Samsung Publishes 'Family Square' Photo Bulletin Board App For The Galaxy View

Samsung Publishes 'Family Square' Photo Bulletin Board App For The Galaxy View
The Galaxy View is Samsung's biggest tablet, and the company is positioning it as a sort of all-purpose, general-use device for an entire household rather than a conventional mobile device. To that end they've released another exclusive app for the 18 …
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Robert Parker Wine Advocate Brings Matter of Taste Tour to New York City
… 400,000 professional wine ratings and reviews plus articles, videos, daily news content, online retail availability and pricing, an active, professionally moderated bulletin board, a mobile app for easy access to the comprehensive online database …
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Pinterest pinning ads to digital bulletin board
Pinterest has become one of the Internet's hottest young websites, particularly among women, by giving people virtual bulletin boards that they can decorate with pictures showcasing interests in anything from food to sports, to fashion or travel. The …
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Young music fans found their voices in 2015

Young music fans found their voices in 2015
Gesu might be the most visible of these acts, but rock outfits such as Kana-Boon, One OK Rock and Kyuso Nekokami are using digital spaces and viral-ready videos to their advantage. In 2015, native YouTube talent even began crossing over, highlighted …
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Best of 2015 Winners: Pearls for your Practice
Treating sleep-disordered breathing is a huge passion of mine. I am constantly perusing the prosthodontics message board of Jeff Rouse, DDS, engaging with some of the finest dentists, orthodontists, ENTs, oral surgeons, and sleep physicians in the world.
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Westfield Selects Envision Solar's EV ARC(TM) to Offer Free Holiday EV

Westfield Selects Envision Solar's EV ARC(TM) to Offer Free Holiday EV
… Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and digital advertising packages. Based in San Diego, the company integrates the highest quality components into its Made in America products. Envision Solar is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol …
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Trinity Capital board 'frustrated' by slow progress
Board members at Trinity Capital remained frustrated on Thursday with the stagnant state of their investments. The AIM-listed investor in Indian real estate and infrastructure saw losses shrink to £1.34m at 30 September from £3m in the corresponding …
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A workshop for people to learn and create, $7M digital library Do Space is

A workshop for people to learn and create, M digital library Do Space is
That mission is apparent from Monday's message on the new video sign board outside the building — “5 Days to See How Technology Is for Everyone” — to the rows of computer work stations, rooms for teenagers and little kids, and a 3-D printing workshop.
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It's Not Just VW: A Robust Market For Reprogramming Vehicles
CARB EO legal means it's been approved by the California Air Resources Board, because it doesn't jack up emissions. Very few … Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says how the tuner takes control, technically, matters.
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In Houston's Gifted Program, Critics Say Blacks And Latinos Are Overlooked
Discrimination does exist whether intentional or unintentional," she told the school board in May of this year. Ford found that both Hispanic and black students are underrepresented in gifted programs and that black students are missing out the most …
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Pattison Onestop inks CBC to content deal for digital signage network

Pattison Onestop inks CBC to content deal for digital signage network
Pattison Onestop, a division of Pattison Outdoor Advertising, announced that it has chosen the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. to become the news content provider for its Digital Office Network. According to the announcement, for more than 75 years, …
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Digital signage publicises meeting times, saves world
Digital signage took a small part on the stage of history this month at the United Nations' COP21 climate summit. Organisers opted to use digital screens as a principal channel of communicating with tens of thousands of visitors at the Générations …

Strong Finish Pulls Clippers Past Pistons

Strong Finish Pulls Clippers Past Pistons
It was going to be a tough assignment, as the Clippers allowed the sixth most offensive rebounds in the league and were playing a Pistons team grabbing more offensive boards than any team in the NBA. After all, Detroit had Drummond, who came in …

Dominion halts program that recycles refrigerators
Dominion Virginia Power is suspending a popular refrigerator recycling program because of problems with the vendor that did the work. Dominion's Appliance Recycling Program offers customers $ 50 for old working refrigerators and freezers, encouraging …
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Ellis Feeling Better, Pacers Looking Better
The storyline behind Pacers victories is becoming repetitive. Paul George plays great, George Hill and Ian Mahinmi are steady, and the bench contributes. The variable, more often than not, has been Monta Ellis, the free agent who was signed to add …

Has Harvard Quashed Virtual-Classroom Naysayers?

Has Harvard Quashed Virtual-Classroom Naysayers?
"You could see all your classmates on a big board. You essentially had people sitting next to you and in front of you and behind you." Still, Williams says neither Harvard nor anybody else can replace the real thing: "For me, the preference is always …
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Economy Takes Center Stage In Fourth GOP Debate
And the idea that it's a good idea for Putin to be in Syria, let ISIS take out Assad and then Putin will take out ISIS, that's like a board game. That's like Monopoly or something. That's not how the real world works." 10:22 p.m. National security is …
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4chan Tentatively Linked to Shooting at Black Lives Matter Rally in Minneapolis

4chan Tentatively Linked to Shooting at Black Lives Matter Rally in Minneapolis
All four are white men and, according to the Times, they appear to have used the online message board 4chan to meet up. Two of the suspects, who posted on 4chan under the usernames SaigaMarine and BlackPowerRanger, were seen on video several …
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Giant iTab arrives at The International School of Hospitality
TISOH is currently using its two Giant iTabs to encourage digital engagement among students, who can post live tweets about courses and externships. The Giant iTabs also serve as visual bulletin boards and often display the latest discussions among …
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Review: Elite Dangerous Xbox One
Checking space station bulletin boards for jobs to earn money was my first choice. But you can also buy cargo and act as a merchant by taking it to other stations to sell. Earning credits allow you to upgrade your current ship or save up to buy new …
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Catering checklist: 4 must-dos before serving customers offsite

Catering checklist: 4 must-dos before serving customers offsite
Brand leaders and the board of directors must set a clear strategic intention for catering. Yes, you must include the board of directors because catering is a key strategic decision. Catering … Streamline your catering menu and think about …
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Q&A: Seattle startup vet Kelly Smith on his new role with Starbucks China, and
The startup vet has spent the past 14 months as VP of Digital for Starbucks China, helping grow a team from two to 20 employees who are working on everything from web, mobile, social, e-commerce, loyalty cards, and many more digital-related projects …
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Digital menu boards, tablet computers and a futuristic design: Shoppers set to
The new 3,800-square-foot outlet – located in the Winter Garden area of the centre – will feature one of McDonald's new state-of-the-art designs, along with digital menu boards and tablet computers on some of the tables for customers to use while they …
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How to Make Sure Your Online Order Doesn't Get Stolen From Your Doorstep

How to Make Sure Your Online Order Doesn't Get Stolen From Your Doorstep
Veronica Clyburn, a 28-year-old graduate student in Tulsa, Oklahoma, posted about a missing package in early November on Nextdoor, a message board app which connects more than 83,000 neighborhoods across the United States. A neighbor saw that and told …
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FouseyTube Just Did The Impossible. He Took A Break From YouTube (With Help
The uninitiated should watch. Between the confident swagger, charming smile, candid story of his perennial struggle with a number of personal vulnerabilities, and inspirational message, it's incredibly easy to see Erakat's appeal: …. or motivational …
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