studies, reviews press releases and testimonials of the vendors you are assessing to see if they have solid-enough businesses for a long- term partnership. It is a well know fact that a company’s history is oftentimes an objective indication about its products’ quality, effectiveness and reliability. So, take time to do some research work first before signing a contract with your vendor.

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