32 Inch Digital menu board – Numerous Uses For Electronic Marketing

An electronic display advertising solution are available in 32 “, 40” and 46 “size monitors and so have many applications, but we will first look at the 32” digital display.

The digital display is a massive type of dynamic photo frame with a turn, as these screens may also have video presentations; the unit is intended for indoor digital advertising and calls for an outlet that has a meeting area where prospects can view or potential advertising.

Displays electronic or e-Menu Board?
Understanding the difference is important between a digital display and digital menu board, note the common factors. They both can be mounted in either landscape or portrait. Now, changes the digital display has the smallest size from 20 “to 46” were the digital menu boards start at 40 “for an incredible 80” display.

The two devices are installed to promote the goods to prospective customers and promoting the services of a company offers.

For example a beauty salon can promote some of their skin care products for consumers who have a beauty therapy.

Hair salons employ digital displays to advertise their seasonal promotions in their windows to transient potential buyers, such as “vacation cuts – Office for the part” and in store, they can market hair care products for customers who have a hair therapy, so they can re-create the same result at home.

fish and chips shops employ commercialize their menu, so that people passing the shop window can see what the costs are immediate, mixing the menu with images enticing looking for a fish supper tempt you to buy.

use tire retailers to announce the different tire brands and exhausts they provide with introductory quotes for tire ordinary cars.

A digital displays works right of the box, thanks to the built in the player announcements and everything is accessible via the menu on the screen. This menu allows the user to control all aspects of digital marketing campaign waiting time of the transition of images. They even have the ability to turn off when the company is closed and power switch when the store reopens, save on energy consumption.

Graham provides a range of digital signage hardware inside, including a range of digital display and digital menu board, which range in size from 19 “to 80” and can be used in both portriat or landscape.

32″ Digital menu board – Countless Applications For Electronic Advertising

An advertising poster system are presented in 32″, 40″ and 46″ size units and have so many applications, but we will primarily analyze at the 32″ electronic advertising poster.

So what is an electronic advertising poster I hear you say – it is a style of clever electronic picture frame on a immense scale. These posters can display videos and movie clips, primarily made for internal electronic advertising use, they appeal to every office that has a welcome corner such as a reception.

Digital Poster or Dynamic Menu Board?
Understanding the dissimilarity is vital between a digital poster and a digital menu board, let us illustrate the common factors. They both can be fitted in either landscape or portrait. Now the variations, the digital poster has the smallest size range from 20″ up to 46″, were the digital menu boards commence at 40″ to an outstanding 80″ display.

Both hardware are used to market goods to prospective customers and to advertise services a business offers.

For example a beauty store can sell some of their skin care goods to consumers who are having a beauty therapy.

Hair dressers make use of an electronic poster to advertise their seasonal promotions in their windows to transitory prospects, such as “Christmas cuts – for the Office party”, then in-store they can market the hair care products to clients who are having any hair therapy, so they can recreate the same effect at home.

Fish and chip shops use them to advertise their menu, so people passing the store window can see what the costs is right away, mixing the menu with tempting looking images of a fish supper gets you in to procure.

Tyre outlets use them to make public the numerous models of tyres and exhausts they provide with taster prices for regular car tyres.

A digital poster works right of the box, this is owing to the in-built campaign player and the whole thing is accessed through the on screen menu. This menu facilitates the user to control every aspect of the digital signage campaign from dwell time to the transition of the ads. They even have the capacity to switch off when the shop is closed and reboot when the business opens, saving on power consumption.

Graham supplies a range of indoor digital signage hardware including a range of digital poster and digital menu board that range in size from 19″ to 80″ and can be used in either portriat or landscape.

NCH Medical Group Adds Two Allergists to Staff

Arlington Heights, Illinois (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Northwest Community Healthcare’s (NCH) Medical Group is expanding its network of expert doctors as it welcomes allergists Toral Anil Kamdar, MD, and Sarah Peterson, MD.

Dr. Kamdar is board-certified in internal medicine and allergy/immunology. She will treat patients at the NCH Medical Group office at 1051 W. Rand Road in Arlington Heights. Dr. Kamdar earned her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2007 from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. Her Internal Medicine internship and residency were performed at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in Chicago. Her Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology was also completed at McGaw Medical Center.

Dr. Peterson is board-certified in internal medicine and will treat patients at the NCH Medical Group office at 1450 Busch Parkway in Buffalo Grove beginning in July. Dr. Peterson earned her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2007 from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York. She also performed her internship, residency, and Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Patients can schedule appointments with the physicians online at http://www.nchmedicalgroup.com or by calling Dr. Kamdar’s office at 847.410.6435 and Dr. Peterson’s at 847.725.8453.

In addition to internal medicine and family practice physicians, other physician specialties of the NCH Medical Group include dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology and rheumatology. To ensure optimum collaboration and continuity of care, NCH Medical Group physicians share access to patient electronic medical records across all locations.

Patients of the NCH Medical Group can go online to request doctor appointments, ask questions, download and complete registration forms prior to their office visits, and register for free health seminars. To help individuals better manage their urgent and day-to-day healthcare needs, NCH launched MyNCH, a robust mobile app for Apple and Android mobile devices. The MyNCH app features real-time, estimated wait times at NCH’s Emergency Room and Immediate Care Centers. NCH Medical Group patients can send messages to their physicians, request appointments, view past and future appointments, and look up their lab and diagnostic imaging test results .

In addition to the Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights locations, NCH Medical Group physician offices are located in Schaumburg, Mount Prospect and Palatine. To learn more about the NCH Medical Group, and to view physician bios and videos, visit http://www.nchmedicalgroup.com. To find a trusted physician, community members also can call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).

# # #

About NCH Medical Group

NCH Medical Group is the physician group belonging to the Northwest Community Healthcare comprehensive, patient-centered system of care that serves more than 350,000 outpatients each year, as well as nearly 30,000 inpatients treated annually at the 496-bed acute care hospital in Arlington Heights. NCH Medical Group treats approximately 60,000 patients each year from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The practice has 68 physicians and 5 mid-level providers, representing internal medicine family practice primary care, gastroenterology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, allergy, and rheumatology.

Northgate Gonz

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2014

As part of their ongoing effort to celebrate the traditions and cultures of their customers, the Premier Hispanic grocery chain, Northgate Gonzalez Market, supports the ” Dia de los Muertos’ holiday celebration by offering their customers a first look at the animated series “Muertoons.” Customers can purchase certain products and unlock two episodes of the animated series “Muertoons” produced by Wilmer Valderrama, exclusively Northgate Gonzalez Market in Los Altos and Ranch Market.

The animated series Muertoons is a touching story of five friends in a world apart and centers around the Mexican feast and celebration, “Dia de los Muertos.” The series is produced by Wilmer Valderrama, who is also a voice in the series. MUERTOONS also starring Alexa Vega franchise SPY KIDS ™ and works with Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), one of the composers of the most acclaimed films and most prolific of this generation, the music series.

“Muertoons is a universal story for the whole family that fills the void in the representation of the Latino community with content that is designed to be shared by families through the generations.” Said Wilmer Valderrama. “Today is not to force the public to pay at a time or specific place, but rather allowing them to choose where they are. We are delighted to Muertoons available universal meeting place of family. We are blessed that grocery Northgate Gonzalez Market shares our vision. ”

During the promotion period of three weeks from 15 October to 4 November, consumers who purchase participating brands Northgate Gonzalez Market and Los Altos Ranch Market will gain exclusive codes on their receipts to unlock two episodes of the animated series, “Muertoons” where they can display the content on their mobile devices or connected appliances. Details of the promotion can be found at http: //www.northgatemarkets.com or http://www.losaltosranchmarket.com .

“Northgate Gonzalez Market continues to drive new and innovative promotions retail and distribution of this disruptive platform is no exception,” said Mike Hendry, vice president of marketing, Northgate Gonzalez Market. ” We are proud to support the historical and cultural relevance of the “Dia de los Muertos” celebration and want to offer our customers unique opportunities and experiences that our value for shopping. “

The program is delivered in partnership with CausePlay, a company that creates mobile platforms for the exclusive distribution and patented advertising and content with major partners targeted publishers with a focus on grocery chains.

“This is a first in grocery shopper marketing and promotions,” said Scott Loyola, CausePlay CMO. “CausePlay helps customers consolidate their market Northgate González shopping and entertainment budget in a program of exciting and culturally relevant shopper marketing while adding fame and exclusivity in the marketing mix.”

Consumers can learn more about the full range of partner products in the program through in-store displays, island displays, digital and social media and advertisements in stores.

For more information, please visit http://www.northgatemarkets.com or http://www.losaltosranchmarket.com

Offer Details

Consumers can unlock two exclusive episodes of the animated series Muertoons only Northgate Gonzalez Market and Los Altos Ranch Market participants by buying some products 10.15.14 to 04.11.14. Purchase requirements must be met before the local sales tax. See stores for a list of participating products.

About Northgate Gonzalez Market:
Northgate Gonzalez Market
is a premier Southern California supermarket chain that caters to the Latino community. Family, operated and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Northgate operates 39 high volume stores in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego counties, providing the highest quality goods, fresh food and prepared and personalized service. Learn more http: // www. northgatemarkets.com

About WV Enterprises

WV Enterprises (FVE) is a film and television production company established by multi-hyphenated artist Wilmer Valderrama. The company is responsible for a wide variety of programs ranging from animation and scripted series “alternative programming, with dozens of new development projects. Having recently secured a round of private financing, FVE has expanded from movies & amp; amp; Production on additional markets, including music, events, consumer products, and clothing TV.

About CausePlay

Causeplay is a mobile solutions company for retailers. CausePlay built mobile platforms for large retail chains and publishers to provide content, promotions and advertising. We focus on groceries, GICs and non-traditional publishing channels. For more information, visit http: // www.cause-play.com .

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Media Sign Pro Releases Latest Version of Digital Signage Software for the Mac

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Media Sign Pro has announced that today they will be releasing version 3.2 of their Mac based digital signage software. This version will include a variety of updates including a fully-integrated system scheduler, higher zone limits, RSS feed optimizations, and much more.

“We have been working very closely with our clients to identify what features were needed to solidify Media Sign Pro as the premier stand-alone Mac based digital signage software solution in the market,” said Chris Lee, President and Co-Founder of Media Sign Pro. “With a truly integrated system scheduler, increased zone limits, a variety of code optimizations across the board, and many other new features, we believe that our clients will be very pleased with our new release.”

The highlight of the update is the automated system scheduler that allows users to schedule shut downs and startups of their Mac at scheduled times along with the auto-launch of their digital signage project. Users can have their Macs start up at the beginning of the day, launch their digital signage project, and then shutdown at the end of the day without the need of any user interaction.

The new release will be available to all clients free of charge, even those who are still using versions 1 or 2 and have not had the opportunity to purchase an upgrade to version 3.

“The system scheduler is a critical component that all of our users should have the privilege of using. We want Media Sign Pro to be a hassle-free solution for all our clients, that is why we are making this specific release free of charge to all current Media Sign Pro users,” states Chris Lee. “It is our way of saying thank you for your commitment to our company and software.”

The new version also allows the RSS Ticker and RSS Bulletin Zones to auto-update every minute rather than every 15 minutes. This feature became a critical request from users who needed their Twitter feeds to update immediately after making a new tweet. Users can now tweet from their smart phone and see their custom messaging appear on the sign within a minute.

Limits for Video, Image, and Text Zones have also been increased. Users can now have two separate video playlists displayed simultaneously, allowing higher flexibility for designers. Users can also play audio files supported by QuickTime within one Video Zone while having a muted video playing in another zone.

New features and optimizations in Media Sign Pro 3.2 include:

    Fully-automated system scheduler allowing users to schedule their Macs to shut down and startup at specific times, along with having Media Sign Pro auto-launch and auto-play a specific project.
    A more streamlined and easier to use project scheduler that allows users to have different projects played at different times of the day, week, or month.
    Video Zone limit has been increased from one to two allowing two videos to be played simultaneously within one project.
    Ability to mute audio for individual files in a Video Zone playlist.
    Image Zone limit has been increased from three to five.
    Text Zone limit has been increased from three to five.
    RSS Ticker Zone allows character omission for easier Twitter feed integration.
    RSS Ticker and RSS Bulletin Zones now auto-update every minute rather than every 15 minutes.
    Stability improvements allowing you to save larger project files.
    Many minor bug fixes that improve the overall stability of the application.

The company states that they are by no means done with product development in the near term. Their next software release, expected within the first quarter of 2011, will include an advanced social networking feature that brings interactivity to digital signs.

About Media Sign Pro

Media Sign Pro (http://www.mediasignpro.com) is based in Irvine, California. The company provides business solutions to all markets including businesses, educational institutions, government, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, restaurants, retail, and worship. Formerly known as NexGen DS, Media Sign Pro launched its first digital signage solution in 2008. The software was highly acclaimed for its ease of use, affordability, and Mac exclusivity.


Survivor Thanks U.S. Coast Guard for His Rescue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

On April 6th, the four-man crew with Ocean Adventure Rowing and Education (O.A.R Northwest) attempting a Trans-Atlantic Expedition from Dakar to Miami was derailed after their row boat the “James Robert Hanssen” capsized about 400 miles north of Puerto Rico.

Jordan Hanssen, Adam Kreek, Marcus Pukonen and Patrick Flemming the four rowers were all well equipped with ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacons which they promptly activated to facilitate their own rescue. Coast Guard Sector San Juan received their 406 MHz distress message at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Coast Guard watch-stands immediately coordinated the launch of a Coast Guard HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircraft from Air Station Miami and a C-130 Hercules aircraft from Air Station Clearwater, Florida to search for the distressed vessel and possible survivors.

The crew of the HC-144 out of Miami arrived on scene at approximately 11 a.m., Saturday and located all four men safely on board the life raft and they dropped food rations for the boaters as well as a VHF marine radio to establish communications. The C-130 aircraft out of Clearwater later arrived on scene and the crew also dropped a second load of rations and a VHF marine radio, which the boaters used to confirm they were all safe. The C-130 aircraft crew maintained watch over the boaters until an AMVER participating vessel, the Heijin, safely recovered all four survivors from the life raft shortly before sunset when they were transported to Puerto Rico.

“Jordan and his crew exemplify everything we try to educate outdoor enthusiasts on; planning for the best, but preparing for the worst. Mother Nature can be cruel and unpredictable, but they had a safety plan, they practiced the plan and as a result they minimized the risk to the USCG crews and facilitated their own rescue,” said Mikele D’Arcangelo, Marketing Director of ACR Electronics.

Survivor Jordan Hanssen on behalf of his crew and sponsors ventured on a Thank You Tour throughout Florida in appreciation of everyone that played a part in the rescue. Jordan started his Thank You Tour at Coast Guard Air Station Miami on May 1st, followed by a visit to the manufacturer of the rescue beacons, ACR Electronics, Inc., which the crew used to notify the Coast Guard of their distress. Finally Jordan’s tour ended at the Coast Guard station in Clearwater, Florida where he again thanked the crew of the C-130.

StrandVision Helps Weastec Communicate To Associates

Hillsboro, OH (Vocus/PRWEB) February 02, 2011

StrandVision LLC today announced that Weastec, Inc – a division of Toyo Denso Co. Ltd. has deployed StrandVision Digital Signage through their intranet at its facility in Hillsboro, Ohio, as well as a satellite sales office in Dublin, Ohio. In addition to the operational, benefits and performance information that management posts several times per day, the StrandVision system automatically updates local weather and news, as well as an automotive industry news feed provided by StrandVision. The system also communicates emergency alerts if needed.

The installation consists of a 55” high definition LCD television display that is strategically mounted over the vending machines. This, in combination with the same content running on the company’s intranet, allows the entire organization to see up to the minute news of the world-class operation.

The system, administered by the Weastec I.T. department, replaces a time consuming process where topics were laboriously typed, copied, cut and placed into bulletin boards and acrylic table tent holders. Various associates have been given the authority to update the signage. For example, the HR associates work with the recreation, communication and safety committees to have them more directly involved with content updates. “In reviewing several company-wide employee surveys we noticed that communication always bubbled up to the top of what people wanted,” said David Fauber, Senior Manager Information Systems. “StrandVision digital signage helps us effectively communicate with our associates and it demonstrates Weastec’s commitment to the staff. It fit perfectly with our world class initiative that was both cost effective and the most efficient tool available”.

About StrandVision

StrandVision LLC, based in Menomonie, Wisconsin, delivers low-cost, Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) digital signage through a patented approach that delivers content to subscribers’ LCD and plasma displays, as well as computer screens and websites. StrandVision’s service distributes text and graphics pages, video content, famous paintings, and national and local weather and news. It is ideal for medical and dental offices (patient education), banks, retailers and industrial distributors (video merchandising), education (student, staff and visitor information), employee break rooms (events and benefits), non-profit and religious organizations (member and supporter communications), and other applications.

StrandVision also offers PC-2-TV.net (http://www.pc-2-tv.net), a fully digital, high-definition (HD) personal computer-to-television adapter for use with digital signage and many other applications.

StrandVision Digital Signage services and PC-2-TV.net are available directly from StrandVision and through registered affiliates and system integrators (http://www.strandvision.com/installers.html). Additional information about StrandVision is available from http://www.StrandVision.com or by calling 715-235-7446.


KioWare Uses PROPORT Tablet for Demos at Kiosk London Expo

Traverse City, Michigan (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

Applied Device Technologies is pleased to announce that KioWare has chosen to use the PROPORT™ tablet while demonstrating the KioWare application for Android at the Kiosk London Expo on October 15-16. The Expo is being held at the Barbican Centre in London and is the U.K.’s only conference and exhibition completely dedicated to the self-service industry.

The PROPORT is a powerful Android-based commercial tablet from AD Technologies that can be deployed as a kiosk, point-of-sale terminal, digital signage display, business process solution, and more. KioWare for Android is kiosk mode software designed to lock down Android devices. The software protects self-service applications by securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting the Android applications a user can run. Some versions offer an additional Server component, which can be installed on a machine running the Windows OS, and allows remote content updates and monitoring of the GPS location, health, and status of Android devices.

“AD Technologies is excited to support KioWare for Android with our hardware device. The robust nature of the PROPORT tablet makes it the perfect solution for running KioWare’s media intensive kiosk applications. The powerful combination of hardware and software provide a real one-two punch for businesses, and we see a huge growth potential in the purposed device market,” says Dan McKean, Vice President of Sales at AD Technologies.

James Kruper, President of KioWare, commented, “KioWare has long identified an opportunity for Android tablet manufacturers to provide a commercial quality Android tablet for self-service & kiosk usage. We are excited to see that ADT’s PROPORT tablet fills that gap with its robust commercial-grade construction.”

ADT offers configurable, purposed or fixed devices, designed specifically for business and commercial applications. The PROPORT™ commercial tablet is their flagship product and is designed for integration with numerous peripherals and mounting solutions for full-featured installations. PROPORT provides a clean Android interface without “bloatware,” generous IO connections, built-in cable security, VESA mounting, and more. The device is also modular and can be customized or branded for OEM or key account customers.


About ADT

Applied Device Technologies was established in 2013. As a product development, sales and distribution company, our team draws on well decades of experience designing, marketing and producing commercial grade electronic devices and solutions. ADT’s goal is to provide customers with innovative products that drive business goals, facilitate customer demand and offer best of breed technology solutions to deliver value and easy to deploy end-to-end solutions.


About ADSI

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI), the parent company of KioWare, was founded in 1991 to provide client server software development, ADSI developed KioWare award winning kiosk system software in 2001 for the Windows OS, and KioWare for Android software in 2012. KioWare deploys browser-based applications into a kiosk mode environment easily and inexpensively, securing the operating system, and allowing users to access only the application. Each client has the ability to customize KioWare to his or her needs, with a product line ranging from basic browser-lockdown to server-based remote monitoring.


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